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  1. More cowbell also🤪🤪🤪
  2. You sneaky bugga..... Hehehe I fell out of bed I was so surprised. Giving you folks a big kudos. Keep up the amazing work.
  3. Hmmm when the banners start approaching....things start getting quite close......ish 😋
  4. Begging your pardon but how many eh..ahemm...SOP's?
  5. Bryan, you sir are Hall of FS Fame material!!
  6. So we are all in agreement....So 2020's gonna be a fun filled year of goodies from FS2Crew.😁
  7. Alrighty!!! See Bryan that's what i love about FS2C, you folks listen to people and you give deep thought and really see the positives. Customer for life!!! My only regret is not enough kroner in the bank.
  8. Why wait, xmas is pretty much done in about an hour-15 mikes on this side of the world 😁
  9. TO everyone at FS2crew and the FS community. I've been a good Fsimmer this year hehe. Here's to your families and the folks behind the scenes making our FS world so amazing. Cheers.
  10. It's beginning to look a lot like.....78 hehe...hopefully...maybe.
  11. People love ya B!! You give their aircraft meaning. To bring NGXu and the 330 right off the bat....pheeww. One can only wonder but i frankly believe the 78 will definitely get it's just deserved treatment from FS2C should you decide to pull the trigger on it.
  12. I can't speak for everyone but i can say that they have done a great job with it especially with the -10. I've noticed that folks don't fly their aircraft without your products for the most part since the FO is integral the realism. I firmly believe folks will definitely welcome a FS2C 787. Again just my .02 Kroner (might vary with today's exchange rate).
  13. Is this still looking feasible for the foreseeable future since A330 and NGXu are in play now? Just a thought. Thanks for the great work.
  14. Question. I am in Norway (obviously hehe) and i tried buying UGCX yesterday but i have a paypal usa not europe account. How can i buy it just using my card? Would i be able on say simmarket and still get the updates? