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  1. I have trackir installed, and start P3D and select Trackir in my advanced settings yet the trackif software wont detect CP. Yes i can go under titles and see FSFX under supported titles.
  2. shaddyy

    How symmetric is thrust when hand flying?

    Just curious if you guys modeled that all engines aren't built the same so they all have different thrust?Haven't had a chance to RTFM yet Shane
  3. shaddyy

    FF 757 v 2.0

    I see your stance but I disagree with you completely. The fact that someone has already released a form of dynamic reflections for free makes me want to wait for modders to do their magic before paying for something that already works fine.
  4. shaddyy

    FF 757 v 2.0

    I don't know if you know or not, but laminar research have stated multiple times that if your plane works in XP10 right now it will work in XP11 with no issues, just need to open it in plane maker and save it. They stressed that heavily, so it won't break like P3D planes tend to on that platform. This pretty much nullifies the pay for XP11 support. Also you can get PBR reflections too without the devs doing it. This is why many people disagree with the price as do I.
  5. shaddyy

    Best MD80/MD88 for P3D?

    Leonardo works, you just can't click anything in the VC and have to do pop up 2d panel for everything. Also since the model was for FS9 and never updated, the plane turns invisible at night in the exterior view.
  6. i know this is mundane, but is there rain/snow modeled on the windshield? like if i fly through a rainstorm will rain accumulate on the windscreen and i need to use my wipers? shane egan
  7. You need to reinstall the proper way, the way suggested in the previous thread doesn't add the feature.
  8. shaddyy

    Prepar3D released

    Always amazes me, people want advancement in flight simulation, then instantly complain about having to reinstall everything.
  9. shaddyy

    Dash 8 pro released!

    there is a compatibility patch on the majestic website for V3
  10. shaddyy

    Dash 8 pro released!

    Majestic dash 8 pro is now available at least on justflight and simmarket! go get this gem
  11. shaddyy

    Got my first OOM in P3D V3

    Denial is pretty tough to shake these days
  12. shaddyy

    landing gear random actions

    Yeah I had this problem with my X-55, solution for me was to plug my throttle into my USB 3.0 slot. Problem was the throttle draws more power and when that happens on a 2.0 slot it jolts the throttle and a random key is pressed. If you dont have a 3.0 slot you could get an external USB hub with its own power supply. Shane egan.
  13. shaddyy

    Awful VAS loads...suggestions?

    Reloading during a long haul is not uncommon and probably is common practice, what's your cloud layers assuming you use ASN uncheck enhance overcast conditions or high detail thunderstorms. That's assuming you are running that, also what's your cloud resolution set at, if you are using rex these should be at 512 and 1024. Also if your auto generated sliders are above dense you might as well lower those to normal and buildings to sparse.