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  1. Hi rb120134, Your specs are generally better than mine - I have a 6 year old laptop (Toshiba Qosmio) and it runs these aircraft OK even w/ add on scenery Windows 7/64, Nvidia 560M, 6 GB memory, I7 @2600, up to 2.9GHz w/ turbo. Not great, but OK; most scenery sliders to the left. You may have to do some tuning: Nvidia Inspector, possibly DX10 preview. No guarantees, but you can give it a try with FSX Steam. You can run Steam on more than one computer and change computers for the 777 or NGX. Steam occasionally goes on sale for a very reasonable price. Of course once you purchase either PMDG aircraft there is no refund and they don't have sales ... Mike PS: PMDG wants you to sign your full name in its forums.
  2. I wonder if you have the gear command assigned to another key in addition to the G key -- perhaps if you use FSUIPC you have a different key assigned there? Perhaps a flaps up or autopilot on key is assigned to one function in FS, another in FSUIPC, keys you would press shortly after takeoff? Mike
  3. Do these problems happen with the 777-200LR? Mike
  4. FSX-MS

    Sorry, advanced simmers who have other advanced simming friends do not constitute a reliable cross section of the FSX/P3D market. Mike
  5. FSX-MS

    I think the main reason there hasn't been more about the QW 787 is that it was not officially announced on their web site until late last night -- when I purchased it yesterday morning their site was still showing Available Summer 2017. I only knew about it because Greg Seipp spotted its availability on Flight1. My very preliminary experience, having flown one short flight without reading much in the manuals, is: It is similar in system impact to a PMDG heavy jet. I have a rather low end laptop w/ Nvidia 560M GPU. It flies and lands very well. It made one unexpected turn in a direction I wasn't expecting during approach, but wound up lined up on final as it should have been. I haven't figured out how to activate failures, which are mentioned in the manuals but are clearly much more limited than a PMDG product. It has a feature that displays SIDs & STARs in a moving map, drawing from FMC data. It also is supposed to show ground layout for selected major airports, but I haven't used that facility yet. For people who think FSX is dead and P3D is the new, dominant sim, do you have any evidence that more people are using P3D (any version) than FSX, or that more people are currently buying P3D than FSX Steam? It's very likely that Steam reaches a much broader market than LM. Reading the Avsim forums can give a very misleading picture of flight sim preferences. I would like to see more reports from those who are actually using the 787 in this thread. Mike
  6. When people are having issues w/ Kai Tak they need to say where they got the Kai Tak files, whether they are using Navigraph or NavdataPro for their Airacs. There are several SIDSTAR files floating around; some work some don't. (The FMC errors are most likely caused by the vhhx.txt file in the PMDG SIDSTAR folder). The following will also provide the SIDSTAR data for people like Trisho0 who don't have it (The key is to have a working vhhx.txt file in the SIDSTAR folder). I suggest that people having problems start over. Rerun your current Airac and remove the vhhx.txt file from your SIDSTARS folder. The best source I know of for Kai Tak navdata is Jock McIntyre's site: In his downloads, he gives very clear instructions http://www.vapap.com/kai-tak-airport He has two auto installers for PMDG, one for Navigraph, one for NavDataPro. He has updated them as of November 2016, so they are more recent than some of what people are using. He provides one for the Aerosoft Airbus as well. He also provides manual installation instructions for PMDG in a separate download, if the auto installer does not work. They involve using Notepad to make and edit the navdata files, which are all simple text files. (If you use a more complex editor to edit the files, it may introduce characters that cause problems. You want to stick to Notepad.). If you run Jock's installer and it causes issues, just rerun your Airac and then edit it manually using his instructions. NOTE: Every time you update your Airac, you need to run the program or manually edit the appropriate files in the PMDG Navdata folder. But once the vhhx.txt (Kai Tak) file is installed in the SIDSTARS folder, it should not be necessary to reinstall. Once you have one that works, back it up and reinstall it if you have problems later. A new Airac should not overwrite the vhhx.txt file in the SIDSTARS folder. Since Kai Tak no longer exists, the Airac contains no file for vhhx, and the installation should ignore the vhhx.txt file. I know this is true for Navigraph, probably true for NavDataPro. ANOTHER THOUGHT FOR PEOPLE W/ FMC PROBLEMS: You can try backing up and then deleting the file ARPT_RWY.dat in the FSX>PMDG>NAVDATA folder. Be sure to back it up outside of that folder. It will rebuild on the next loading of the 777 or 747 QOTS. Mike
  7. Hi, Catherine, Sorry you are having problems. PMDG is usually good about responding reasonably quickly. In the meantime: 1) I don't have P3D, but maybe someone else will answer whether it is necessary to install legacy versions of Simconnect. This should be covered in the PMDG 777 Introductory/Installation Manual for P3D. 2) perhaps uninstall the 777 (using control panel>uninstall programs) and reinstall making sure you are running the installation program as administrator? Just some thoughts Mike PS: You can enter your name so that it shows up every time you post by clicking on your username in the upper right corner, clicking on Account Settings, and then Signature.
