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  1. But where does it sit in the scheme of A340-300 FS addons? Black box / PSS Feelthere / wilco xworks Is it good enough to switch to MSFS now for A343 flights? (The bar is low, though at least Xworks is free!)
  2. Make sure the last waypoint is the destination ICAO? I'm having problems with the Prepar3d v3.4, the Citation and kernel32.dll errors since WIndows 11 (could be anything) was installed, so sadly it's shelved for me at the moment.
  3. I’m desperate for a Continental coolsky dc9 livery, to buzz around in those old routes for a few weekends. McPhat’s livery packages had one, but they can’t be bought anywhere anymore. If anyone has seen one, please let me know!
  4. Just to chip in again - I do the same mostly. However, sometimes when core zero is stuck at 100% and fps appear degraded, I sometimes find that I can get my fps to bump back up to normal by offloading core zero and then onloading back on to all cores a few seconds later. Now I think about it, it could be because the constant 100% on core zero is causing power or thermal throttling, lowering fps, and the offload and onload gets the CPU out of that state. I guess I should check that out next time... Now I think about it a bit more... perhaps throttling is a reason some people see poorer performance when they have all their cores running with HT, particularly if they're oced. The AM reduces power load and/or heat, and so reduces any power throttling or thermal throttling that might have been taking place, and the sweet spot ends up being fewer cores but running faster. Of course, that doesn't explain why fps might get stuck below 30 with GPU and CPU basically cruising along at about 50%.
  5. Sure, but it seems a common factor between our experiences is the manual assignment of the cores (rather than the cores used).
  6. I noticed this problem when I directly set the affinity for the prepar3d.exe to unload CPU 0 and then reload back on to CPU 0 (and all cores). CPU usage was well below 100% after that (like yours), but FPS still stayed around 27 to 28. GPU was not limiting either- that was bumping along at around 45%. If the CPU is not limiting fps (well within 100%) and the GPU is not limiting fps, what else could be? Not throttling - it would be 100% CPU but at a slower speed.
  7. I'd rather be paxing with the pilot who slept than the pilot who didn't, no matter the reason. Tired pilots scare me a lot!
  8. It looks nice, but is it still the case that EA clouds are set globally? So you can't see the wide variations of weather, or fly tactically around weather like you can with the old clouds? In other words, if it is cloudy at JFK and clear at EWR, it will all be the same with EA clouds?
  9. My guess is that the FFTF parameter is not accessible through simConnect and the program is changing a value at a memory offset directly. The offset address will likely change with every point update.
  10. It might be because I've been simming for 35 years, but P3D has everything I ever dreamed of in a sim, so I am very happy with it. It's realistic, immersive, stable and mature, with many great add-ons, and excellent performance. Any developments from here on are a bonus to me, just as long as they don't break it.
  11. One of my disappointments is that the McPhat paints are no longer available. There isn't a Continental DC9 repaint anywhere, other than in an old McPhat package.
  12. Is the colour of the tint set in the shaders? Or is it still taken from the bottom row of the sky color bitmap?
  13. I agree. But Prepar3d has these parameters in the prepar3d.cfg to adjust the update rate for AI, and I've been wondering about whether lowering the refresh rate on AI aircraft improves performance. I've set my to 18 to see, but haven't done any testing. [sim] min_AI_sim_fps=18 max_AI_sim_fps=18
  14. You can get even more control over the runway allocations with the app being tested here: New ATC and Airport Operations Application Testing - The Prepar3d Forum - The AVSIM Community I think it's a very exciting addon. Though I'm not sure whether user aircraft are being assigned runways through the hook yet (i.e., it might still only be interacting with the AI).
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