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  1. I am running Windows Home Premium 64bit now. Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10? What would I gain in performance?
  2. hawkhero

    FsLabs a320 released for P3Dv4

    I use PFPX for flight planning. Any issues exporting to the Airbus? I’ saving up for FSLabs A320. Almost there!
  3. hawkhero

    FsLabs a320 released for P3Dv4

    I have one question, does this come with documentation?
  4. hawkhero

    UK2000 Heathrow or Aerosoft's?

    I would like to see that. Thanks for doing that.
  5. Running P3dv4. Anyone using UK2000 Heathrow now its version 4 compatible? Is it worth it or should I wait for Aerosoft's update on theirs?
  6. hawkhero

    Taxi2Gate sceneries v4 compatible?

    Will EDDM and KSEA work with P3dv4? I tried to install them but had no luck. I changed to the p3dv4 path but it did not work. Tried to add the scenery but got a error that a scenery area was missing. Thanks for any help .
  7. hawkhero

    [23JUL] What to Expect This Week

    You are doing a great job! Just one question, will you be adding the RAAS feature to the 777? I liked it when running P3dv3. I see it's available for v4 now. Again thanks for the great products. Greg
  8. I have UT Live also. Installed KEWR and it makes UT Live crash. I'm running P3dv4. Tried reinstalling and the same thing.
  9. I just installed v2 with KEWR. Running p3dv4 with Ultimate Traffic Live. When I select KEWR UT live crashes. It works fine with all my other add on airports
  10. hawkhero

    Does RAAS work with P3dv4?

    I saw that it came out. Wonder if PMDG will update the 777?
  11. hawkhero

    Does RAAS work with P3dv4?

    Just wanted to know if RAAS is working with P3dv4. Everything else works fine with my installation.
  12. Look at www.flightsimpm-uk.co.uk . I ordered from him. I guess Cockpithd copied his work.
  13. Hi, I have my Saitek flight yoke and usb quadrants in a throttle box.The # 3 lever on quadrant 1 is for the #1 throttle. The #1 lever on the 2nd quadrant is #2 throttle. When applying power to my PMDG 737,777 or Aeosoft's Airbus the #2 throttle is about 5% behind #1 throttle. At full power they are equal and also at idle. Is this normal? When I taxi I have to apply more right throttle so I don't turn off the taxiway!
  14. I fly the Airbus and 777 and wanted to know do you use ORBX global? Would it be a waste of money being that I'm at 35000 ft for most of the flight?