  8. Hi Itay, You will find the 777-300ER very similar to the 200LR to fly and almost all panel controls to be identical to the 200LR. The differences have already been covered by others, above. The 300ER is a larger, heavier aircraft. So you will need to use the taxi cameras on the ground (not available on the 200LR). You will also usually use higher flaps settings for takeoff than the 200LR, and often higher final approach speeds. But these are not major differences. To enter your signature: click on your user name, upper right corner, then Account Settings, then Signature. Mike PS: If I might make a small suggestion: Choose a more informative title when you start a new topic. For this one, for example, "PMDG 777-300ER - 200LR Differences." Just putting "PMDG 777-300ER" in a forum already dedicated to the PMDG 777 can easily be overlooked (although in fact it has not been this time).
  9. See if you can get someone on the IFLY Forums to send you the files. You don't need an installer, just paste the approach files into the STAR folder and the departure files into the SID folder. You can also fly the approach as described on page 5 of the "flytampa-kaitak.pdf" document in the Flytampa Kai tak folder. It begins at CH VOR, you fly 7 miles past it on course 270, turn right to heading 045, descend to 6000, and intercept the LOC/GS on 111.90, heading 088. Be ready to turn right following the lead-in lights and leaving the localizer course. Miike
  10. Hi Patricio, You didn't say whether you have scenery installed for Kai Tak. Without scenery, you will not be able to tune the ILS for the runway 13 IGS approach. FSX does not have the ILS or other Kai Tak navaids installed by default. Do you have KaiTak scenery installed? Regarding the IFLY NGX, I don't own it. I just took a look at the IFLY 737 Navigraph data and it is different from the PMDG data. From searching IFLY Kai Tak on the web, I think if you go to the IFLY support forum and log on as a member, you may find a navdata installer or instructions on how to do it manually. Here is a link I found, but I only have limited access to IFLY's forums: http://ifly.flight1.net/forums/vhhx-sidstar-availability-for-ifly-737ng_topic2413.html However if you have KaiTak scenery installed, it's not real hard to navigate to the beginning of the IGS 13 approach even without FMS data.. Once it's installed, use FSX's map function to find the approach frequency and course. Wilhelm, if you would share some of your experiences flying this approach in the 70s, I would love to hear them. But I know that FMS-equipped aircraft, including the 777, 747-400, various Airbuses, flew into KaiTak in the 1990s, and I believe they had FMS data similar to that on the following chart: http://hkvacc.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/VHHX_ALL.pdf Mike
  11. The Autosave feature of FSUIPC, at least in FSX, just uses the save feature of FSX. It certainly does save panel states in the proper folder, and I can reload the PMDG panel state just by opening the Autosave file using FSX. Since a number of people have been reporting this sort of difficulty lately with the 777 and 747 (mainly in FSX Steam), I am wondering whether there is some kind of folder save error going on. Mike
  12. Hi George, I noticed that you posted about both the 777 and the NGX. Based on my own experience, I suggest that you focus on one or the other. There are many similarities between them, but there are also many important differences. The 777 is a larger, heavier aircraft that needs more planning ahead while in flight -- descending and slowing down for example. But its systems are more automated and so it is a bit easier to learn. So perhaps start by focusing on the 777. Mike
  13. Hi George, When you save a situation, the save will include the panel state for your current situation. Suppose you are in midflight. You save your flight. The next day you come back and open that saved flight. It will reload with the panel state from the saved flight, so that you will have the flight plan, next waypoint, engines on, autopilot in the proper cruise mode, etc. But it won't load the default startup panel state. This is a good thing, as otherwise you would start up in midflight at 30,000 feet with engines off, no power, no flight plan, etc. When you set cold and dark as your default startup state, as Kevin Hall explained, the next time you load a new situation with the NGX aircraft -- for example parked at an airport gate (not a saved flight) it will load up cold and dark. Setting Cold and Dark (or any other panel state) as your default startup state will not have an immediate effect. The NGX will only start up Cold and Dark the next time you start a new flight. You CAN have an immediate effect by choosing Load Panel State from the same menu Kevin described. Mike
  14. Hi, Kenneth, Please don't mess with simconnect. If the 200LR is working it's very unlikely there's a simconnect issue. In addition to Dan's advice, please take a look in Control Panel>Uninstall Programs to see if the PMDG 777-300ER is installed, and if so what version number is showing (Dan once pointed this out). If it is an older version than the 1.10.8414, uninstall it in Uninstall Programs and run the 8414 300ER installer as administrator. Mike
  15. Hi KIS1000, You need to give more information. What sim are you using? what version 777-200LR is installed and what version of the 777-300ER are you trying to install? Did you uninstall any previous version of the 300ER before you installed the current one? Also please note that PMDG wants you to sign your full name in its forums. Mike