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  1. Looking forward to the A340-300 spent MANY hours in that airplane as a passenger 😉 Anyone know if LVFR products can be connected to MobiFlight ?
  2. It is possible for scenery developers to make this. It requires that all the light are defined as simobjects with a specific visibility condition like a Frq selected or similar. Would be great If MS just added this as a option when we configure the runways
  3. Any one who can guide me to a clean paint kit of the TB21 for MSFS2020 ? Thanks
  4. Hi Once learned it's a lot of fun. I started also from the scratch by looking at a lot of youtube videos. It can be a steep learning curve but just keep on suddenly you will figure it out and have a lot of fun. This is a good way to start : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYPJ2_5HQAk This guy have added a lot of value to our hobby : https://www.youtube.com/@FlyingTheston I have done one, but it's in Danish (crazy language;-)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo8hS1rYBRE Have Fun !
  5. Great shots ! Where have you found the Airport/Scenery ?
  6. Amazing stuff. Incredible what this platform bring us 😀
  7. Wait ! Have tried to install in 4 times with no success. Some times it works but most of the times it don't. I messed some of my other programs which I need to run FS2020, so I restored my PC to before I installed GSX.
  8. Hi Andrew LINDA can see the buttons as normal buttons just need to be able to select like in FS2020 Claus
  9. Thanks for the module for the great Fenix A320. Wonder if it's possible to add support for the Honeycomb Throttle Autopilot so we can change Altitude, Speed HDG etc. It's quite easy to select it in FS2020 by selecting eg Altitude then +/-, but it dont work with native FS2020 controls Regards Claus
  10. It's a fantastic experience, great performance on HP Reverb G1
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