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  1. Hi. folks, i implement a bryns radar for ANS in my LDS, but i think a good idea will be implemet this gauge to work in the ND in the VC mode. Thanks
  2. Level-D 737 is the BEST IN SHOW iron made for FSMS ever. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Bryn congratulation for your work.This Radar in the old iron LDS will be fantastic. I hope that. Very thanks
  4. 1) NGX 2)maddog 3) turbine duke
  5. I have not any problem to taxi the DUKE with the condition levers only and eventually if i need the revers.Duke, at the moment, is the KING in the FS GA world. :(
  6. I am a RW retired pilot and a can tell you that turbine duke engines and flight model is very superior that the p46T.P46T is a eye candy vc but the rest mmmm?
  7. hi,folks , what about the olt temp, it doesnt change with open or clouse engine door?
  8. +++1 the the last post.I am old retired RW pilot. I can tell you that i use fs after a very long time (comodore64).The FS is useful only to practice and to be familiar with the radionavegation , sid- star procedures, gps uses, etc, etc ,The latest planes like ng... or caren... etc have a very good panels that are usefull to knowledge where are same or that gauge or key and to be familiar with that. ( hacer cabina- make cockpit)Sorry folks but dont search any other things because you don't found it.Cg. :( sorry for my english.
  9. Hi guru Bert, tell me when we coud buy the Malibu in Simmarket or similar webstore?thanks in advance for your reply. :(
  10. Thanks Bert for you reply , but carenado not accept Paypal yet.Why Malibu is not in flighrt1 or simmarket yet?Capitancg
  11. Hi folks, i want to buy the malibu but it is not in selles like simmarket ot flight1 etc... why?thanks.Capitancg
  12. Hi folks, was anybody able to make the fsbuill performance for the turbine Duke?This bird is the one of the best i fly in fsx ever. :Thinking:Capitancg
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