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  1. Hi FlyingACessna, AFAIK, Approach mode is only for capturing the ILS localizer and glideslope. I've always flown RNAV approaches with LNAV and VNAV activated. Mike
  2. You should find it in this thread. Just scroll down until you see the link. https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/discussions/3460 Mike
  3. I've found V/S to be finicky as well. I am reluctant to criticize the FBW folks here as they are doing a fantastic job! MSFS ATC is quirky and I usually wind up not using it after climb -- often because I am too busy doing something else! It does recognize my flight plan, including destination, even though I didn't enter one in the MSFS box before I started the flight, and loaded the flight plan into the MCDU from SimBrief after plane is loaded at gate. Mike
  4. Usually it does tune the ILS frequency/course when an ILS approach is selected (but not at VHHX Kai Tak!). But you do have to check. I haven't figured out how to get the ILS course blank to manually accept a course entry, but entering the course in the VOR course blank works fine. Entering ILS [frequency]/[course] enters the frequency but not the course. Mike
  5. Yes. Clicking on departure airport should bring up line "Departures." Click on that, you select a runway, then a departure (SID). Similar for arrival airport, various approaches and STARs. Generally select runway first - MCDU should only show SIDs/STARs (as the case may be) for that runway, but I'm not sure it's working properly. MCDU is not perfect, but it does work. Bear in mind that there are four different versions at any moment: 1) current stable version 2) current in-progress version, 3) current in progress version with their custom fbw and 4) version 3 with dual autopilot autoland. The last is available from link in Discussions in autoland thread only. I've been using 4). Also, it's important to update, especially after an MSFS update. MSFS updates frequently break things; the A32NX people are quick to fix them. Try to stick to the same version (1 through 4 above) so you get used to how that version works. Mike
  6. OTAM1A SID & FLIPR6 STAR. I find that default ATC DOES follow flight plans imported from SimBrief. I start with a departure airport & gate only, no destination. Then I load the SimBrief flight plan in the MCDU INIT page. ATC does recognize it. MCDU>Flight plan doesn't show SIDs or STARs, but they, and runway (for departure) and approaches (for destination) can be added by clicking on the departure airport at beginning of flight plan and arrival airport at end of flight plan. Mike
  7. Yes -- also quite possible with the A32NX fly-by-wire free addon that "sits" on top of the default A320. AFAIK the ASOBO 787 is locked. If this is a new MSFS2020 A330 external model, it certainly should be possible to attach it the A320 VC (if they haven't done it already); it's certainly possible with the Ruth A330 models.
  8. Yes, I still never know whether I need the up/down arrows or the right/left arrows (and some pages are only available at certain times, like on the ground).
  9. In addition to sd_flyer's question, are you looking on the flight plan page, clicking on the departure or arrival airport, then on Departures or Arrivals? Airbus FMCs are different from Boeings.
  10. The FBW version has two extra liveries, one of which is for the season. Also more functionality on lower ECAM.
  11. It's true many of us have had to devise complex strategies for working around the sudden unexpected behaviors and other bugs, so I guess it has improved our strategic skills. Mike
  12. Hi Bill, This AVSIM thread has some contact information: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/589363-tcas-working-in-a320neo-fbw/ Mike
  13. Thanks! I will look into that. But you will be surprised to know that a few MSFS updates ago, I was unable to get the program to run until I uninstalled the Discord App - it's in a Zendesk list somewhere of possible sources of trouble. Again, thank you for all your work - it vastly improves the default A320. Mike
  14. Thank you for all your work on the A320! Is there a forum somewhere on the A320 FBW project? Thanks, Mike
  15. I found this at the same site Micstatic linked, but it may be a "concept" drawing. http://next.atl.com/the-plan-projects/central-passenger-terminal-complex/ I used to change planes in Atlanta very frequently, but it looks like the last time I was there was 2017. I live in Mobile, Alabama. Recently I've been driving to New Orleans and flying from there. Mike
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