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  1. Hello I have already flown a couple time, now today I cant get pass "Press Any Key" screen. Did anyone else have this problem? David
  2. I got the "super duper deluxe that nobody else have package" David PS they got my money today too
  3. I find all these comments quite funny. I dont know whats left out there if we didnt have PMDG if even FSLABS. I am just as anxious as anyone to fly my aircrafts that for sure. You have options to stick with P3Dv4,5 HF1, why are we bashing PMDG for? it isnt like you cant fly it at all, use your options. MD11, man....... I dream to fly it....unfortunately. Its too bad there is no one else to develop it like FSLABS/PMDG. But.......I am grateful we have them and bashing PMDG is absolutely ridiculous. Here my take.....If PMDG just press a few buttons and send it out..You will complain because of the bug...If they emphasize quality quality quality you guys still complain. It makes no different. I rarely type this much. Enjoy your sims whether P3d or xplane. Good Luck Happy flying.
  4. You said right...….HORRRRRRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! it looks like someone lit up the place and burned to the ground. good luck with this one.
  5. I am tired of P3D I am tired of FSX I am tired of Xplane I am tired of work I am tired and tired of pc upgrade I am so tired, I am throwing out my P_C. Wow......I feel good already.....going back to flying! David
  6. I do have all the manuals as well for all 737 747 777
  7. Wow, I cant wait!!! your products never disappoint. Thank You David G
  8. What I would do is uninstall everything and then start from there. I have found that if one of your add-on is not up to date, it can be a problem. Nowadays we have so much addon we can’t track them all. I would also delete the shaders as well. I hope this help. David
  9. Thanks for all you do, I wish you a speedy recovery. David
  10. I purchased the 777 training it’s ourstanding and I will be purchasing this one no doubt. DJG
  11. How it going Ok, I got it working Thanks David
  12. Hi When I installed the latest version a pop up said 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Red (86x) - 14.0.24123. I click on to continue it said "One or more issues caused the setup to fail" I did this install/reinstall 3 times. David
  13. Hi i have a 55” Samsung 8500 series and i noticed 2 things window mode - the screen is normal and non-glossy Full mode - I get a gorgeous glossy textures. When I click on mouse middle button it change back to normal texture. Sometime it will switch back and forth when I go to external view. I am not sure what’s happening. I barely use full screen this is why I was amaze how beautiful it looks with all the shiny or glossy look. Anyone have this experience?? David
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