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  1. I would guess that PMDG would model the 777-200ER, of which there are many still flying. Mike
  2. Hi Wilhelm, That must be a truly amazing experience! I have never flown to Hong Kong in real life (as a passenger) and of course if I ever do it will be far too late for Kai Tak. I am also curious as to what you mean by flying "raw data." I take this to mean following the LOC/GS hand flying, possibly with no FD or map display. But after the start of the turn, AFAIK there is no more FD or map guidance or ILS (except for GS pip, which is somewhat useful). AFAIK there was never an RNAV approach (which would have provided guidance through the turn). At KDCA, somewhat similar approach, there is an RNAV approach available which sets up the aircraft nicely for landing. Would you be willing to describe your technique in more detail? Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi Patricio, Level-D 1712Airports.dat file is missing entry for VHHX in my version too. It would be good to post about these errors on the Navigraph forum. Hopefully they can be fixed before the next airac is released. Mike
  4. Yes, as long as you get the Airac from Navigraph Mike
  5. You can also try the KDCA 19 approaches - River Visual, two LDAs and an RNAV approach - "only" 38-40 degree low altitude turn onto final, but still very challenging. https://flightaware.com/resources/airport/KDCA/IAP/all/pdf For a greater challenge, try various cross-winds. As it happens, I flew the DCA 19 approach as a passenger Tuesday evening - the pilot made it look pretty easy although he kind of jerked the brakes on and the reverse thrust seemed rather late to me. At Kai Tak I've always found the runway threshold to be difficult to see until after the turn is nearly completed, but lately I've found that following the leadin lights very closely -- keeping them centered -- is a great help. I use the GS indicator on the LDA even after the turn, until I have visual on the runway. Mike
  6. Hi Dave, Unless you have a really weird scenery issue, buildings should not pop up in your flight path! Mike
  7. Try the http://www.vapap.com/kai-tak-airport installer specifically for Aerosoft, PMDG Version 4.0. Also, the manual installation instructions may work. Mike
  8. Hi Tobias, Take a look on the CDU under failures for tire and brake failures just to be sure. Another thing that occurs to me is perhaps your brakes are dragging due to a hardware problem (brakes not fully released)? In recent versions, the red "brakes" screen display doesn't come on unless the parking brake is set (I use FSX but pretty sure it's the same in P3D). Mike
  9. Perhaps a silly question, but flat tires? I have seen this happen after slewing, not only after taxiing w/ overuse of the brakes. Mike
  10. Yes Jock McIntyre's site, VAPAP.com, has installers for PMDG and for Aerosoft's A320 for Navigraph. He and his associate Martin Stewart contributed the data that Navigraph is now using. Now anyone using Navigraph can automatically have VHHX available for a wide variety of aircraft. For people using Aerosoft's Navdata service, the data is not available AFAIK. Jock's installer for PMDG is available for them. There are still manual instructions for PMDG, which can be adapted for other addons for those who want to delve into other navdata files and edit them. Jock also has an AFCAD for VHHX for people who do not have Kai Tak scenery. Please note that the Navdata does not install or affect scenery in any way. Mike
  11. Thanks Kevin for pointing this out. CPT747, as Kevin said, mit Aerosoft nicht VHHX - nur Navigraph hat VHHX.(sorry for my terrible German). Mike
  12. Hi CPT747, Do you use Navigraph's automatic Data Manager? Download link here: https://www.navigraph.com/FMSDataManager.aspx It installs airacs in the correct folders automatically. Mike
  13. Hi Angelo, Didn't connect PMDG 5.0 to VAPAP site. AFAIK 1712 is working fine for VHHX - I've loaded it on PMDG 777, Quality Wings 787, FSLabs A320 and Level-D 767. The data shows up in all their flight computers and I've made flights using the PMDG 777 and QW 787 with no issues related to the nav data. Have you tested it on any aircraft? I think CPT747's issues could be resolved by someone who is fluent in German. Mike
  14. What is PMDG V 5.0? Mike