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    Hi guys, it’s not a big discount, but all we get from Taxi2Gate...It’s at Simmarket. http://secure.simmarket.com/default-en.html Might get that Paris now.
  2. Hi guys, the title says it all! It’s at simmarket.com It’s a good opportunity as Flytampa sceneries are seldom on sale.

    Sorry, I don’t have a link but it’s easy to find: I was watching it on twich.tv on the “dirkadurka” channel. You’ll find it under his videos. FSelite on their FB page are running the FSFX one as well.

    Hi guys, I just watched one of the Twich streams of the Cosford show. FSFXpackages offer a 30% discount till October 31st if you enter COSFORD17 as a coupon code. Including Chaseplane ;)
  5. Hi guys, I’d like to share some fotos and videos of todays Super Constellation event in Zurich, Switzerland. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0U5idkMw9bk6U The Connie has to undergo some maintenance and while waiting on new parts certification was on static display only. Redbulls DC6B flew in from Salzburg and went on some VIP fundraising flights for it. You can see the taxi-in and out, start-up those great engines and a flybe in the distance (recorded from my apartment). It’s all amateur uncut footage. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s some info about the Connie: http://www.superconstellation.ch/index.php/de/
  6. Hi, are you on W10? Have you recently update your OS? I watched Chewwy's stream on Twich today and he had a similar problem. By reverting back to the previous Windows install he got it sorted out. If yes, then maybe give it a try.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up! Umberto happy birthday and thanks for the discount. I was able to checkout with Paypal, but my order went pending, so I had to redo a new order and using the cc. I hope I don't end up paying twice ;)
  8. Cool! Thanks for the timetable as well.
  9. Thanks man! Sometimes it's good to make a 360 :)
  10. I am interested too. They are doing great sceneries. I have their Paro, Heraklion, Seychelles and Ayers Rock. For me the price is still a bit steep with the recent Euro strength. I'll have to wait on a sale ;)

    http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/139402-objectflow-2-open-beta/ Opt in for beta. ;)

    Thanks Jim!
  13. Sounds interesting. Which tool are you using?

    I am thinking about getting San Diego, too. Does it work without the region? I am reluctant to get SCA due to performance. On the other side of the planet I am still missing Australia. I am also concerned about performance there and a possible v2. What do you guys think?