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  1. MSFS is a beautiful piece of software for arcade players. If you just want to get into a plane quick and un-educated and go sight seeing, you will really enjoy this sim and its very realistic world and weather experience. For serious pilots, who want to master instrument flying, realistic plane- and landing-management - the fun indicater points truly lower. Standard airplanes found in the MSFS are instrument buggy or are missing instrument features, and the build-in flight planner is very premature, since it doesn't show any useful visual flight map to help chart way points, Sids, Stars and Approaches! That means, you must use an external flight planning sofware to graphically show and support your flight plan intensions. At the moment there is no commercial flight planning software on the market capable of creating *.PLN files containing approach procedures, that MSFS can import to its internal flight plan. Especially this unability of MSFS to save or load approach procedures into a *.PLN file is very disturbing, since approach procedures contain the arrival runway information, which is so important to a flight plan. Trying to edit the missing approach in the simulator later by hand changes the whole flight plan - ruining all the flight planing work! I truly hope that Asobo fixes their flawed *.PLN file format to make MSFS great again...LOL 😇
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