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  1. If you have realistic behavior enabled then engine wear, resulting temperatures and oil consumption is modeled. The pop-up window on the engines gives an indication of the status.
  2. metzgergva

    PMDG DC-6 and PFC Throttle Quadrant

    I also have multiple TQ ( and yoke and stick) but I control the assignments all in one .ini. Just assigned to aircraft type and grouped like single piston stick single piston yoke single turbo yoke twin piston yoke twin turbo yoke twin jet yoke etc. ..... and a special one for the DC-6 on my 4 engine throttle so that the revers guard lever is assigned too.
  3. metzgergva

    DC-6 Drivers- Fairbanks (PAFA) runs are back!

    Great destination with the Denali Mountain as sightseeing target.
  4. metzgergva

    Circuit breakers.

    You need to switch on in the overhead the power to electrical instruments. Otherwise you would not see for example fuel pressure.
  5. metzgergva

    Cessna 310R Redux and Engine Sounds

    Jesse, I'm with you on this. Sure RPM change has a more noticable change, but MAP should have a noise change too as the engines are producing more power and exhaust noise and prop noise should vary- more in loudness than pitch. It is a basic limitiation in FS/P3D, but can be overcome, i.E. the ArezOnes soundpack does it.
  6. metzgergva

    Higher Than Normal MP

    No instrument is perfect. At least not on an old plane ;-)
  7. metzgergva

    Higher Than Normal MP

    I think both references are used at the same time. MAP/RPM clearly define the steps for power settings during climb. BMEP is just a limit there not too exceed. Once you are in cruise climb or cruise you optimize RPM and BMEP and MAP may differ a bit. If it is a couple of inch, ice may have developed or a ignition circuit has gone bust, etc.
  8. metzgergva

    Higher Than Normal MP

    Tim, The team wanted to have a little variance by engine and also over time and use. What you see comes from this, plus that no real world MAP gauge is that precise. If you use BMEP you are better synchronizing the engines but RPM of course need to in sync too. The single step of the throttle in the sim shows sometimes small differences too.
  9. Hi, if you replace [gear_warning_system] entry in the original with the one below you will get: - A gear warning that you have not lowered the gear if your throttle position is below 15% travel (about 200 ft-lb) and your flap is in 15 degree position - A gear warning that you have not lowered the gear independent from throttle position if your flap is in full down position [gear_warning_system] gear_warning_available = 1 pct_throttle_limit = 0.15 //Percent throttle that activates warning flap_limit_idle = 14.5 //Flap angle that activates warning at idle flap_limit_power = 39.5 //Flap angle that activates warning at above idle
  10. metzgergva

    Cheyenne II Mod v2

    Thank you for your kind words. As said, I have added my flight dynamics from the DA version to the Carenado version and as there is no copyright on an aircraft.cfg file unless one does infringe via copy paste and claim it is his work, I would be willing to share the two files knowing that it will take a few changes on your side to implement as I rename texture folders using the reg numbers, eliminate the Carenado name show except at the place it is meant to be, etc. PM with email and I sent it for your use.
  11. metzgergva

    Cheyenne II Mod v2

    Bill, could you update me on which areas you tried to improve the Carenado Cheyenne. I have done on my side the complete rework of flight dynamics using my originals for the DA version and transported them to the Carenado version. As I'm the developer of those files I could share them once completed, and fully tested.
  12. Sorry for a late answer, but I got interested back into flying the Cheyenne II and got the Carenado model. The gear warning comes on under different conditions of power and flaps, which was programmed by DA. I will have a look if it can be included in the Carenado via entries in the aircraft.cfg. I think she also had a clean throttle limit to maintain some systems support like pressurization, but not sure, would need to look it up.
  13. metzgergva

    Flight 1 GTN Complete 530 / 430

    Bob, the GTN 650 should work without issues as a replacement for the default GPS by PMDG. The only thing you need to do is to select the GTN 650 option in the popup window and reload the aircraft. The Sperry has not all functionality a modern GPS could provide. You can use it for following VOR headings when you turn the selector knob to the middle position, after you have properly engaged first the main switch and then the servo lever. If you want to fly a GPS route that is possible too by just selecting GPS mode on the unit. in APP mode, the full right position of the selector switch, it can read an ILS signal or a LNAV signal from the GPS. The only thing missing, and hopefully will be implemented in a update, is the VNAV indication and follow.
  14. metzgergva

    CDI Glideslope Not Working

    Not doing anything wrong. Enabling the VNav deviation indication when flying with the GPS needs to be implemented with next update, When I do not know.
  15. metzgergva

    With Everts Air into Ancorage

    Sorry I do not remember the gross weight on that flight. Typically I load them about 75% of pax or cargo and calculate fuel for the distance with 2000 lbs/hr flight time plus minimum 1 hr extra plus any extra to go to the alternate.