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  1. sandpatch

    Return to cruise

    Hmm, when I retried this I totally broke the left FMC. I only accepted a single letter in the scratchpad and it didn't show me warnings. I did come to some rte finishes since I pretended to be on a patrol mission and I did stretch the FMC to it's capabilities. It feels as if I have come further than any beta tester so I will just give up here. This is more than a quick fix to solve.
  2. sandpatch

    Return to cruise

    Yeah, that was the way I remembered it so I did it. I can try again soon and I'll report back
  3. sandpatch

    Return to cruise

    Yeah, I thought so too but when I entered a new cruise altitude it would jump back to the descent page...
  4. sandpatch

    Return to cruise

    I have searched in the forums but without success. I tried flying a tactical mission with the poseidon where I climbed to a cruise altitude, descended on the tactical area, flew around and would return. I wasn't able to get the plane to return to climb/cruise mode. Is there a procedure to reset the system so it will accept climbing again?
  5. sandpatch

    Can't load P-8A Poseidon livery through livery manager

    Uninstall the NGX and then install it again.
  6. sandpatch

    Can't load P-8A Poseidon livery through livery manager

    Found the solution! When installing the update I just selected "repair" instead of uninstall. When repairing the OC says that you have the correct version even though the P-8 Poseidon isn't there. What I did was that I uninstalled the NGX packages and installed the new ones. Then the Poseidon popped up. If you are unsure, as vonmar said, it has an own folder in the "Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes" folder. Thanks for the help Vonmar Regards, Manfred
  7. sandpatch

    Can't load P-8A Poseidon livery through livery manager

    I do not have it there... I tried to "repair" instead of reinstall it. Going to try that now
  8. sandpatch

    Can't load P-8A Poseidon livery through livery manager

    How can I get it? I don't have it in the livery downloader of OC and it is not in fsx...
  9. sandpatch

    SAS Scandinavian Airlines - Aircraft Configuration

    When I fly with SAS I ususally visit the cockpit at the end and what I have noticed is that all SAS planes have very different equipment on board. There are all kinds of versions in the SAS fleet: SAS Sweden, SAS Norway, SAS Denmark, Ex Braathens, ... I asked the pilots about standard configuration and they say that it is very different from plane to plane. A few things that I know though is that they have carbon brakes, no brake temp, they have HUD, very few have VSD, no airstairs, ISFD standby instruments, Navigation performance scales visible. I have seen both MCP types in the planes. All this is very random info and might be wrong but it fits at least few SAS planes. I know that you are looking for specific aircraft but I can not help you with that.
  10. sandpatch

    Post-SP1 livery additions and updates thread

    Ehh, just read the "about" part in youtube, Download link and everything
  11. sandpatch

    Boeing 717 by PMDG ?

    Yep, I am really annoyed by that because Level-D has stated that they won't make a freight version. That means that we still go without a decent freight 757. Also, I really doubt that an airplane that has been in development for 5+ years is up to date to the current technology. They totally lost the thread to the amount of complexity that Flightsimlabs and PMDG can achieve. I think PMDG should reconsider since Daryl stated: "PMDG can produce whatever they want. There is NOTHING preventing them from producing any airplane they want. They want the 757, why don't they produce it? You want a 757 from PMDG, ask away..." Found it here: It really is a big hole in the FS community not to have a 757. Just my 2 cents
  12. sandpatch

    Boeing 717 by PMDG ?

    Not to be annoying but hasn't the B717 come up in 10 topics now? It's a great aircraft but it wasn't really that popular. I am for one but I find a 757 more important.
  13. sandpatch

    Buttkicker & NGX

    haha, didn't even know such things existed :P I wonder if you could connect engine vibrations to it ?
  14. I feel kinda stupid but how can a bump map increase resolution? Or at least make it look as if it had better resolution?Manfred
  15. sandpatch

    initialize irs : not allowed

    I have done some searching but I didn't find any info in the PMDG manuals but if you look in the smartcockpit manuals, or more precisely the FMS manual and search for "not allowed" there will come up a lot of answers and a good way down there even pops up something about the IRU.Good luck solving your problem.Manfred