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  1. Thanks! That is really tempting, although with XP 12 just weeks away and below statement by Ubaid I might hold off. https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/4658-x-plane-12-upgrade-path/#comment-18888 Edit: Got it anyway, lol. Let’s hope they’ll offer an upgrade price (especially for those who paid full price).
  2. Closing the flight plan by re-entering the destination as last via waypoint did the trick 😀
  3. Hi Ron, “fluewa” or the recently created “pmatten”. Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys for the quick reply! I am on Windows 10 64 home and P3D v3.4, too. The flightplan I used is a .pln from Simbrief loaded through the sim menu and into the fms. @Bryn you’re right, maybe I didn’t enter the arrival and the flightplan was not closed. I will try again and use a manual flightplan, too.
  5. Hi, remember the citation 10 in P3D3? I recently reinstalled it, added a registered FSUIPC and updated the database with the 2111 manual installer by navigraph. Unfortunately the waypoints don’t seem to sequence after takeoff or in the air. (I tried direct-to as well). I can’t login to the ESDG forums. Hopefully I may get some help here.
  6. This time they included the TBM. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/index.php I probably save my money for the upcoming challenger.
  7. They are celebrating 30 years and offer 30% off on MSFS addons. It includes the CRJ. The sale lasts till the 30th of September. https://www.aerosoft.com/de/sale/
  8. I got EDDH, a real beauty. Salzburg and Cologne look nice too.
  9. I am considering open LC Africa, Australia V2, or TE Washington.
  10. Many thanks for all your efforts, that was really helpful. In the meantime I’ve got an answer from MV, too, confirming your findings. They just wouldn’t recommend to load a saved flight in-flight as some systems may not start up properly. For starting a new flight with engines running they said you just have to click current conditions beforehand.
  11. @dbw1 Do you, or someone else who owns it, have any experience in saving a flight? Is it possible to reload a previously saved flight e.g with engines running on ground or during cruise (through the P3D menu)? I did see, that you could select current state in the configuration tool, but that there is no ready to fly state.
  12. Many thanks for sharing your opinion. At least when you purchase directly through them you get a discount for the future MSFS version, should you be interested in that.
  13. Hi, first time I see the Kingair on sale. how is it? How about VRAM usage? On the other hand there is a very good version by Airfoillabs in XP 11. I could also purchase MSFS 2020 for the same price and use the default Kingair (plus having the game) and wait till Milviz brings it out for that platform. Then there is also the P180 (not offered by orbx). Decisions, decisions...
  14. Thanks guys for sharing! I will have a look at the clock tuner. I’ll stay with the ordered 5600 X at the moment and see how it goes with my 240 AIO. For this new build I have two motherboard options: Going MATX and having the possibility to upgrade to a 280 or 360 mm radiator, or using an ATX board with only the option for a 280, but better VRM temps. I should probably ask this in the builders corner, lol.
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