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  1. Hi folks, nobody who could share the bgl files? thx
  2. Hello folks, would it be possible that someone provides a working link for Darren Carey's LIMC scenery. The 4shared link does not work here. Andre(as) Berg
  3. Ticket opened. Who else sees the placards above the PFDs? Were they there before the most recent updates?
  4. Ticket opened. So far PMDG have not got any similar reports. Maybe a hint that this is a side effect of Traffic Global.
  5. http://s50.photobucket.com/user/19ab67/media/2019-1-8_19-3-37-918_zps0sbgjkrj.png.html?o=0 ... do you see the spot above right the captain's tiller?
  6. Hello folks, (all are looking for the new stuff in the 747...) as noted in another thread, the placards above the PFDs 1. Horizontal stabilizer tank fuel usage restrictions required 2. AD 2002-19-52 Fuel usage restrictions required ... vanish if you accelerate (or decelerate) via the R+/- combination. I don't believe that this is wanted, is it? Thanks.
  7. Hi folks, after the update to the latest 3.00.9195 and during my decend (into EGLL coming back from KSEA) I found that those of the numerous AI aircraft around London vanishing out of sight were still visible through the panel. I am not sure, if this behaviour is new are a side effect of Ultimate Traffic or Traffic Global. Anyone else with this effect?
  8. Additional info: Running with 4x time accelaration it's about 4 minutes in simulation and still 60 second in real live... (The nice new placards vanish in time accelaration...)
  9. Hi folks, having the FSX 747-400 updated to 3.00.9193 ... 1. I am on the flight BAW53 EGLL-KSEA 2. I missed 3.00.9195 being out, and I don't want to interrupt the flight now. However, about every 60 seconds there is a 2 seconds hickup (freeze) of the simulation. I switched off one by one GSX, Active Sky, Couatl Live Update, Ultimate Traffic, all other traffic ... ... all in vain - - - any ideas, suggestions? Actually I updated my machine (XMas... see my footer), so it should be at the upper end now, nevertheless these hickups. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, my life sentence, however, in English it sounds worse than in German, short: "Ich habe lebenslänglich..." LOL P.S. My 500th post here... (nothing against Kyle...)
  11. Take your time, Captain! Anyway I just prepar3 my new machine for FSX and prepar3d... My boss tells me 'actually you have to wait until XMas...!'
  12. After re-running the installers are all products restored. Folks, with you I feel as I were in the air get support from my airline's ops centre via the company frequency... Thanks!
  13. Kyle, please how do you explain that the clean might have removed the registries for my 777, 737NGX, DC-6 (all FSX), but not 747 QOTSII? I am ready to learn.
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