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  1. Hi Patricio, Glad to "see" you too! I think Jocko's installer is still needed for navdata from Aerosoft. I'm not sure since I don't use Aerosoft's data. Jocko has a different installer for that available on his web site. Aerosoft's data for PMDG should also be fixable using your information. Same for anyone who does not update their navdata. Best regards, Mike
  2. Hi Patricio, This is no longer necessary if you use Navigraph, and is likely to cause problems. Since Airac 1712, Navigraph is including all the data for VHHX in its files. In fact that is what this thread is originally about. Please take a look at the first post on the first page: Mike PS: I just downloaded Navigraph Airac 1808 for PMDG and the info is in there.
  3. Hi, Zoran, I just noticed in another thread you said you still have Navigraph airac 1309 showing for PMDG. That doesn't have VHHX. But recent Navigraph airacs do. Once you have the current airac installed, you don't need to run a separate VHHX installer. Mike
  4. Mike777

    Glideslope callout on take off

    Hi Chris, Have you tried starting the same flight that is causing problems from a completely new setup? Sometimes an existing panel state can get corrupted. Mike
  5. Hi Zoran, EDIT: I just realized you may have used a separate VHHX installer. This is no longer necessary. Recent airacs from Navigraph now include VHHX data. The installer may have messed up the files. You will need to reinstall the airac from Navigraph. If you didn't use a separate installer: I have Airac 1807. I just loaded up a QOT 747 and found no problem setting VHHX as the destination (but only after entering my departure airport first). If it's the 777 or 747, try deleting ARPT_RWY.dat found in ...FSX\PMDG\NavData . It is not part of the airac's navdata. It's a cache file that will rebuild the next time you load thee 777 or 747. You can back it up if you want outside of the Navdata folder. If that doesn't work or it's a different PMDG aircraft, there are a few other files to check. But this would be the simplest solution. Mike
  6. Mike777

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    Just want to mention that in an Air Canada 777-200LR video, CYYZ-CYVR-YSSY, the captain commands FDs off on final. From memory, these were ILS approaches. Mike
  7. Mike777

    Glideslope callout on take off

    Hi Christopher, Even though you had just started up FS, is it possible you used a saved flight where the FDs had not been cycled off and on, and you were still in Approach mode from a previous flight? I once had a 777 try to follow the LOC and GS after takeoff for this reason, even with a new flight plan. Mike
  8. Mike777

    RAAS Quit Working

    Hi Ken, Your methodical approach is certainly the way to go! I don't have the Aerosoft Airbuses installed, just the NGX, 747 QOT and 777-200LR & 300ER. I don't see RAAS showing up as installed in Control Panel>Uninstall Programs. But it is working. When I open it within FSX from the addon drop-down, Master Switch is unchecked. Since RAAS seems to be working OK, I just left it alone (but my FSX is a recent install on a new computer, and I discovered I had not installed MakeRunways. So when I installed it and ran it, RAAS started working). Also, when I open RAAS in the FSX drop-down, it says "PMDG 777X" at the top. I don't have FS2Crew so I don't know how it interacts with RAAS. Mike
  9. Mike777

    RAAS Quit Working

    I'm not completely sure about this. Why not try uninstalling the 777 & 747 and see if that removes RAAS in Uninstall Programs as well? I have never uninstalled RAAS as a separate action. Something might be different in P3D though. Mike
  10. Mike777

    RAAS Quit Working

    Hi Ken, In reading your posts over, I have to wonder whether you installed your updates correctly. AFAIK there may have been one or two updates for the 747 that could be done through the Op Center, but I am almost certain that for the 777 all recent updates have involved uninstalling the previous version (after running the OC to preserve the liveries), downloading a complete installation file, and then reinstalling. For the most part this has been the procedure for the 747 as well. So I think you would do better to download the latest versions and then uninstalling/reinstalling. Even if a "repair" option shows up, I wouldn't count on it working. I don't remember ever having to fiddle with any separate RAAS settings -- just have to make sure this option is selected for the particular livery. But I don't have P3D, just FSX, so something might be different there. Mike
  11. Mike777

    RAAS Quit Working

    RAAS might not be detecting runways properly if you haven't run Makerunways after a scenery change. After you run makerunways, delete ARPT_RWY.dat found in top level PMDG folder/Navdata. It will rebuild the next time you load the 777 or (new) 747. Mike
  12. Mike777

    Windshield failure

    Would it be possible for the pilots to put on goggles and then, at the relatively slow speed and low altitude of final approach, depressurize the aircraft, break out a small hole in front of the pilot flying so s/he could see? I know aircraft have landed safely where the windshield was shattered on one side (in one incident as I recall, one of the pilots was sucked halfway out of the cockpit but pulled back in). Mike
  13. Mike777

    fl impostare maletti bruno

    Do you have the rotary switch on the Altitude button of the MCP set to hundreds (100) instead of thousands (1000) of feet? As Romain said, you can only get 100s, so you can't select 3770. Mike
  14. Mike777

    Like to purchase but

    You might get more responses if you start a new topic with an appropriate title, such as "747 Crashes [P3DvXXX or FSX] During Initialization". Also try searching the PMDG forums. You can also file a ticket directly with PMDG but you need to create a support account separate from your purchase account. Mike
  15. Mike777

    Like to purchase but

    Hi Danny, Sorry you are having issues. If the QOTS was working before you changed the display settings, try going back to what you had before. Also, it would be helpful if you described your exact startup steps, what you see in the opening window before you select the QOTS. Another question, what scenery are you using for Denver? I don't have P3D so I can't be of more help. Mike