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  1. 19AB67

    Help regarding pmdg operation center

    After re-running the installers are all products restored. Folks, with you I feel as I were in the air get support from my airline's ops centre via the company frequency... Thanks!
  2. 19AB67

    Help regarding pmdg operation center

    Kyle, please how do you explain that the clean might have removed the registries for my 777, 737NGX, DC-6 (all FSX), but not 747 QOTSII? I am ready to learn.
  3. 19AB67

    Help regarding pmdg operation center

    Thanks for your advice I forgot to indicate there is one change in the operation centre visible: The products are now sorted, not the simulator, means: Before (not sure about the exact sequence) PMDG 747 v3 - FSX PMDG 737NGX - FSX PMDG 777 - FSX PMDG DC-6 - FSX PMDG J41 - FSX .... now: PMDG 747 V3 - FSX PMDG 737NGX - P3D v3 PMDG 737NGX - P3D v4 PMDG 737NGX - FSX:SE PMDG 737NGX - FSX ...
  4. 19AB67

    Help regarding pmdg operation center

    Hello Chris, same on my systemwith one important deviation: All but 747 QOTSII are seemingly gone. (In FSX all is fine.) This might be a hint that not a registry cleaner causes this. (How to restore the registry, if the cleaner removed them? I am not an expert on registries, but I assume that the cleaner should not erase 'active' registries, right? My cleaner never caused a problem. ) Thanks.
  5. Hello Iceman, I don't use FS2CREW. I still don't get the point if your bird shows NAI on in the OFF position and v.v. Thx.
  6. Hello Kyle, I started FSX, chose the UAL 744 and put it to EGLL, I loaded 744 DEFAULT, engine running in idle. Putting the NAI switches into the backward position ON doesn't show anything, putting them into the forward position OFF shows NAI on on upper and lower (ECS) EICAS.
  7. Hello Iceman, but what happens if you simply change in of your birds the switches to the three-position-switches OFF/AUTO/ON? Does OFF give you anti ice on, and ON an off? Thx.
  8. Thx. Means, you don't experience this if you set AUTO ANTI ICE in your bird?
  9. Hi Kyle, do refer IM's post alone? Or do you think that also in my case the panel state might influence the switch setting ON results in off and OFF in on? Thx.
  10. Hello folks, in my current 744 setup there are the AUTO ANTI ICE switches. If I am not mistaken, the switches OFF/AUTO/ON are faulty in a sense that anti ice is on in case the switch is set to OFF and vice versa. Do you agree? 3.00.9019 installed.
  11. Puh, I thought so... Else VIB would have shown higher values! Flawless PMDG! Thanks, Kyle!
  12. Hi folks, during my actual flight I pass some areas with thunderstorms and the (ASN) weather let my bird shake enormously. And the engines are shaking nicely as well! (Not the earlier exagerated one anymore.) However, the VIB indication does not show a so much higher values: Average in calm air is 0.4-0.6, in the turbulence it max'ed at 0.7. Is this right? Would in the real world VIB show higher values with a broken blade only, but not in turbulence? (Of course a broken blade --- contained or uncontained! -- is not simulated here.) Thanks in advance.
  13. That's the solution: "You must have Detailed clouds enabled in the FSX weather options settings. We recommend the settings shown below: ... Not enabling detailed clouds can produce a block pattern on the ND as shown below. " My setting in Options--Display--Weather was Simple Clouds. 🙄 Fixed. WXR radar works fine again. Thx.
  14. Thanks Peter. I am on a flight WAFF-WIII in an area with rain showers, but no echos to see. I checked also the CRT knobs.
  15. Hello folks, I am not entirely sure, but I think after the update to 3.00.9019 the weather radar does not work anymore on my FSX 744 QOOSII.