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  1. davjg

    Installation Problem

    How it going Ok, I got it working Thanks David
  2. Hi When I installed the latest version a pop up said 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Red (86x) - 14.0.24123. I click on to continue it said "One or more issues caused the setup to fail" I did this install/reinstall 3 times. David
  3. Hi i have a 55” Samsung 8500 series and i noticed 2 things window mode - the screen is normal and non-glossy Full mode - I get a gorgeous glossy textures. When I click on mouse middle button it change back to normal texture. Sometime it will switch back and forth when I go to external view. I am not sure what’s happening. I barely use full screen this is why I was amaze how beautiful it looks with all the shiny or glossy look. Anyone have this experience?? David
  4. davjg

    Request on Release

    Hello RSR You are right, I did buy it, but it took me too long to buy it. Its A BEEEEEEEAUTIFUL PLANE!!!. thank you and your PMDG team for a awesome job!!! truly priceless.😃 David
  5. Done!!!! Hey!, quit shoving me to the door!!! I got this first...…………. David
  6. davjg

    Request on Release

    Hi the fact that they are releasing 747-800 today is a major disappointment. I feel that it’s not ready yet. David
  7. OMG!!!!!! I can hear Kyle footsteps....... everybody run!!!!!!!!!!
  8. davjg

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Congrats Rob!!! Thank you for dedicating your time and expertise to the flight sim community David
  9. All this nonsense about what being said here is a typical denominator. I am very looking forward to great things from PMDG alway working hard to make it more real and more fun. I can’t appreciate enough what you guys are doing. Everyone is entitle to their opinions but it’s ridiculous if anyone thought their was another airplane other than the 747-8 which hasn’t even come out yet. I don’t recall pmdg shelling out 2 aircrafts at the same time.
  10. I wasn't surprise, it was definitely all about the 747-8 plus a whole lot of features. Instead of just making airplane, RSR added additional real life operations. This makes it more interesting to fly. I think its great IMHO
  11. davjg

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Hello Don't make it harder than it really is, follow this step: 1. Get others thought who bought it 2. Buy It !! (remember, its subjective to anyone good or bad) 3. Fly it at a least a couple time 4. If you don't like it, get your refund from Flight1 or otherwise 5. Kindly report back here That simple, otherwise you may be missing out just because someone else opinion.
  12. never mind I got it fix Thanks
  13. Hi Brian First of all, a BIG THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE THE BEST HANDS DOWN. I ran into an issue installing it and never had a problem until today, when I finished with my download, I received 2 pop-up 1. DirectX - no problem I downloaded 2.Microsoft Visual C+++ 2015 14.0.24123?? when I proceeded to download it became an issue "setup failed" another version is already installed? version 14.0.24215.1??? Do I uninstall this version? Please Advise David
  14. You are the best Bryan!!! I cant imagine how much work you have to put into it with both versions. My Maddog is getting a lot of dust in the hangar. David
  15. davjg

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    It’s a plane from another planet, another platform is a no go for me. I think it’s 747-800 with rainmaker plus all the goodies that go with it that we never thought could be possible David