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  1. Fizzelle. Thanks for reply. It’s a different sound. Almost like static. There’s a noticeable slight hesitation in the sim when it happens. I can report since deleting the sound driver above it’s happening less, and, I’ve had no CTDs since removal of the Realtek sound driver.
  2. Just wanted to say Thank You very much for this tread. I've never had CTDs running MSFS. I installed the Kodiak. First flight went great! No issues. 2nd flight onwards I started to have random CTDs; sometimes in flight and others before the sim loaded a flight. Frustrating. I found this thread. I found a Realtek sound driver on my computer. I'm not using it. I went to device manager, found the driver, and "disabled" it. Following I rebooted and loaded a flight (about 30 min) with Pilotedge ATC. No issues (CTD). There's still a strange issue. At some points in flight there a "clicking" that happens over the audio. Sometimes it doesn't affect the sim. Other times there's a slight hiccup or hesitation. It still happened on my last fight but less frequently than before disabling the Realtek sound driver. Again, thanks for the posts above!!! BTW: I really like the Kodiak. It's fun to hand fly. I've learned to pay attention on takeoff (especially if you're fully loaded). As pointed out above fly the plane by the number as described in the manual and it works just as it should (rotate 60 knots and take off 79 knots). The Kodiak requires liberal use of right rudder in all phases of flight (including taxi ... low ground idle seems to help). I've found that rotating / lifting off too quickly (airspeed too low) and the p-factor (high power setting and low air speed) along with insufficient rudder can cause significant issues at takeoff (uncontrollable bank and unable to climb). I also like the Garmin 1000 nxi. I've had fun utilizing G1000 visual guidance even on non-precision visual approaches. I've found the Kodiak more enjoyable to hand fly than a bunch of other airplanes. It trims out better in cruise and is more manageable than most in climbs and descents. It takes an active yoke on approach and landing for a greaser. For now it's my go to MSFS ride!
  3. I had a Saitek yoke, 2 x throttle quadrants and the Saitek trim wheel (along with the Saitek radio stack and multi stack… auto pilot controls,flaps, trim). After update 5 I had major trim issues on a few planes (not all). Over this past weekend I installed a Honeycomb Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle quadrant. All trim issues are fixed. Everything works great. I highly recommend the Honeycomb Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle quadrant. They’re a huge improvement over the Saitek set up I was using. It’s a totally new and improved flight sim experience. Also, I’m still using the Saitek radio stack with Spad and it’s working great.
  4. Hello Justin.  Which Thrustmaster pedals?  The TPR pendulum set, or, the plastic set?  I've been looking for a spot to purchase the TPR pendulum pedals but am unable to find any availability.  Thanks,

  5. Dave. Where will your review be posted? Thanks,
  6. I've used a Saitek setup for years. First with P3D and now MSFS 2020. I use a program called SPAD to drive Saitek equipment (2 x FIP, 1 x radio panel, 1 x switch panel, 1 x multi panel, 2 x throttle quadrants, 1 x Cessna trim wheel, 1 x rudder pedals and 1 x yoke ... all Saitek) . I think SPAD cost about $20.00 (years ago). I'm not an expert by any means in SPAD functionality, but, I was able to figure out how to make it work with P3D and create profiles (single engine, twin, 3 engine and 4 engine). So, I've learned a few things with MSFS 2020, SPAD and Saitek equipment. SPAD published a software update to it works with MSFS 2020. So, that's great. It was easy for me to use with MSFS 2020. I've created a MSFS 2020 SPAD profile that's working well with all single and twin engine planes. After experimenting with SPAD, Saitek and MSFS 2020; I've shut off SPAD functionality to 2 x FIP, 2 x throttle quadrants, 1 x trim wheel and 1 x yoke. SPAD makes it easy to turn OFF functionality to specific items. The FIPs do not work well with MSFS. They bog down sim performance. The first MSFS 2020 patch did not fix this issue for the FIPs (I think it's to do with Simconnect and refresh rates ... but I don't really know). While I liked using the FIPs in P3D (especially the HSI with course and heading adjustments) I'm finding I don't miss it too much with MSFS 2020. I'm using MSFS cockpit panels for all navigation. I'm using MSFS 2020 to drive the 2 x throttle quadrants, rudder pedals, brakes, yoke and trim wheel. This works fine. I'm hoping the MSFS 2020 development team will provide an update for control surface sensitivity, calibration and operation. The MSFS 2020 internal set up does not feel