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  1. I agree. But Prepar3d has these parameters in the prepar3d.cfg to adjust the update rate for AI, and I've been wondering about whether lowering the refresh rate on AI aircraft improves performance. I've set my to 18 to see, but haven't done any testing. [sim] min_AI_sim_fps=18 max_AI_sim_fps=18
  2. You can get even more control over the runway allocations with the app being tested here: New ATC and Airport Operations Application Testing - The Prepar3d Forum - The AVSIM Community I think it's a very exciting addon. Though I'm not sure whether user aircraft are being assigned runways through the hook yet (i.e., it might still only be interacting with the AI).
  3. I thought the FSUIPC friction facilities were removed, because they required hacks that were complicated to update for each version?
  4. I think PMDG probably know the shape of their demand curve better than any of us, they profit maximize accordingly, and the set price tells us something about all that.
  5. That's one steep price elasticity. I think the evidence we're seeing on prices suggests the market for these types of addons is actually very price inelastic.
  6. I got it to work, but I recall it took a few excludes (I think airport background, and library objects) and a few flattens to make it work. I cannot remember the steps, partly because my approach was to try anything I could think of until it worked and, at some point during that process, it worked.
  7. I think reinstalling FS2Crew RAAS solved it for me. I say 'think' because I tried lots of things including, like you, reinstalling Office (which didn't work). I found it very frustrating.
  8. I had this crash, and traced it to FS2Crew RAAS, which I think uses the Microsoft Access Database engine (2010) for its database. Bryn.
  9. It crashes for me in P3Dv5.1 unless the trueglass.dll is disabled in the gauges directory.
  10. I saw this on the MSFS Developer update, which seemed like a bit of a jab at PMDG and FSL on that... November 25th, 2020 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator Just to mention it, we are super excited to see what Aerosoft, Hans, Stefan and the rest of the team are doing with the CRJ. It’s so rewarding to see a team embrace the SDK and create a complex aircraft with it. It’s just great quality and we are so excited to see this come together!
  11. I can see the appeal of EA in like a military training scenario. You don't really need varying localized weather for most of that - one cloud setting for the theater is fine. But for civil simulation where users are looking to replicate the challenge of flying from point A to point B, observable localized weather is pretty important. Anyway, we have non-EA, and that still looks pretty good, plus 5.1 performance is outstanding.
  12. I'm flying with it off. It seems with EA on, only one global cloud setting is possible. You cannot see different weather in different directions - it's all the same everywhere until you arrive in a new location and the clouds update. So it looks like simple weather avoidance stuff isn't possible - e.g., you can't see an area of storms on the horizon and then fly around them. It's sort of like going back to FS2002 weather, but with nicer graphics.
  13. Most of my real IFR rating was under a hood, supported by desktop trainers. With 2d panels. That’s encouraging news! Hopefully, the performance issues are resolved.
  14. 2D is more consistent with real-life desktop aviation training devices ("All instrument displays listed above must be visible during all flight operations." and the displays "...must provide an image of the instrument that: (a) Does not appear to be out of focus or illegible. (b) Does not appear to “jump” or “step” to a distracting degree during operation. (c) Does not appear with distracting jagged lines or edges." FAA AC_61-136A). And 2D allows users to build simple home cockpits with a few screens (as noted earlier). It might not be how you like to game, but it is how some like to sim. I have no doubt it will be possible to use external 2D panels at some point ( though probably not in-sim).
  15. I noticed this problem with the new drivers too - periods of stutters every so often, but no drop in reported framerate or frame volatility. I traced it to the NVI framerate limiter. The RTSS scanline x/2 in place of the NVI limiter resolved the problem for me, but then created a hooking problem in OBS, so I ultimately just stepped back to the 446 drivers.
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