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  1. Well I exercised some rare patience and waited until 13:00 hrs to download latest patch. It payed off because for once the whole download process went without a hitch. Also my internet speed is only around 25mps so it took just over an hour to complete both download and other updates. My first flight was from EICK to EGPH in one of my favourites The Cessna Longitude. I used the stock model with WT G3000. All went well except I noticed warning lights and parking brake noise couldn't be turned off. I note that others have experienced these problems. On a later flight I used Dakflys longitude mod and all behaved as normal. My overall impressions are that this latest release is one of the best to date. Flying into Cork towards the West at around 18:00 the sunlight and lights from the city and airport where stunning. I'm so far a very happy pilot.
  2. I entirely agree Christopher. Of course I should also have added if you turn graphics up to Ultra all around then the older cards will suffer. However in my experience any flying over say 4000 feet; differences are very marginal.
  3. I'm always quite amused by this continual debate regarding FPS. The human eye cannot detect the difference between 25fps and higher so why all the fuss?
  4. Thanks Choc. I'm going to try it out tomorrow. Usually quite easy to find wet weather here in Ireland!
  5. Thank you bobcat999 and flyinpilot212121 for your fast response to my query. Sounds as if I'm expecting a little too much out of the radar. Will find some really wet weather and give it a go as suggested. I was just curious to know if others were having similar problems.
  6. I can't seem to get any weather radar to show up on the Bendix radar screen on the Carenado Piper Seneca. Anyone else having this problem? I have real weather enabled on sim and Bendix definitely in the on position. Any suggestions would be welcomed. This is a great aircraft to fly. I have also the premium version of the GTN750 which works a treat.
  7. Same problem with Control Options for me. I hope this is fixed soon. Virtually un flyable at present.
  8. Yes I have always shut down engines (even in real aircraft) by leaning mixture control. I might have been misunderstood. The props kept turning in sim even after having shutdown. I was asking why prop control was not then feathering. Anyway since then I have been fiddling with controls in sim and have solved my problem. Thank you for your response. Happy flying.
  9. Thank you for your response to my problem. Yes I have also tried pulling the prop levers down with my mouse but no difference unfortunately. Have been looking at FS forum and it seems a general problem and a ticket has been submitted to Asobo. We will see!
  10. I have a problem with The Seminole P44 in MSFS2020. When engines are shut down the props keeping spinning. I'm using a Honeycomb Bravo Throttle and have tried a number of different settings in the prop controls such as prop decrease and prop feather etc. Anyone else have this and if so how did you solve it? Thank you in advance.
  11. Great. Many thanks. Really appreciate your help. Have a good weekend David
  12. So far so good. I have setup axes on both my Honeycomb Alpha yoke and Bravo Throttle for a twin engine P44. Buttons assigned in MSFS2020 for autopilot buttons seem to be working fine. I now want to setup for a single engine. Am I right in assuming that if I save my twin engine to a template and then import it to a single engine aircraft all I need to do is delete axis associated with engine number 2 and then save this as say a single engine template? Much appreciate your time. Hopefully there won't be too many more questions from this old timer! Best wishes David
  13. Thank you for your fast response to my questions. You have answered them all and am grateful. If I run into any problems I'll no doubt be asking more. Best wishes David
  14. Hi, Could you please give me some help here. I received my Bravo Throttle Quodrent last week and have spent many hours setting up profiles for various types of aircraft (twin engine piston and jet, single engine basic and complex etc etc). One of my favourite aircraft is the WT CJ4 citation jet. To setup this aircraft I purchased Lorby AAO. I am now planning to setup all my controls and buttons for all my favourite aircraft with this software. However before I proceed I have a number of questions. 1. Most important question is. If I mess it up can I resort back to the profiles I setup in MSFS 2020. 2. Is it necessary to unbind all axes and buttons in the profiles I have already setup within the simulator. I know I have to do it for WTCJ4, but not sure about the others.
  15. I received Bravo Throttle Quadrant last Tuesday and have it setup to a couple of aircraft. Found rmag on YouTube very helpful. It is indeed a great piece of kit and a pleasure to use. Two questions for you guys who have recently installed yours. 1. I find the throttles are not idling the engines completely. Idle is too high. Any way of adjusting this? 2. One of my favourite aircraft is the WT CJ4. Apparently I can set this up with Axis and Ohs. I have actually purchased this but am slightly apprehensive to use it. Has anyone on this post any experience with this software? Any help or suggestions most welcomed.
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