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  1. I tried flying an approach to Istanbul, and I was basically in the same spot as another plane. That plane would be deleted, but respawn about 30 seconds later, and deleted again. It might be good to have a way to keep it deleted, so you can basically take another plane's position in the approach for busy airports.
  2. Hi, This is a great add-on, but I'm wondering what strategies people use to fly with real world traffic? How do you fit yourself into the approach or departure? I've been using it with vatsim, and the new floor option is good for that, but if there's a way people use psxseecon from start to finish, I'd been keen to try it out. Bryn.
  3. I see this a bit. If there is a note in the chart, then it shouldn't be a surprise (especially as it would be briefed?) and adds to the realism. But sometimes it's not expected. In this case it's probably a small issue in the AFD file, where the glideslope location is not the same distance from the threshold as the PAPI. The aero.sors data might be exacerbating this problem if it's using an arbitrary location for all glideslopes, but I don't know what that service does. Usually after each flight, I have a 'simulator write-up' of little things I need to fix, and I include this if I do an approach where I see 4 reds or 4 whites, but centered GS (and there's no note in the chart). I then go and edit the AFD so it doesn't happen again (either using ADE or AFX). It only takes a minute, and then the airport is good for the next time I pass through. Bryn.
  4. Just to add that I have this problem. Windows 7, 64 bit, and I have installed the redist. I run PSXseeconTraffic.exe, and nothing happens. Realtraffic works ok, and Nico's other programs open just fine.
  5. This looks really good! I have one general question: If you're approaching or departing EGLL, or KJFK or any busy airport at peak time, what's the best way to fly with this traffic? Hold and wait for a spot? Only worry about traffic in front of you, and not behind you (so you might have another plane 200m behind you on approach?). Any thoughts on the best set of compromises? Bryn.
  6. Thanks PMDG! The lights on the 747 are outstanding, and work in 2D mode. Could you include these in the next 777 update? Cheers, Bryn.
  7. There always seems to be a steady stream of posts about VAS issues in P3D, irrespective of the version or hotfix, but I think that's largely because those with issues post. I have no issues. I automatically dump the VAS figure to a csv file every minute, so I can check afterwards, but it's been months since that go below 1GB remaining, and I now also often see these nice curves back up after I leave a memory intensive area. So count me as one more otherwise quiet voice saying I reckon it's pretty good now. B.
  8. 767

    Ah, yeh, I realise I probably won't win any awards for the most helpful post of the year there. Here's what I remember I did. Use migration tool to install. The 767 uses files from the UIRES directory of FSX, so I just copied the whole UIRES directory across to P3D. Make sure the dll.xml entries are correct. The dll xml is in AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3. There should be one entry that looks a bit like this (note the relative directory address in the dll.xml file, keeping it inside the P3D directories). <Launch.Addon> <Name>Level-D Simulations</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Modules\LVLD.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> I think that might be about all from memory. If it doesn't work, report back with the problem. As the other posters note, some small things do not work. And whatever you do, do not respond to the Flight Attendant calls - that will crash the sim I think. In fairness, this is probably consistent with reality. Cheers, Bryn.
  9. 767

    I'm not sure there are any. I just worked it out myself.
  10. 767

    I use the Level-D in P3D, but as NaMcO points out, it only works if you're on Windows 7, and has awful stutters in Windows 10. Also, it takes a bit of work to make it work - dll.xml entries need to be correct, and some bitmaps from FSX are needed. All in all, worth it, though, because I think it is a much more fluid and authentic simulation of the 767 than CaptainSim's version.
  11. Mark, the 737 does have external lights (landing and taxi lights) in the 737 model, however, the 777 does not. I ask PMDG to produce a model that does have external lights for users like me. Also, the 737 has remarkable 2d panels - some of the best out there.
  12. Hi, I understand PMDG is not building a 2D panel for the 744. That's ok - I made the 777 work in 2D and I'm hoping I can do the same for the 744 if PMDG provdes pop up CRT/LCDs, MCP, FMC, and radios, like they did in the 777. My request is, I think, fairly simple. Can PMDG please also provide an external model with the standard landing and taxi lights mdl attachments so 2D and home cockpit builders can see where they are going in the dark? Majestic provided an additional downloadable external model for this purpose on their Dash 8, which I thought was a good gesture to fringe users like me. Bryn.
  13. I installed it with the Migration Tool active. There is a dll entry, so just pointing it to P3D probably won't work cleanly.
  14. I have the Wilco Evo 737s working fine in P3D v3.4. They are ok, particularly as there is no other classic 737 available.