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  1. In simpke terms it is the difference between direct mode ans slaved mode. In direct mode the you need to update the compass from time to time with the magnetic compass readings. In slaved mode it does that automatically and if the XO is shown centered all is good. Especially after starting up it is not and you nee to sync it manually by turning the bottom right knob into the direction of the symbol you see in the window top right. The synchronization should stay on and work during normal operations. But if you fly aerobatic maneuvers it cannot follow and you need to reset once you are back to level flight...
  2. There is still alttle graphical think to resolve and the gyro will have it's two different modes.
  3. Just a word on the radio. Primarily in the EU all radios had to be updated to 8.333 kHz steps as we were running out of frequencies. Very expensive for GA community, unless you föew totally local and your stations around did not use the smaller steps. Yes, I know Andrey is working on a solution for that. Also for the multiplayer invisibility. Please be patient. We will let you know when available.
  4. For all a correction from a mistake on my side: The HSI is VOR and LOC only! The triangles are NOT an GS indication. It has none. The triangles are To/From indication in reference to your/their position and your direction. Sorry for that!
  5. The engine is good for 3000 RPM continous and the ATA in the green range. The given cruise sitting is a moderate one. Anything between 120 to 150 kts is good, just a matter of fuel consumption over speed.
  6. It used to be a mixture in older versions, but now it us just ON/OFF fuel supply.
  7. In case you stumbled over this. This specific engine has an automix functionality. No mixture procedure required.
  8. Wenn it is very cold outside you can increase a bit the CHT, but it generates a bit more drag. But when it is cold that is less of a concern.
  9. You are looking for a real picture or a sim screenshot?
  10. Hi, let's start with the footnote in the manual: Page 291 is definately using knots. The original handbook that I have is using miles/h and the values for the highest weight braket at 14000 ft are DIAS 218 and TAS 277. Converting the miles/hr to knots in the PMDG manual was done because the airspeed indicator in the aircraft is in knots. Unfortunately the footnote has not been corrected accordingly. My calculator converts 218 miles/hr to 189 knots and 277 miles/hr to 240 knots and that is corresponding with the chart. Now why did you get only 160-165? Firstly, the cowling flaps position in cruise with minimal drag is not fully closed (-4°) but slightly open (0°). We have simulated drag from cowling flaps position. On top you were heavy and by that at the edge of performance and by being slow you were close to the bottom of the power/drag curve. The additional pitch required to stay level slowed you down a bit further. Lastly, manuals of that time were always quite optimistic and you know the sim is not perfect either in simulating the athmosphere. During the development of the aircraft, I have tested the aircraft from 4000 to 16000 ft with low blower and from 17000 to 21000 ft with high blower at standard weight choosen 90.000 lb and the deviation on IAS in knots is within 0 to -2%. I hope this helps to relate the sim experiance to the manual and next time keep the cowling flaps at 0°.
  11. Thank you for the hints. Sorry I have not flown the big birds for a while and restarted with the new versions. Probably had it set up differently on the previous versions. I made the change to the rotary option and that works easy and reliable. Click on the outer ring to change units and mouse wheel for setting. Perfect!
  12. I would like to take this a bit further. Any chance to save and later re-load a flight plan that was entered into the FMS?
  13. Hi, just as the header indicates, I do not have a mouse wheel functionality on those settings. Only by left and right click I can change in single units and that takes ages to change things when you land in higher altitude mountains. It is the same on the B747 as on the B777. On all other dials the acceleration with mouse wheel works perfectly for me, just missing on those two parameters. Hope you can have a look and implement. P3Dv4.3 is used here.
  14. Dan, as said in my post I already deleted the PANC file from ORBX SAK. Anyhow, deleting the ARPT_RWY.dat file cured the issue! Thanks for your help.
  15. Well I ran into the same issue but cannot fix it. I have Cycle 1811 installed and the latest Version of PANC, which shows in P3Dv4 in the Airport Menu for PANC the RWY 15. When I load the B737 all is good. When I load the B747-8F I get an error on the DEP page in the FMS https://www.dropbox.com/s/2tbelct9m09d2wh/PANC_RWY-empty.jpg?dl=0 I checked for double AFCAD and deleted the one for PANC in ORBX SAK. Any idea to look out for?
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