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  1. I wasn't precise enough: In QRH there messages like STBY BUS MAIN = The main standby bus is not powered. One could expect that the system also provides such information for the DC BAT BUS MAIN. Use the QRH. Ok, no advice to land from any of the messages. You have 4 generators - one in each engine. Yup, cool I continue. Uhm, still unsure due the seemingly lost overheat and fire loops. And thanks for your swift answers.
  2. Hi folks, on my current flight CLX778 ELLX to MMMX I got close to 5350N the following error messages: FLAPS PRIMARY >NO AUTOLAND >YAW DAMPER UPR The status page on the lower CRT, I get even 3 pages full of messages: E/E CLNG CARD ENG x OVHT LP B ENG x FIRE LP B (x = 1..4) MAIN DK FIRE LOOP y Z (y=1..8, Z= A; B) CLAP CONTROL STALL WARN SYS R, L STAB AUTO TRIM I had a suspicion, and yes, a sneak view into the FAILED ITEMS page shows alone. DC BAT BUS MAIN Well, none of the defects refers to the DC battery main bus, and nothing directly implies to land asap. 1. Why is there no DC BAT BUS MAIN message or is it just obvious? 2. Usually no ambiguity is left in aviation... 3. Should I land asap? (MMMX with some flap issues calls for a diversion, does it not?) 4. Why is there no main bus backup, or is the STBY BUS totally fine, and I don't have an issue at all? Thanks in advance, Andre(as)
  3. I did this before starting... 8^(
  4. No change in either setting.
  5. Thanks Bertie, Michael. The DisablePreload setting in fsx.cfg comes to my mind... this one I changed to get the complete hull presented in aircraft selected screen, showing in one setting the 747 hull partially transparent.
  6. Hello folks, not sure since when I screwed up my NVIDIA settings or what else triggered this, but since several months loading the 3D cockpits of DC6, 737, 747 takes some time, about one second; means, the instruments are being loaded in groups, e.g. coming from the outside view, If I flip immediately to the copilot view -- during the 3D cockpit building up -- pushing A (or is it S? I am using my cooly head on the joystick), this 2nd view is instantly there. Today I reconfigured and optimised the NVIDIA settings again (using the NVIDIA inspector), but F9 calling for the first 3D view remains unchanged, loading is still not instant. Am I mistaken, but I think earlier I haven't experienced this long loading period. Does *the* one setting control a kind of background loading making it instant again? Is it in FSX.CFG? Thanks in advance.
  7. 19AB67

    [FSX] Automatic start of APU?

    Yoh, also I am happy to learn bit by bit; still there are new things to discover!
  8. 19AB67

    [FSX] Automatic start of APU?

    ... and it works nicely: GENs off, Backup GENs off, and the transfer busses are unpowered. APU kicks in, RAT deployed. All fine, and Larry Vance is of course also right. BTW: The engines run out of fuel with 158kgs total.
  9. 19AB67

    [FSX] Automatic start of APU?

    There we are: FCOMv2 page 6.20.2 "In flight, when both transfer busses are unpowered, the APU starts automatically, regardless of APU selector position."
  10. 19AB67

    [FSX] Automatic start of APU?

    Hi folks, I repeated the test with GENs off, but to no avail: The APU does not kick in. Actually I don't see a reason for having that automated (with the knob in the off position): The pilots should be able to turn it on in case of double GEN failure and/or deploy the RAT. So, is Larry Vance mistaken here? (I am going to scan the FCOMs again.)
  11. 19AB67

    [FSX] Automatic start of APU?

    Hi folks, without copyright, for the sake of the discussion I quote from the book: Larry Vance, MH370 Mystery solved, ISBN 978-1-7752834-2-3, p.109. "A quick reminder here: the B777 has an auxiliary pwer unit (APU), which is a small jet engine located at the tail end of the fuselage. In the air it is normally not running. It is used only as a backup, but when it is in use it can supply power to (among other things) the airplane's electrical and hydraulic systems. The official investigation believes that when the engines stopped from fuel exhaustion, the APU automatically started. It is designed to do that. The APU uses the same fuel as the engines, but it has access to the last bit of fuel in the tanks -- fuel that is not available to the engines. The official investigation contends that the start-up of the APU restored electrical power to the communications unit, and when the communciations unit rebooted it sent a log-on request, and that is why handshake #7 happened." Larry Vance denies the unpiloted flight theory and claims that the pilot started the APU himself: p.111 "There is a logic for why the pilot might start the APU for a controlled ditching. Perhaps he wanted to make sure he would still have electrics and hydraulics. ... He would know that the plumbing inside the airplane's fuel tanks would allow the APU to have access to teh last bit of residual fuel in the tanks; fuel that the engines cannot access." Ok, will check again. Thanks, Brian.
  12. 19AB67

    [FSX] Automatic start of APU?

    Hi folks, Larry Vance mentions in his book 'Mystery solved' on MH370 that the APU starts automatically in case the engine run out of fuel. It seems not to be simulated. Cannot find in FCOMs the information.
  13. 19AB67

    Main deck signaling button

    Writing this new thead I was in the air as CargoLux from LIMC to EGCC. After landing and emptied main deck I checked again, but couldn't find the ceiling lights flashing.
  14. 19AB67

    Main deck signaling button

    Exactly that is the question.