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  1. Jim610

    Autopilot Issues

    The GPS Mode switch is the CDI button on the GPS. Even if the panel doesn't show a GPS, Ctrl+2 brings one up in most panels. Also not found an AP master switch but the Z key switches it on/off and depending which aircraft sometimes in HDG mode and sometimes you need to select the mode. ALT logic seems well screwed but early days and never got VS mode to work. Not got round to trying APP yet but if GPS CDI is in GPS the NAV mode works fine. Hope that all makes sense!
  2. Jim610


    Ok guys I stumbled across the way to change the default so problem gone away. It wasn't in the GSX menus it was in the Couatl menus. Looking at the GSX manual, depending on where you look it talks about the default being Ctrl-Shift-F12 and another loacation refers to the default as Ctrl-F12. Winner! Anyway, sorted now, thanks for ypour help.
  3. Jim610


    I can't find any way to change it.
  4. Jim610


    Are you sure? How do you do this, I can't find anything in the settings. Jim
  5. Every time I press Ctrl-Shift-F12 to call up the GSX menu, Chaseplane jumps the view to under the aircraft, but looking through the structure, and takes a screen shot. How do I stop this annoying behaviour as I cannot find any settings for it to change? Regards Jim Mclean
  6. Jim610

    Is there any support?!

    Had an email arrive from support during the night so I guess they are back.
  7. Jim610

    Saving Presets before CP exit

    That'll explain why I lost my PMDG 747 pre-sets.
  8. Jim610

    Is there any support?!

    How many do you reckon I should wait?
  9. Jim610

    Taxy straight after landing!

    Well, I've found the problem I feel a mixture of silly, confused and happy. Let me explain. Having seemingly suffered from a random series of not being able to taxy straight in the 777 but no issues with any of the default aircraft I was despairing on what to do next. At the same time I installed the 747 QOTSII and on the first flight, on leaving the gate guess what, couldn't taxy straight. Now, I uses FSUIPC for setting "profile only" key/axis bindings and one such is for FSL A320 where I have one of the rotaries on throttle set up as a steering tiller. Later, actually as I was about to drop of the sleep, I thought "wonder if?" and sure enough I found that the "tiller" rotary was not centred. A quick test proved that this was indeed the cause of my issue. Now, how a axis binding that I set as "profile only" got added to the general list I have no idea, maybe I missed a radio button somewhere but at least I now know that I can also steer PMDG 777/747QOTSII with a tiller (didn't know that could be done) so adding to the realism. I've been aware since installing FSX-SE on this new PC that FSUIPC seems to randomly drop key bindings so maybe this is another symptom of that. That is a problem for another day. Anyway, happier for now. Jim
  10. Jim610

    Is there any support?!

    Virtual Avionics! This the Virtual Avionics support forum with several threads that say you need to raise a ticket to get support! Or have I just imagined all of that? As per this thread. At least I know I haven't imagined it.
  11. I raised a Technical Support Ticket 2 weeks ago and have heard absolutely nothing since! I can't even find a mechanisum to review the ticket I raised. Has anyone recieved a response to a Support Ticket? Jim Mclean
  12. Jim610

    Taxy straight after landing!

    Checked - No failures Rudder is neutral, Nose wheel settles about 45 degrees right. Have both landed in manual and auto, also happened after pushback before take off and yes, I made sure the AP was off. Jim
  13. Jim610

    Taxy straight after landing!

    I now have FSUIPC V4.96 and this problem is still randomly happening. Tonight I flew LHR-JFK and even after a very gentle landing the aircraft tried very hard to turn to the right and kept doiing it all the way to the gate. Took about half left rudder deflection to taxi straight and I was unable to execute the 90 degree left turn onto the stand. I had one occurance last week where the problem appeared before take off after pushback. Restarted the sim and it did not reoccur. Very strange.
  14. Jim610

    Deactivating scenery to save VAS?

    Before you start disabling stuff have a look here http://www.avsim.com/topic/503767-vas-problem/page-2#entry3569595 The latest nvidia drivers are producing shocking VAS issues. I used to be able to fly out of UK2000 EGLL across the Atlantic and land successfully with only about 80% VAS usage. After the latest nvidia drivers (78.49) were installed I couldn't get airborne before the usage was approaching 90%, some times 95% with that really annoying OOM ding that FSUIPC produces if I had switched to any outside views. I wouldn't make it out of UK airspace before OOM happened. Gone back to 76.33 drivers and all is good in the world again. If you don't use nvidia, forget all above:)