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  1. Hi, Really enjoy the Lights - my own fault here - could you please let me know the way to revert to the default lights? I actually cannot find my FSreborn install. I would like to be able to remove them and see if I have messed up some of my configs then reinstall. I did a quick forum search but could find how to do it and restore back to the default. Thanks Scott
  2. Hi, Just found this - looks great. Does it work in P3dv4.4? It looks like it is loading traffic ( I am using FLAI) as it says 0/74 Flights displayed - but it never displays any flights either on screen or on GE. Also what should be AI traffic setting in game be ? 0? Thanks Scott
  3. Hi again Vaughan, Yes - all the instrumentation except for the radio /nav/comm are working. I cannot see any frequencies or transponder numbers in any of the windows. Scott
  4. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for the help. With the aircraft powered up - engines running, PFD and FMC and everything else working I cannot get the nav/comm radios to light or turn on. Scott
  5. Hi, just purchased and installed the Cj2 P3dV4. No Mods (yet) Can start - and fly . Everything is working except the comm/nav/adf/tpdr stack. Have tried uninstall and reinstall but no change Win 10. Any ideas? Scott
  6. Here you go Glenn "J41 Coming soon" And trying to stay on topic - thanks for fixing the landing lights on the B736/B737, great customer support. Scott
  7. Just a quick question - it appears the landing lights are vastly different depending on the B737/B736 or B738/B739. Anybody else have the same issue? Scott B737 All lights on B738 All lights on Taken at L35 (for comparison) P3DV4 with dynamic lights on .
  8. Chris, Thanks - that's what I am doing - works with 800/900 but anytime I load the 600/700 (either fresh start/ load screen/ or in game) nose down bounce crash. Scott
  9. Ok, Could you please explain how you are loading it - and not getting a bounce/crash? Never had this before. Scott
  10. P3DV4 (was in post tag) Load f22 then load the B737 Scott
  11. Hi, anybody getting this with the 600/700 addon? Just downloaded - fresh install P3DV4 Starts at end of runway - does the ~20 sec load - sits for about 5 secs then nose into runway - main gear - bounce - crash. 800/900 appear ok. Scott
  12. I should have posted earlier... The 5.1 sound installer wasnt working in the earlier releases of the 777 for V4. Raised a ticket. Got a response saying it would be fixed when a new installer is released. New installer released. Fixed. oh and no Microsoft, for the 47th time I do not want the Bing bar, I would not like it on a boat, I would not like it with a goat... Thanks PMDG
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