right. I've got (for axes) a limited dead band set with low sensitivities. This works OK for fine adjustments (less than 1/2 of axis rotation). Once I exceed this parameter the axis goes full tilt. For example, with ailerons and elevator everything is good with about 1/2 yoke travel deflection. After that the control surfaces transition too quickly to full deflection. Again, it's not right. I'm getting used to it and flying accordingly. I've ordered a new Honeycomb yoke with the hopes of much better control axis fidelity. The Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel shows up in my control choices in MSFS 2020. It was easy to program the trim axis using MSFS functionality. The radio / nav stack panel, switch panel and multi-panel are all great additions to any sim (all driven by SPAD). They make everyday sim flying and / or PilotEdge network flying easier, more enjoyable and more true to life. For me the Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel works great. Again, having a trim wheel makes sim flying much more realistic. When flying MSFS 2020 GA aircraft I'm paying close attention and actively using the trim wheel. This is especially important because of my comment above (more than 1/2 yoke axis deflection). If I'm really good about keeping the plane in trim I've got decent control fidelity and all is well. If I'm out of trim control surfaces react too fast and things are much harder to control. So in a backwards way this has helped me to be a better sim pilot with a more concentrated focus on keeping things in trim. One other important item I learned about the Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel. I must have read this on a forum somewhere. This is imperative. If I don't do this I need to reboot the sim and / or computer. This has been a constant for me for 3+ years ... both P3D and MSFS 2020. When I turn my computer on I give a a minute or so to do it's thing. Shortly there after, before doing anything else, I rotate the Saitek Cessna trim wheel forwards and backwards a few times. I'll eventually get a beep in the computer (like it's recognizing an item). I also notice the green light on the Saitek trim wheel blinks (like it's being recognized). If I do this ... all is right with the world. I boot up MSFS and the trim wheel works perfectly. If I forget to accomplish this item ... its a shut down the sim and reboot the computer moment. Weird. I know. But, it has worked for me. Sorry for long winded reply. I only did so because I like your question above. For me, having a functional radio stack, switch panel, multi panel and trim wheel make sim flying much more true to life and enhances the entire experience. It makes flying on PilotEdge much more realistic. With a yoke mounted push button (part of the Saitek yoke), functional radio / navigation stack and trim wheel it's just like sitting left seat in a Skyhawk (or pick your favorite). The biggest difference is a lower fuel bill and the delicious hamburger off my patio grill doesn't cost $100.00! Since I ordered the Honeycomb yoke (waiting for delivery) I noticed on their product page they're coming out with a new (and very cool looking) throttle quadrant. It has a trim wheel as part of the package. Depending on how my Honeycomb yoke experience goes, and the forthcoming throttle quadrant reviews read, I'll be seriously looking at that item for my next update. Hope this helps with your question above. Good flying!
  7. Quick question regarding MSFS 2020 and ForeFlight. I like using Foreflight for navigation in MSFS 2020. I also like flying on PilotEdge (PE) network. I'm currently using MSFS 2020 and ForeFlight with the Flight Events app installed on my PC (from Flight Tracker). This provides real-time location shown in ForeFlight while using MSFS 2020. It's a great way to fly and utilize ForeFlight. Previously, when I used Foreflight with P3D (using FSXFlight app), I could get all sim traffic to show correctly in ForeFlight. This worked for both sim generated traffic and / or PE generated traffic. Having accurate real-time traffic displayed on my I-Pad / ForeFlight was great for both situational awareness and immersion. However when using MSFS 2020 with Foreflight I'm unable to get traffic to display correctly. It will display some traffic (very limited) but not all traffic. I'm unable to figure out why it's picking up some planes and not others. I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get this functionality working correctly in MSFS 2020 and ForeFlight? I'd like to get back to accurate traffic displayed real-time in ForeFlight. Thanks in advance for any help, and ... good flying!
  8. There’s a good YouTube video by Squirrel ... Tutorial #2 msfs2020 peripheral setup. Squirrel has a good discussion about adjusting flight control sensitivities for a more realistic experience.
