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  1. Gotcha, I'm running 64-bit Windows 10.
  2. As the title says, just lately I've been getting unexpected "dings" in FSX:SE due to memory (which is unusual; steam edition has honestly been pretty good to me), while when I look at process explorer, FSX is inching close to 3GB of VAS used, rather than 4GB. Any ideas? The first instance of this happening was flying into T2G Seattle on Pilotedge with the NGX. I was using ORBX PNW, AS16+ASCA (lowest cloud texture resolution possible) and my textures for SEA are downsized to 1024. Autogen I believe was on "normal", water low 2.x. I got an OOM right after vacating the runway. Secondly, it happened in the LA area flying the A2A 172 on PE, though before this flight I had manually changed the LOD radius to 6.5, so that might have been the culprit in some way. (figured flying GA would allow me more wiggle room in terms of memory and performance, and usually that is the case without issue) Yesterday I was flying out of JFK in the PMDG 744, LOD radius 4.5, autogen normal, FSDT JFK textures downsized, all other settings same as the Seattle scenario I mentioned above. In this scenario, I WAS running AI Ship traffic (the addon one that's available here) I run Steve's DX10 fixer. I also run FTX Vector, but I have most of the features turned off, aside from the main highways and roads, and a few other things such as beaches, golf courses, etc. This sort of thing has only cropped up recently, and the only thing I can remember installing recently is some photoscenery for Utah and Arizona (which was turned off in all these cases). Like I said, in all of these cases, the memory was only showing about 3GB of usage at the onset of the "dings".
  3. The MD11 runs the best for me, as it is the oldest and least detailed. Of the more "modern" ones, the NGX performs better than the 777 and 747 on my machine.
  4. metalmike

    Leonardo Software MD-88 has no cockpit

    In the aircrafts cfg file, under the specific livery entry make sure it says "model=vc". I think by default the field after "model=" is just blank and therefore has only a 2d cockpit unless you change it.
  5. metalmike

    Constant aileron rocking back and forth

    Turned out to be Ezdok v2's effects processor settings. Just had to turn all the "turbulence" settings in EZCAv2 off.
  6. Fresh install of FSX:SE on a new PC, using ActiveSky 2016. This his happened with both the FSL A320 and the NGX (I haven't flown any other of my aircraft yet). I'm constantly getting a subtle left and right bank, even if I turn off Active Sky and clear all the weather. Can't seem to pinpoint what might be causing it because, like I said, it continues even with the weather completely cleared.
  7. metalmike

    PMDG MD11 broken in FSX:SE

    I'm pretty sure they no longer support the MD11. I could be wrong?
  8. metalmike

    Aerosoft Anchorage in Orbx SAK.

    That's correct, but I did not remove the Orbx afcad. Disabling "Anchorage terrain" is all that needs to be done.
  9. metalmike

    Flying with live traffic!

    OP says it's not tested in FSX. Any brave souls tried it for FSX:SE or even just boxed? Wanna know if there are any guinea pigs out there before I drop $10, as cheap as it is.
  10. I am trying to tune 118.75 in standby comm 1, but it keeps just reading "DATA" when I get close to tuning the frequency. What am I missing?
  11. metalmike

    I am sooooo annoyed by FSX

    I was having a problem with FSUIPC crashing my sim on startup yesterday as well. He just recently released version 4.962 which fixed the problem for me.
  12. metalmike

    N475MC Atlas Air some incorrect options

    For what it's worth, I follow a guy on Twitter who flies for Atlas, and they do indeed use KGS. Michael H
  13. metalmike

    Flight Planners?

    I find the current profiles already included in PFPX to be pretty accurate. I was then wondering how to plan for the new variants (BCF, D, M, ER, ERF) but the link someone posted earlier in the thread solves that (though some slight tweaking of the weights in those profiles is necessary). Michael H
  14. metalmike

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    As much as I love the 757, I would really like to see some more regional jets. E170/175/190/195. I'm guessing a 737 "update" is most likely. Michael H
  15. metalmike

    ANP/RNP Capability

    I assume that prior to an RNP approach, you'd go to the appropriate POS page and put in the required number. For example if a procedure requires RNP 1.0, then you would insert 1.0 in LSK3L (currently shows 2.00), whereas ANP is your "actual navigation performance". So if the ANP number exceeds the RNP number then you'd have to abort the procedure. (turlad I'm sure you're familiar with all this stuff, I'm just trying to figure it all out in context of the 747). Though this link says that operators have to have their aircraft specifically equipped to do these approaches? That's what confuses me a bit, since there clearly is an RNP/ANP indication in the FMC. Couldn't you just enter your required RNP value and monitor the ANP throughout the approach? I'm not quite sure how this works, certification-wise in something older like the 747. Michael H