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  1. BrittoAviationLover

    "TrustFailure" Message

    Yes, I had the same problem with VFX Central and Chase Plane, I already sent an e-mail to tech support but honestly I think that by tonight when I get back from work, everything will be just fine again.
  2. BrittoAviationLover

    How long for P3D V4 Update?

    Alright then, thanks...
  3. BrittoAviationLover

    How long for P3D V4 Update?

    I see, but is there going to be an update at certain point??
  4. BrittoAviationLover

    How long for P3D V4 Update?

    Hello, sir, it's been a while now, I just wanted to ask if there is gonna be a update for your units to be compatible with P3Dv4, how long more or less is it going to be that we have to wait for it and if it is going to be a paid update. I really like your units and if it is necessary to pay for he update, I wouldn't mind, I have to purchase a new RealNavdata update too.. Thanks and regards
  5. BrittoAviationLover

    Manfred John's C47 v2

    Thank you for your answer Alan_A, that is the one I am using, the one in monitor panel, the only problem is the HDG, the plane does not follow it, it starts going from let to right with no control, I tried to post something in the forum at SimOuthouse but looks like my account does not allow me to post or reply anything. Greetings from Colombia, South America
  6. BrittoAviationLover

    Manfred John's C47 v2

    Hi everyone, don't know if this has been discussed or not but the thing is that I have a problem with the auto-pilot in the new C-47 V3.12 Beta, the plane does not follow the HDG it just starts going left and right all the time and no matter what I do, it does not stop. What can I do? anybody has a clue? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Sir, I had uninstalled the GNS Units since I am not using them, I followed the instruction given by the MindStar Support about de-activating the license before unistalling so I did not have to contact them in order to re-activate it once I need the product back again. Now that I tried to re-activate the license again in order to test what you suggested me, I got an error stating "The server issued activation codes but they didn't work in your computer, either try again or contact technical support" I contacted technical suport but they have not answered yet, I tried to reinstall the product and now it says that I have exceeded the amount of activations permitted. I am now waiting for the answer from the Mindstar technical support, once I manage to activate the product again, I will sure try what you told me. Thank you very mch for your help. Regards.
  8. Ok, I guess I will just wait then, I will continue to test the navdata and see if any other problems appear. Regards.
  9. Oh Ok, that gives me some relief than, Look just so you know, I was testing the GNS a few minutes a go and the ISOTO waypoint now appeared in Brazil, tried again after restarting the FSX and now it souwed up in Finland again, don't really understand what is going on, I am now removind everything (The GNS 430/530), even from the registry and am going to put it back again, don't know if that will help but will give it a try anyways. Thank you so very much for you help sir. Best Regards.
  10. Ok, this is what I gopt from the RealNav Data Support. "Hello Jorge, We have had one of our analysts to examine the data and it appears that the information behind the scene is in place. This appears to be a GNS avionics issue. I'm sending over a support ticket. I know at the moment they have a backlog of requests, so I'm not sure how long this will take to get resolved." Hopefully I can get some help from here so I can resolve the issue as soon as possible... Regards.
  11. Here are the images I sent to the Realnav Support. Actual ISOTO2B Departure... ISOTO2B Shown in the GPS, the white line goes on for ever... This SID should describe a DME Arc around BAQ VOR until intercepting BAQ Radial 171. ISOTO Shown in skyvector, notice the coordinates shown here and the ones shown in the GPS in the next image, they are completely different. ISOTO Shown in the GPS, it appears to located in Finland, which is not correct, it is located in Colombia, South America. Hope you can better understand me after taking a look to the images. Best Regards.
  12. Yes, sir, I downloaded and executed the file the provided me with, updated the data base and I can see the new cycle in the GPS screen, there are no problems with that, the waypoint ISOTO does show up, but it appear to be located in Finland instead of Colombia, the SID ISOTO2B which ends in the waypoint ISOTO is also incorrect, I sent a e-mail to the RealNav Support with the description of the issue and some screenshots, I will see what I get from them. Regards.
  13. Yes, thank you for the reply, I already fixed the License issue, now there is something I really don't like, I have purchased a few minutes ago the realnav data license for one year, I was testing it 5 minutes ago and I find there are quite a lot waypoints that are missing... Why is that? all of them in Colombia, South America, some of them are: ISOTO, ARMOL among others, so, what can I do to fix this? they were als missing before purchasing the realnav data update, I thought maybe by purchasing it I would be able to see them, however that is not the case. Would really appreciate if you can help me out with this or maybe guide me on the right way to fix it, I will try to reinstall the realnav data cycle (1507), which is the one I received, and see if that fixes the problem. Regards.
  14. Hi Sir, it's me again, hahahaha, this time I have two little questions. 1) How many times can I re-activate my GNS430/530? I have been having some issues with the computer, now that I want to re-install the GPS, I receive a message stating I have exceeded the amount of licences I have and that I have to re-activate my licences. 2.This RealNav data, is it worldwide information? In other words, by purchasing the licence from RealNav Data, will I receive accurate information for places like Colombia, Venezuela, Perú and that kind of places or just for especific ones? Best Regards.