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  1. Engine vibration?

    Hi Dan, OPTIONS page, SIMULATION 9/10, the shaking options.
  2. Engine vibration?

    ErichB had the following ideas... ... the boss noted: So, maybe they wobble a little while spooling up, also during the take-off run, and in turbulence. NICE!
  3. Engine vibration?

    Hi folks! Hi Dan, of course I don't ask for having the violent shaking back, but some vibration as it was intended. I am unhappy that my English is misunderstood. I don't ask for the violent wobble, but for some vibration. Ok, it is completely disabled right now, no engine vibration in the current release. Thanks to all.
  4. Hi folks, I was looking for some recent information regarding the engine vibration. Short after release there were discussions that sometimes they shake violently, now they don't vibrate at all anymore. (Yes, the option is switched on in my settings. Latest updates on my machine. ) If the vibrate, can someone share a recent video maybe? Thanks in advance.
  5. DC BUS 3 failure

    Dan and JHW, thanks for your advice.
  6. DC BUS 3 failure

    Hi Kevin. The QRH does not mention DC BUS at all, only AC BUS. The FCOM gives some information about the DC BUS system, but no advice in case of failure.
  7. Hi folks, just after reaching TOC of my flight QFA9001 YMML to SBGL (T/O with 183 tons of fuel..., 14h38m estimated block time), VH-OEI suffered a bunch of EICAS messages: OUTFLOW VLV R, RUD RATIO SNGL, >NO LAND 3, BRAKE LIMITER, ANTISKID, TEMP ZONE, >TRIM AIR OFF and the status page added some... RECIRC FAN UPR R/L, HYDIM 2 1. Upsss... looks like I have to dump lots of fuel and return to MEL..., right? Checking (cough cheating by ) the Aircraft Failures page I found that 'solely' DC BUS 3 has kissed 'Goodbye'. 2. How realistic is that error? Has anybody experienced it? 3. How come that this does not show up in EICAS? 4. What would be broken causing this error message? Obviously nothing we can by-pass or feed by the other power source on board of my ship... 5. I assume any of the DC BUS x failures triggers an emergency landing, correct? Thanks in advance.
  8. ACARS Date

    Huh, actually FSX crashes, if I go for ACARS now. (Lastest software is installed.) As I like to store after landing and continue some days later, maybe it is time to set up a new sequence with COLD&DARK. Before the crashes I noticed some garbage characters on the previous flights pages.
  9. Marcel, I had checked the FCOM, but couldn't find it ... shame on me. Chapeau to PMDG, who present 'every' line in the FCOM of the real thing!
  10. Will do and report (if I succeed.... 8^)
  11. Hi John, do your PMDG 747Fs behave the same way, ie. starting with the lower 10°C notch and cooler settings of the FWD temperatur selector and lower lobe on (low/high flow), does the message EQIP COOLING message show up? Does it vanish starting with the higher 10°C and warmer settings? Thanks.
  12. Hi folks, I am just conducting 747F flight Cargolux CLX762 from ELLX/LUX to SBGL/GIG and loaded delicate freight into the forward lower lobe compartment. Due to the freight's nature (don't know what it is? .. mushrooms for Brasil? LOL) - I set the AIR FLOW RATE to LOW-FWD and - I turned the FWD TEMP selector down to 9 o'clock position. Without seeing the connection the EQUIP COOLING message popped up (EICAS) and EQUIP LOW FLOW (STATUS). According to QRH I set EQUIPMENT COOLING SELECTOR - on ground to STBY - in flight to OVRD The latter eliminates the message in flight, however, due to the QRH advice to land at the nearest suitable airport I was in doubt regarding the flight to Rio. Another thread here in the forum Aft Cargo Heat temp question provided the following: Playing on the FWD temperature selector the 'higher' 10°C notch (two show 10°C) and higher temperatures eliminates the CAUTION messages in the NORM selection as well. I checked the 747 FCOM, but found no information that the FWD lower lobe compartment shouldn't be cooled below 10°C. So, if the EQ compartment exhaust is used to heat the forward lower lobe compartment, it might be impossible to cool it below a certain value. Any thoughts? Is the real behaviour? (I think so...)
  13. Thanks Robert. Will try again.