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  1. markgrinyer

    What am I doing wrong

    UPDATE Just ran the repair function in the installer. Selected cold and dark, connected the power, turned on the ADIRUS looked down and the radios had frequencies visible Just a shame that now you've helped me fix it I have to go to sleep as I have work tonight. I think I've started well with the 777 as the dark cockpit philosophy and some of the automation mirrors the airbus that I learned how to fly flight sim on Thanks for being so patient with me and not just saying "read the FCOM". FIXED YIPEE
  2. markgrinyer

    What am I doing wrong

    I was told by the ops centre I think it was last weekend to uninstall the 777 and 737 and reinstall due an an update. I'll redownload and install and see if that works then.
  3. markgrinyer

    What am I doing wrong

    currently cold and dark, but it happens if I load in long and short as well. I was using short, but when I noticed the problem I went to cold and dark as thats what I was doing before watching the A2S videos
  4. markgrinyer

    What am I doing wrong

    Yep, Bat on, external 1 and 2 both on
  5. markgrinyer

    What am I doing wrong

    That's a very good way of describing what I'm seeing. The closest I can see to an avionics switch on the 777 is the primary flight controls which is on and guarded all lights extinguished. In the past I've never had a problem and been able to take off in the 777 but yesterday was the first flight since the ops centre asked me to reinstall due to a large update. I'm currently trying to fly the emirates -300 but it effects the -200 and -200f as well. Due to the fact PDMG haven't rushed out a hot fix I'm assuming this is a local issue to me
  6. markgrinyer

    What am I doing wrong

    Hi Again Thanks for the advice. I had already copied the GPS co-ordinates to the POS INT page (I just do it so quickly I forgot). There are no numbers on any of the main displays even in the EICAS when I change screen and I can't do recall. The second task of the FCOM is to check the 3rd sim relevant item which is to check the engine oil, hydraulic and oxygen levels. But I can't do this as there are no numbers. The screens are blank except the artificial horizon colours and blank engine dials With the radio issue, the panels are on (off light extinguished) but no visible frequencies that I can change I'm following the exact same procedure as shown in the airline2sim videos, I have just watched it again and as soon as the screens come on there are numbers in the relevant places. I've also listened to it so its as if the real pilot in the videos is next to me, but what my aircraft is doing is not what happens in the video
  7. markgrinyer

    What am I doing wrong

    Hi I am just starting to learn the basics of the 777, but I am having trouble with a few things. I am using airline2sim as a guide generally but I have scanned the PDMG manuals for a solution to my problem to no avail. In a nutshell, my radios do not turn on (no frequencies visible rather than just frequency not working), and I do not have any tapes on the PFD All I have done so far is get 2 jetway plugs and aligned the ADIRUS, and waited for the screens to turn on I have 2 sources of power. In the airline2sim videos these boot up automatically. I have tried starting from 'short' panel state, 'long' panel state and now Cold and dark so I have control over everything Is it something basic I am missing? I'm using P3DV4
  8. markgrinyer

    Prepar3d V3 - No window

    My apologies I just forgot to load with admin privileges At least it was a simple fix lol Many thanks Mark
  9. Hi I've just taken the plunge and migrated FSX over to P3D v3 (Much better I have to say). Most of the add-ons I've brought with me have installers that are prepared for P3D (ORBX and ASN). Only two I'm missing to complete the package are ATC and AI traffic. I have not re-run the installer as I read on the prepar3d forum that RC4 is a standalone and I should me able to get RC4 working without needing a fresh reinstall Everything is on my 'z' drive I have changed the .flt and .wx path to "z/user/mark/my documents/prepared 3D V3" and RC4 seems happy with it. But is this correct and for using ASN My main P3D directory is in my program files x86 folder I set everything up as I did in FSX but the RC4 window does not generate within the sim. I have updated FSUIPC to the latest version as of today. I understand P3D V3 handles add-ons differently as they are kept in a separate folder to the main sim as a way of managing memory. Do I need to do a fresh install for prepar3d V3? Any ideas on what to do? Many Thanks