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  1. When I fly with SAS I ususally visit the cockpit at the end and what I have noticed is that all SAS planes have very different equipment on board. There are all kinds of versions in the SAS fleet: SAS Sweden, SAS Norway, SAS Denmark, Ex Braathens, ... I asked the pilots about standard configuration and they say that it is very different from plane to plane. A few things that I know though is that they have carbon brakes, no brake temp, they have HUD, very few have VSD, no airstairs, ISFD standby instruments, Navigation performance scales visible. I have seen both MCP types in the planes. All this is very random info and might be wrong but it fits at least few SAS planes. I know that you are looking for specific aircraft but I can not help you with that.
  2. Yep, I am really annoyed by that because Level-D has stated that they won't make a freight version. That means that we still go without a decent freight 757. Also, I really doubt that an airplane that has been in development for 5+ years is up to date to the current technology. They totally lost the thread to the amount of complexity that Flightsimlabs and PMDG can achieve. I think PMDG should reconsider since Daryl stated: "PMDG can produce whatever they want. There is NOTHING preventing them from producing any airplane they want. They want the 757, why don't they produce it? You want a 757 from PMDG, ask away..." Found it here: http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=24453&title=future-of-level-d-757. It really is a big hole in the FS community not to have a 757. Just my 2 cents
  3. Not to be annoying but hasn't the B717 come up in 10 topics now? It's a great aircraft but it wasn't really that popular. I am for one but I find a 757 more important.
  4. Welcome back Randy. Since it is your first time using FSX I suggest you take your time reading the introduction manual to the NGX. There are lots of tweaking tips which almost are required to make FSX work good. Otherwise i wish you the best Fly safe Manfred
  5. Have you tried the flight 1 registry fix? It usually helps for such strange things.
  6. I feel kinda stupid but how can a bump map increase resolution? Or at least make it look as if it had better resolution?Manfred
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