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  1. Ed van de Vijver

    P2A stopped after asking for taxi clearance

    I Have the same issue, except for the Scottish accent... The program is useless this way
  2. I'm not sure if it is allready adressed, but on Xplane 11.11 with the latest version of MCE and the latest version of Zibo Mod 737 the handling of heading selection and arming spoilers don't work anymore.
  3. Ed van de Vijver

    P3Dv4 I think some of my cockpit lights are missing

    All the missing lights
  4. Ed van de Vijver

    P3Dv4 I think some of my cockpit lights are missing

    I have this issue to, found out that going to settings>graphics and switching VC Mipmap off and on, restores the indicator lighting
  5. Ed van de Vijver

    CP down "Connection closed"

    Back to EZDOK
  6. Ed van de Vijver

    CP down "Connection closed"

    same here... anoying indeed.
  7. Ed van de Vijver

    777 in Prepar3D V4

    What he probably means, is that PMDG could have updated their products in an other order too...
  8. Ed van de Vijver

    P3D V3 WOW...go buy it guys

    Isn't it about what you want to, instead of what you have to?
  9. Ed van de Vijver

    New Nvidia drivers out.

    Does upgrading to W10 mean you have to install everything all over again? Edit: I figured out there's a choice between updrade and custom (clean) install. Does anyone have experience with the upgrade option on the machine where P3d is installed?
  10. Ed van de Vijver

    New Nvidia drivers out.

    How about the rwy lights on Aerosoft airports like LEBL??
  11. Ed van de Vijver


    I had the same problems with Fly Tampa EKCH, after trying a lot of things that didn't work, I changed the textures (under Options) to 512 and the OOM didn't occur after that. To my surprise I didn't notice any loss of image quality. Hope this helps you.
  12. Ed van de Vijver

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Very sad news. My thougts are with the ones he leaves behind. Tom was very helpful when I started advertising a few months ago. He was one of those rare special people, who make the difference..... Fair winds and blue skies Tom.
  13. Ed van de Vijver

    Work in progress

    Work in progress, soon available
  14. Ed van de Vijver

    Strange P3D experience

    He said the wheels were spinning and talked about autobreak not working on landing, don't think that has anything to do with axis assignments.
  15. Ed van de Vijver

    View controls without EZCA in Prepar3D2.5