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  1. Anyone know how to delete the settings in the cloud ? Guess it´s saved on the user profile somewhere
  2. Take a look at the FSUIPC Forum it´s known issue and due to Simconnect/SDK problem will be fixed
  3. Same here, tried 4 times, uninstall and reinstall no luck......
  4. Looking forward to get at set no problems with WMR software interface with Steam VR, works great !
  5. I can confirm this as well bought it last friday for v 4.5 it out performs many other airplanes perfomance wise in my HP reverb Havent flow it for many years but are now back also with a big smile 😎
  6. Just an update. You got me hooked there went into FSUIPC and made 10 Macros, no need for code them into LINDA just assigned them in FSUIPC and now my Aduio Panel work in QW and in VR as well Thanks !
  7. Thanks Andrew Saw some tutorials about macros have made som for many years ago.... 😉
  8. Thakns for your answer. Thought I could use QW_ACP_AUDIO_1, 2, &3 according to their document Active VHF QW_ACP_AUDIO_1 0=Off, 1=On Active VHF QW_ACP_AUDIO_2 0=Off, 1=On Active VHF QW_ACP_AUDIO_3 0=Off, 1=On
  9. Hi Andrew Thanks for reaching out. I hae paced it in user.lua Trying to make Audio buttons to work and a toggle. function QW_ACP_AUDIO_1_on () local lvar = 'QW_ACP_AUDIO_1' local lval = ipc.readLvar(lvar) if lval ~= 1 then ipc.writeLvar(lvar, '1') DspShow('AUDIOI1', 'on') QW_Switch_Large() end end function QW_ACP_AUDIO_1_off () local lvar = 'QW_ACP_AUDIO_1' local lval = ipc.readLvar(lvar) if lval ~= 1 then ipc.writeLvar(lvar, '0') DspShow('AUDIOI1 off', 'on') QW_Switch_Large() end end function QW_ACP_AUDIO_1_toggle () local lvar = 'QW_ACP_AUDIO_1' local lval = ipc.readLvar(lvar) if lval ~= 0 then QW_ACP_AUDIO_1_off() else QW_ACP_AUDIO_1_on() end end But it don't seem to work. I can see there is defined two types of switches Small and large what is the difference ? Thanks
  10. Trying to make it my self using this code, don't work probaly doing some thing wrong function QW_ACP_AUDIO_1_on () local lvar = 'QW_ACP_AUDIO_1_Switch' local lval = ipc.readLvar(lvar) if lval ~= 1 then ipc.writeLvar(lvar, '1') DspShow('STRB', 'on') (STRB was copied from other code should probaly be some else) QW_Switch_Large() end end the LVar is QW_ACP_AUDIO_1 according to their manual, anyone who can help ?
  11. Would be great if you could support the buttons in the Audio Panel so it was posible to select Mic for VHF and buttons for listen into VHF1-3 It will be great having these when flying Vatsim etc...
  12. My experience is far better than V4.5 Very smooth and good fps with ORBX Global and LC. LOWI, ESSA, ESGG performs great but still with standard aircraft and no weather add-on Getting some white flicks in my HP but only in Flytampa EKCH. Just tried Aerosoft LGSK with high settings and no problems. I have migrated UTLite to work in V5 and seems to work okay, I'm using my settings from V4.5 you can find it here https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0q9wRpL0ekx997eBav-B-0TAg#VR_V5 VR Setup in P3D, Stereo Dual in HMD and Mono on monitor Lets see how it goes once PMDG and QW has made their products compatible with V5
  13. Set 2D panel transparency to 100% also solves this problem Thanks for the input about ATC window seems to work great now Regards Claus
  14. hmm having the same issue. Just moved back to native VR HF2 from Flyinside and what a great sharp view and performance in my HP Reverb 😉 But i'm also struggle with ATC and GSX windows. Initial they pop up, but often after loading PMDG they don't pop up anymore.... Regards Claus
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