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  1. Same here. Seems we have to upgrade after the xfer, which I didn’t necessarily want. Maybe you could let them know.
  2. Found it: https://orbxdirect.com/account/migrate/turbulent to migrate enter turb serial.
  3. How do you transfer your products from turbulent to ORBX? I tried to add one into my cart and enter the serial number, as it was advised, but don’t know where to enter a coupon code. Didn’t get any automatic discount for Terraflora v2, either. (I own v1)
  4. Incredible! Thanks DD and Simmarket. I noticed it is also free for X-Plane. Do you think it is OK to get both? (Almost ashamed to ask)
  5. Hi, I don’t know how long it lasts, I think yesterday they offered the 320. So go get it! https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/prepar3d-v4/flugzeuge/2886/aerosoft-a330-professional?c=1604
  6. I am definitely tempted, but I will stay with the updated stuff. For old-school flying I already own the FJS 732. These should be enough 737’s 😀
  7. Hi, it sells for 54.95 USD at X-Aviation: http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-ixeg-737-classic-p-122 Is this aircraft still a good purchase for the current X- plane environment?
  8. I will get the King Air, too. The SF260 and DA62 are also nicely prized.
  9. I agree, the prices are still quite high, especially in the current situation. The sceneries are very good , though. @Toktok are you planning to offer MSFS 2020 compatible sceneries for an upgrade price or charge fully again?
  10. I am probably late to the game, that’s what comes to my mind: When starting to use XP 11 I was amazed to see how well the out-of-the-box GNS 530 is working. There’s a lot more functionality than with the standard ESP GNS. You can use a stored flightplan and a direct-to without losing any points. There is a pretty well G1000 out of the box, too. They both have SIDs and STARs selectable Their UI has a resume last flight button which I find practical to use. The new flight button also brings up the last aircraft and selected airport/airport near last position, which I like, compared to the default flight in ESP. Possibility to set up different profiles for using the joysticks/controllers e.g. prop vs jet etc. Possibility to select/ deselect the use of sloped runways. Saving the flight. The platform should take advantage of modern multicore CPUs and powerful GPUs. Reasonably updated navigation and variation data and airports.
  11. Hi, there is a turboprop sale today at X-Aviation. The LES SF34 and the Pocket Rocket are included. (The TBM unfortunately not) http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/specials.php
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