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  1. UGCX is gonna be so amazing it will make you breakfast in bed.
  2. olspsd08

    Jetways dissapearing

    Jal, ill reinstall client and SODE and see where it goes. I checked the platform manager and P3Dv4 is all green. I've checked SODE forum some folks have the same issue. Thanks gents.
  3. olspsd08

    Jetways dissapearing

    DD, flightbeam, Flytampa. I'm feeling this is a SODE thing more than anything but eh...not the end of the world. Like you said, fixes come quick these days.
  4. olspsd08

    Jetways dissapearing

    I read on the SODE forum that removing default aircraft from the simobjects folder seems to bring back the jetways but not sure how to do it. When you tinker too much with the inner workings sometimes can make a bad problem worse. Is there a step by step to this? Thanks.
  5. olspsd08

    Jetways dissapearing

    I tested SODE on the addon menu and the connection and it worked but then i pressed TAB+S and it showed "no items found within certain kilometers". What's the best way to really remove a file besides the appdata/user/roaming etc.
  6. olspsd08

    Jetways dissapearing

    I sent a SODE log to the dev so waiting to hear back but from reading on his forum, folks are having some of the same issues im having. Im sure it will get squared away.
  7. olspsd08

    Jetways dissapearing

    They are SODE jetways. I installed P3D V4.3 today and did a clean install of SODE and FSUIPC5. I have the scenery complexity all the way to the right like i read in some forums and still nothing. I have tried removing SODE from all the folders user/appdata etc and do a clean reinstall but nothing. If i reinstall the airports, they will have the jetways and then when i restart P3D after a few flights a day or 2 later, the jetways are gone again.
  8. olspsd08

    Jetways dissapearing

    I had this issue in V4.2 with most of my airport jetways missing. All you would see are the main airport buildings or the buildings which connect the jetway but the moving jetways on most airports are gone. Some of my scenery affected that ive noticed LIMC, ENGM,ENVA and all DD scenery just to name a few. It isnt the end of the world not having them but since we are trying to simulate the real thing, would be nice to have. When i was with P3D v4.1 i didnt have this issue. I am using WIN 7 64bit P3d V4.3 SODE 1.6.3/FSUIPC5. Thank you for any help.
  9. olspsd08

    Objective of UGCX

    Legend Bryan!!
  10. olspsd08

    RAAS Quit Working

    I reinstalled all of P3D and RAAS is purring like a kitten.
  11. olspsd08

    RAAS Quit Working

    Yup i have almost all your 64bit products, RAAS included. You noted this XML error. Would you recommend a client install for P3D to start fresh?
  12. olspsd08

    RAAS Quit Working

    Does RAAS work for the B787? I reinstalled everything but nada. Even MakeRunways.
  13. olspsd08

    QualityWings 757 QWPAS

    Hi, thanks for the information. Question please. What about those QWPAS files that you can download into QW. Thanks.
  14. olspsd08

    FS2Crew QW787