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  1. I tested mine a while ago. I think with the limited functionality in MSFS it just holds altitude and heading after pressurising and then engaging the gp leaver. But mine was also drifting until I centered the ball with the rudder trim. I guess it holds wings level rather than heading. I’m still hoping to see a proper gyro pilot in the MSFS version soon.
  2. I would also love to see this, especially when flying long range, which the clipper is intended to do. In the meantime I wouldn’t mind if it could follow a previously loaded MSFS (.PLN) flightplan , despite being unrealistic.
  3. @Jazz Thanks for your reply! I don’t mind, reengaging the AP and reselecting the flightplan as long as it doesn’t end up in a massive nose dive like the INI A310, lol. I would be glad, if flightsim developers could step up their game and support those basic, but very handy, sim functions.
  4. Hi, is it possible to load a previously saved flight, e.g. in cruise, through the MSFS menu?
  5. Thanks! That is really tempting, although with XP 12 just weeks away and below statement by Ubaid I might hold off. https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/4658-x-plane-12-upgrade-path/#comment-18888 Edit: Got it anyway, lol. Let’s hope they’ll offer an upgrade price (especially for those who paid full price).
  6. Closing the flight plan by re-entering the destination as last via waypoint did the trick 😀
  7. Hi Ron, “fluewa” or the recently created “pmatten”. Thanks.
  8. Thanks guys for the quick reply! I am on Windows 10 64 home and P3D v3.4, too. The flightplan I used is a .pln from Simbrief loaded through the sim menu and into the fms. @Bryn you’re right, maybe I didn’t enter the arrival and the flightplan was not closed. I will try again and use a manual flightplan, too.
  9. Hi, remember the citation 10 in P3D3? I recently reinstalled it, added a registered FSUIPC and updated the database with the 2111 manual installer by navigraph. Unfortunately the waypoints don’t seem to sequence after takeoff or in the air. (I tried direct-to as well). I can’t login to the ESDG forums. Hopefully I may get some help here.
  10. This time they included the TBM. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/index.php I probably save my money for the upcoming challenger.
  11. They are celebrating 30 years and offer 30% off on MSFS addons. It includes the CRJ. The sale lasts till the 30th of September. https://www.aerosoft.com/de/sale/
  12. I got EDDH, a real beauty. Salzburg and Cologne look nice too.
  13. I am considering open LC Africa, Australia V2, or TE Washington.
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