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  1. Mike777

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Hi Eric, Assuming P3D has a similar built-in map to FSX, what frequency is showing on the map? Also, are you sure you don't have another scenery or AFCAD for KSEA? Mike
  2. Mike777

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Searching "KSEA" in the AVSIM library, P3D - Scenery, I find 1) free scenery by Robert Catherall, but for P3DV2. So I don't know whether it will work in P3DV4. Robert adapted Ray Smith's FSX scenery for P3D I have Ray's scenery for SEATAC and many other airports; he is a very reliable designer of freeware scenery for FSX 2) a very recent demo version of Drzewiecki Design's SEATAC that says it will work in P3DV4 and is fully functional, with some limitations. I also have to wonder whether you have some added scenery or AFCAD for KSEA that is causing problems. Try searching your entire P3D folder for "Ksea" and see if anything comes up that looks like addon scenery. If you find something but are not sure, you can check back here. Mike
  3. Mike777

    FMC Error on certain Runways in PMDG

    Hi Jonathan, Just to be clear, are you not seeing ANY runways in the departure or approach windows of the CDU, no matter what airport? Or are you seeing some runways for some airports but not others? I don't have P3D but I believe the file structure is the same for navdata as in FSX. What do you see in the following two folders: [P3D_TOP_LEVEL]/PMDG/Navdata and [P3D_TOP_LEVEL]/PMDG/SIDSTARS? BTW, ARPT_RWY.dat doesn't affect the NGX. Mike
  4. Mike777

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    I am puzzled too. If you tuned 111.7 (NGX has manual tuning only) and followed the loc/glideslope from TIFYS, you should have landed on default scenery 34L, up-to-date scenery 34C. The ILS frequency is the same for old 34L and new 34C. If you selected ILS approach 34L iin the FMC, you would not see TIFYS as one of your final approach fixes. If you have only default scenery and you followed the final approach using the waypoints on the ND (in LNAV for example) you would have landed well to the left of the old 34L - you would have landed where the new 34L should be. At any rate, there is free up-to-date scenery for P3D in the AVSIM library that should fix the problem. Mike
  5. Mike777

    Can you repair 747-8 while flying

    This is the procedure after takeoff for the 777, and I presume the QOT. It certainly works in the T7! But of course it won't fix melted tires. Mike
  6. Mike777

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    Hi Stefan, This looks like the extension released in 2010 for the older FSX 747. Are you talking about that or about the new 747-8 addon? Mike
  7. Mike777

    [23SEP18] FSX 747 Users: URGENT READ THIS

    Downloading as I'm writing. Don't be so hard on yourself. This is a record-quick fix. It just took me ONE WEEK to get a home delivery problem fixed with a major national newspaper - a couple of hours is nothing! Mike
  8. Has anyone had this issue with FSX Box or any version of P3D? I am wondering if it's limited to Steam. Mike
  9. Hi everyone, I had the same error on installing the new version of the 747-400 as others. Uninstalled using Control Panel, ran new installer as Admin, asked for activation code (which I double-checked for accuracy on my PMDG account), same activation error. Tried after disabling Windows 10 Defender Firewall, same error. No deactivation of license. I had the previous installer version, uninstalled new installer, installed using older installer, works fine. But certainly won't work with 747-8. Mike
  10. Mike777

    777 Cabin

    Hi Domingos, If you go to the Aircraft view (typically wing views) you can use the positioning commands to move inside the aircraft. However the interior model was designed for external views, and so it is not very detailed. PMDG has said that modeling the cabin in detail uses up resources better employed on modeling the aircraft's performance. Please note that PMDG wants you to sign your full name in its forums. Mike
  11. Mike777

    Green box PMDG NGX

    Go to Profile>Account Settings>Signature and enter it, or just sign your name each time you post. Mike
  12. Mike777

    Green box PMDG NGX

    Hi lukejw20, This is the box that allows you to enter characters on the CDU (Flight Management Computer screen) scratchpad. This is covered in the manuals. You need to read them carefully, do the tutorials, etc. This is a complex aircraft that you can't just jump into and fly. Please note that PMDG wants you to sign your name in its forums. Mike
  13. Hi Howard, VHHX was added to Navigraph from Airac 1712. It has been included ever since and should continue to be included AFAIK. It is certainly in the current one, 1808. Jocko McIntyre and friends did up the data, and also provided a way to add it manually for a couple of addons. But the link to his site his currently broken. Here is the original thread about the inclusion of VHHX in Navigraph data. AFAIK VHHX is not included in Aerosoft's airac service. Mike
  14. Mike777

    Glideslope callout on take off

    Thanks! I thought their might be a difference between ILS/LOC receivers and DME receivers. Mike