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  1. Vendelbo

    what 737 do you use? (PMDG, ifly, SMS,etc...)

    Any one use the Captainsim 737? Thinking about adding it to the fleet
  2. Vendelbo

    Jan Vissers C-47 in P3Dv4?

    You might need a new sound dll for 64 bit, other than that it works like a charm
  3. Vendelbo

    F1 B-N2 Islander In P3D v4.3

    Thx, for the reply /Peter
  4. Vendelbo

    F1 B-N2 Islander In P3D v4.3

    Hi What about the sound, isn't there something with that not working properly in v4.x? /Peter
  5. Hi Does it looks something like this: big 'circles' around the lights Got it on different airports (FlyTampa and Aerosoft) br Peter Vendelbo
  6. Hi I use the Import / Export option in the built-in configuration for the throttle configuration, because PMDG don't do well with FSUIPC /Peter Vendelbo
  7. Vendelbo

    Best Aircraft for P3dV4

    Manfred Jahn's C-47 / DC-3 really good quality... and it's free :-)
  8. Vendelbo

    DC-6 Key commands

    Hi First of all; a fine plane and lots of fun to fly :-) In the back of the Intro manual there is a short list of key commands, but where do I find the rest? Some of the 'standard' commands like 'L' for light dosn't work for me.. Is there a command for the Gyropilot Power, center the turn control knob (the round metal plate) /br Peter Vendelbo
  9. Vendelbo

    Official PMDG DC-6 Livery List [UPDATED]

    Is the list updated for P3D v4?