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  1. The way to solve it is to change from DX12 to DX11 if you are using the nvidia frame generator mod , thanks to @jcomm for giving me the solution ;)
  2. Hi sir , i solved it , only thing you have to do is change from DX12 to DX11 for me is now working , hope you solve it !
  3. Okey guys I tried to make the flight from LEMD- SKRG with DX11 instead DX12 and it's working for the moment thanks for the answers I'll post future feedback's
  4. hi sir thanks for answer , i fly on vatsim so i have the IA live TFC off
  5. hi sir thanks for answer , i have the issue in a flight between LEMD and KMIA and also KMIA to LEMD and today LEMD to SKRG with different routes , i´m gonna try to fly with DX11 like @jcomm said and will post here the experience thanks guys
  6. yes im using frame generator with DX12 but with 12 Gb of vram and 16 gb of ram , i don´t understand that 8 gb comes from mate can you explain ? thanks
  7. Hi guys ,i recently experienced some issues with my MFS2020 , most of cases with Kuro 787 and Horizonsim 787 , after 2h and 17 mins my sim feezes , the sound continue but all sim is freezed there is no way to restore the sim so for the moment , i thought it was the last graphic card update the problem but after reinstall the old version of the drivers works good one flight but today i tried to make another flight and just freeze again after 2h and 17 min does anyone have the same issue or know about this? thanks guys my pc components: AMD ryzen 7 5800x Gigabyte Geforce 3060 (12 vram) 16 ram 2666 mhz Samsung 870 evo 1TB
  8. I solved , like @ErichB said , i had the playstation controller connected to my pc ,after disconnecting it the acft works fine , thanks guys!
  9. Cheers mate i think is because i have connected a playstation controler i´ll check it later , thanks mate
  10. hi sir , i don´t have any mods for the kuro in my community folder , how i can check the controller conflict ?
  11. hi! i don´t have any mod for the kuro i think , i checked the community folder and i only have liveries
  12. Hi guys, i recently downloaded the kuro verison 2.1.1 , when i spawn with the aircraft on the ground and in the air the yoke is moving and i can´t roll to the life side , i think is something with the sensibility i have the TCA of Thrustmaster, here is a little video of the issue and my sensibility settings: https://ibb.co/56HQ9nv
  13. Hi Mike, yes I deleted from the community folder also but with no results.
  14. Hi Mike! i tried to removed also de Kuro 787 from the community folder, i´ll try to remove the B78X but i tried , thanks for the help. Also the IRS doesn´t work at all i´m having a bad experience with this addon 😞
  15. yes the B78X works fine , i tried to reinstall the 788 3 times deleting all files from the location i mentioned , and the issue still there
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