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  1. Yes I'm sure your correct. Today after yet more AP frustrations I decided to pour myself a Guinness (I'm Irish) and say bu--er this I'll just fly hands on and enjoy the scenery. If I want to keep my IFR skills oiled I'll use XPlane which I still have in my steam library. Life is too short for all this frustration!
  2. Just reported bug also. Lets hope enough users do the same. They need to sort this one pronto!
  3. Thank you for the information. I'll give it a try. I'm finding matric quite good just difficult to map dials.
  4. Does anyone know the key assignment for increasing/decreasing the map range on Citation Cj4 pfd? I'm trying to setup Matric on my tablet.
  5. My suggestions would only involve your right hand. You can still use your left hand on joystick or visa versa. I personally use Trackir which was a good investment.
  6. Why not use keyboard END to change from internal to external and then hold right button on mouse to move around wherever you want?
  7. Thanks Jim. That is a very clear description and answers my query precisely. I did notice on my first trial flight after update with the Skyhawk172 that she had a tendency to roll to the right. I'm using the Honeycomb yoke and will investigate the centering facility tomorrow.
  8. Good to see someone on this forum is satisfied for a change. Could you explain the Neutral a bit more please. I had a painless install this morning despite loosing internet connection for nearly two hours. Incidentally I did not remove anything from my Community Folder. After install I switched off my computer, disconnected power and then rebooted. I then removed some items from community folder (there were updates for some) reinstalled updates, again rebooted and started sim. So far no CTDs and am delighted with new update. Hope you don't mind me putting my experience here as I thought it might get better seen under 'control sensitivities' and so many unfortunates seem to be getting CTDs. Back to Neutral. I'm a bit confused as to what this does?
  9. Hi Alex. How can I both maintain a zoom level and keep the aircraft centred on map (in flight).
  10. Many thanks OSM. Will try on both those aircraft tomorrow. Interesting forecast for both you and myself (County Cork Ireland). Any interesting airstrips in your area? Cheers David
  11. This sounds great. Just to confirm what default and addon aircraft use these Garmin units? Apologies but just feeling lazy tonight.
  12. Just had a flawless VFR flight using good old VOR navigation from Bristol to Wycombe Air Park in UK. Thank you guys for these mods. Greatly appreciated and has saved one old timer from going back to XPlane. Keep up the good work!
  13. Well you now have me confused. I always thought I was using the G1000 mod with the TBM 930. Obviously not. Thanks fellows for putting me wise to this! Still curious though why the G3000 should be acting up as I experienced at EGGD earlier today.
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