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  1. longrangecruise

    Taxi2Gate -20%

    Thanks, Rick! Do you get ai traffic as well?
  2. longrangecruise

    Taxi2Gate -20%

    Hi, have a look here: https://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate.mhtml Unfortunately there are still a lot of unupdated sceneries. They usually seem to sort of work in V4. Does anyone have experience with Doha or Mexico?
  3. longrangecruise

    Flytampa CTP sale incl. EHAM

    They didn’t update the installers, but there is a patch for v4 for EHAM (and others) http://flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10302
  4. Hi guys, the sale includes Amsterdam,Toronto and Boston, The first two I have not yet seen on sale befoe. https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=FLYTAMPA+TORONTO+OR+FLYTAMPA+BOSTON+OR+FLYTAMPA+AMSTERDAM
  5. Hi guys, practise the famous IGS qpproach! https://secure.simmarket.com/flytampa-hong-kong-kai-tak.phtml
  6. longrangecruise

    Sale at the Org

    I picked up Flytampa Corfu 😀
  7. longrangecruise

    A2A Spitfire P3D4 reduced price

    Cool! I didn’t know that you already get points for previous purchases in the new store. It’s always good to look around at different stores.
  8. Hi, I noticed the A2A Spitfire P3D4 being on sale at Simmarket: https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=a2a+spit+p3d
  9. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/
  10. longrangecruise

    P4AO Unhandled exception, enable sceneries

    The tool is running again. Many thanks for your kind support also through email. I didn`t modify these files, as I know too little about it, but there was an additional cfg reading error after opening the tool. When removing mentioned folder from \Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons the tool startet working again. Best regards
  11. longrangecruise

    P4AO Unhandled exception, enable sceneries

    Thanks for your reply. I installed some scenery. The short term measure didn't work. They are all reenabled under add-ons, but don't show in the sim .
  12. Hi Oliver, I ran into some big problems. It all started with the following error: “The following files have an incorrect character encoding: AppData/Roaming/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3DV4/add-ons.cfg” After clicking OK I lost the groups and decided to uninstall. Unfortunately I had several sceneries disabled. They don’t show in the sim anymore, although they are listed on the add-ons.cfg as true. I then tried to reinstall using the latest version and I’m getting following error trying to double-click on some scenery: ************** Exception Text ************** System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at P3DV4AddonOrganizer.MainDialog.PopulatePackageView() at P3DV4AddonOrganizer.MainDialog.treeview_nodeMouseDoubleClick(Object sender, TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.TreeView.OnNodeMouseDoubleClick(TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.TreeView.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam) Could you help me get my sceneries back, please?
  13. longrangecruise

    Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    Correct. XP versions are now excluded.
  14. Hi, PCAviator has a sale on Justflight products, including the great Arrow(s) and Warrior for P3D, XP11 and more. https://www.pcaviator.com/store/home.php?cat=919 Happy Easter!
  15. longrangecruise

    747 Short Haul routes

    I am not sure if it’s still a real route: LSZH-EHAM. I think SIA did it at one stage. But as other posts say, I don’t really care that much. I just got the 744 myself and having fun on this route.