  9. Hello. I've got the Carenado Premier installed. I admit it's one of my favorite aircraft to P3D fly. I enjoy flying on PilotEdge. I use the stock Carenado Proline 21 avionics (no avionics ad-ons). As in other aircraft I'd like to be able to listen to COM1 and COM2 at the same time, but, haven't been able to figure out how to do this in the Premier (or any other aircraft with the standard Proline 21 panel). I can toggle between COM1 and COM2 using the manual switch on the left pilot side panel, however, I'm unable to figure out how to listen to both frequencies concurrently. For example, when flying Carenado's C172 G1000 I can select the COM1/COM2 button on the Garmin audio panel and listen to ATC on COM1 and pick up an ATIS on COM2 at the same time. Is there a way to do this (listen to both frequencies at the same time) in the Premier with the stock Collins Proline avionics and panel? Thanks in advance for your reply!
  10. Hello. I've got the Carenado Premier installed. I admit it's one of my favorite aircraft to P3D fly. I enjoy flying on PilotEdge. I use stock Carenado avionics. As in other aircraft I'd like to be able to listen to COM1 and COM2 at the same time, but, haven't been able to figure out how to do this in the Premier. I can toggle between COM1 and COM2 using the manual switch on the left pilot side panel, however, I'm unable to figure out how to listen to both frequencies concurrently. For example, when I'm flying the Carenado C172 G1000 I can select the COM1/COM2 button on the Garmin audio panel and listen to ATC on COM1 and pick on an ATIS on COM2 at the same time. Is there a way to do this in the Premier with the stock Collins avionics? Thanks in advance for a your reply!
  11. Gerald - Thank you for your reply. Your response above was the fix!!! A bit embarrassing for me. I should have been able to figure it out. The default selection must have changed for some reason. I followed your suggestion above and now all is working as it should. Again, I really appreciate your reply and the information in these forums; especially when there's an easy fix! It's a weekend morning ... I've got a thermos of hot coffee … I'm going to enjoy a short hop in a Piper Cherokee PA28 from A to B … and be able to pick up ATIS over COM1 along with hearing local traffic! Perfect! Thank you.
  12. Hello All, I'm hoping someone had a fix for issue below or can point me in the right direction. Prepar3D 4.4. Lots of ORBX add-ons. Lots of airplane add-ons … Carenado, A2A, PMDG, etc. Active Sky. Saitek controls with SPAD. No other scenery or traffic add-ons. Recently (within the last month) the ATC sound stopped working. This has never been an issue. For example, I'll tune in an ATIS frequency. There's no ATC voice. If I open the ATC window the ATIS is reported in text … and keeps reporting just like it would normally. There's just no ATC sound. It's the same situation for P3D generated traffic. If I select P3D traffic there are no ATC sounds. Again, if I open the ATC window traffic text communications are shown, but, there are no voices. If I'm flying in PilotEdge I can interact normally with their ATC, but, if I tune in an ATIS frequency it's the same situation as described above. I've done limited research to try and fix the issue. I've removed and reinstalled Content. I've removed and reinstalled Client. … No joy. It's like I've somehow turned the Prepar3D airplane's speaker OFF. I messed around with airplane panels trying to get the speaker to work, but, wasn't able to find a solution. This happened around the time I purchased and installed Carenado's Falcon 50, but, that could simply be a coincidence. I'll often use SHIFT+___ or CTRL+___ to accomplish something when flying. Sometimes I'll hit an unintended combination of keys. While this has never been an issue I wonder if a hit a combination that somehow affected the ATC voice. Everything else in the P3D 4.4 sim is working great. I really enjoy the Sim. Part of the experience is being able to tune in an ATIS while on the ramp or while enroute to a destination. I also like hearing other planes in the air and on the ground. Even when flying in PilotEdge (really awesome) I enjoy tuning in ATIS frequencies and getting real weather updates along the flight and at the destination … just like real world flying. Thank you in advance for any help resolving the issue. I very much appreciate these forums.
  13. Bluestar and J350E, Thanks very much for your reply. I don't see an unistall app with the aircraft (in their folders). Is there a written process to follow to correctly uninstall the aircraft before downloading and reinstalling? I just want to make sure I'm deleting all the relevant files. Is there a way to verify which version of a Carenado aircraft I'm flying? Is there a way to verify which version of a Carenado aircraft is current? Again, thanks very much for your reply and help. I'd like to make sure I'm using the most up to date products.
  14. I really enjoy flying P3D Carenado aircraft. I receive emails there are updates offered for planes I fly, but, I'm unsure how to install the updates or how to verify if I'm using the most current version. Is there an Avsim forum thread with a procedure to update Carenado aircraft? How can I tell if I'm flying the most up to date version of a Carenado aircraft? Thanks very much for your help.
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