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  1. Thanks to all that replied...soprry, I have been busy and couldn't read the replies till now. From what I have read I think I'll be purchasing this AC in the near future. The 'hardcore' type of system modeling is what I like. Thanks again!-=MAB=-
  2. When you calibrate it through Windows does the mixture (and everything else) work?-=MAB=-EDIT: ooppss....I think u allready said it was in your first post
  3. Anyone purchase & use this product? -->Concorde SSTSimAre the insturements fully funtional & realistic? Overall, what do you think?-=MAB=-
  4. In the realism settings is FS set to auto-mixture?...you'll want that option turned off.-=MAB=-
  5. Anyone know if MS plans of taking advantage of PPU's for FS ......btw for those who don't know, a PPU is a physics processing unit. It's a card, like your video card, that processes complex physics math.-=MAB=-
  6. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...8&topic_id=9042
  7. ......rumor has it FSX is set to release in the U.S. October 30th. This date hasn't been announced yet but comes from a MS insider. He'd probably be in big trouble if I said who, lol, so I won't.-=MAB=-
  8. I'm looking for a Delta Airlines texture for the iFly 744. Anyone know of one available? Thanks in advance.-=MAB=-
  9. Just read the post about Don Fiveash. Very sad. The post can be read on VATSIM's homepage.It would be nice if a KSMO fly in could be organized to celebrate all he has done for ZLA & VATSIM.-=MAB=-
  10. I've visited BUR, LAX, LGB, FUL...etc., etc. I usually just go to the very top of the closest parking structure, park, then shoot photos & watch the planes take-off & land. I'd like to go to SNA this weekend. Anyone have a recommendation as to which parking structure is best for viewing? Or any other spot around the airport? The 405 off ramp at the end of the runway would be great, however, I don't think the CHP would appreciate that, lol. Thanks in advance!-=MAB=-
  11. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........New FS coming, same old posts....Everytime a new FS is announced we get posts such as this one.-=MAB=-
  12. After getting Level-D's 767 I'm spoiled. Any future airliners I purchase need to be of the same quality & functionality as Level-D's product.-=MAB=-
  13. AVSIMs news page has an announcment that Flight1 is announcing the F117A, however, the very first sentence is the following: "Just Flight is pleased to announce that it will be publishing F117A Stealth Fighter on 9th June." Looking on Flight1's website there is no mention of them publishing nor developing this aircraft. Looking on Just Flight's website I find this:"We've recently announced that we're working with the development team at Commercial Level Simulations. The first release planned is F-117A Stealth Fighter.".....I'm confused. Just who exactly is publishing and developing this product?...Flight1?, Just Flight?....Comercial Level Simulations?....all three? Could you please clarify this?Thanks in Advance.-=MAB=-
  14. Always wondered why.....Why does the pilot sit on the right side in a helo as opposed to the left side like planes?-=MAB=-
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