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  1. MD11 for FSX paintkit while it's still there.
  2. Wow I don't know how I missed this... I've been waiting a long time to see someone create a tool that might allow these types of injections. Do you have an API? I'd be keen to test it!!!
  3. Is that the one in the Avsim library?
  4. I thought a key point about DX12 was that you get additional performance but at the expense of memory management, so you have to be more careful as a user and developer (hence the VRAM in Shift-Z). If you want memory management but less performance there's always DX11 P3Dv4.
  5. My big questions: Are there SDK improvements for AI, so we can finally assign runways? Has the object loading been improved so we don't get the AI load stutters? Cheers, Bryn.
  6. If your AFD is using Jim Vile's crosswind method, and runway 07/25 is the last runway on the list, it could be cause 34s to be preferred incorrectly over the 16s (depending on the parallel setup). It's a dark art, crosswind runway setup.
  7. Well, I kept mucking around with the in-sim settings - the old trick of lowering everything to zero and ramping up to see where the performance degraded. It turned out texture resolution at 7cm was too much at WSSS. It looked like that caused the stutters, and winding back a bit there seemed to mitigate the problem.
  8. I've been trying to troubleshoot the awful stutters on this scenery, but have had no success. Below is the chart of frame times as I came across the coast at 200ft to the south of 02C and flew the length of the runway and then to the coast to the north of the 20C threshold (you can see it smoothing out as the scenery disappears). The y-axis is frame length in ms. Lots of long frames causing stutters. Awful experience. I'm running an i9-9900KS at 5Ghz with 32GB RAM, SSDs with the scenery and sim, and a 2080Ti. No AI on the field (I only fly with VATSIM), no dynamic lights, no PBR. City turned off, no ships, textures at 1024. See below (and before anyone asks, yes I tried without edge lights and SODE jetways too, but the chart above reflects these settings exactly). I've never seen anything like it in terms of poor stuttery performance. Bryn.
  9. The transponder code on the airbus is 2019... i'm not sure whether to be excited that it might hint at a 2019 release, or disappointed that the transponder allows the entry of a 9...
  10. mark - When I try and use the plane from the 2D viewpoint (i.e., without the VC), the app does not update, and only the keyboard shows (i.e., a similar symptom to the others above).
  11. It still handles VNAV poorly. It doesn’t optimise descents with “between” constraints. The right DME is still showing the DME for the left VOR. The Pos fuel still needs to be multiplied by 2.2 to get the right value. The HUD still doesn’t filter smooth the data in windy conditions. The FPS after a long flight still tank. I still get an engine spool up on landing despite using the soft AT disconnect on final. The new Mark Foti app doesn’t work if youre using a 2d view. The HUD still flashes on and off on final, and off on touchdown for a couple of second or so. Howver, the trim does go a bit faster, and the Mark Foti app is pretty cool.
  12. Also, the app won't display anything if you're in 2D view (or will not update if you switch to 2D view).
  13. I find it's actually pretty hard on FPS compared to other aircraft (it hits my i5-4960 CPU constraint, not my 1080Ti GPU constraint) - it's comparable to the FSL A320 for me in this regard (but nowhere near the fidelity). And the gauges and HUD update at about 10-15fps, which makes it feel even worse (especially at night time when there's no scenery to provide a better sense of fluidity).
  14. FWIW, I was having a similar problem. Everything was connecting and should have been working, but realTraffic was not showing any aircraft. I deleted the ini file in users/roaming/insidetraffic and let it rebuild, and now it is working.
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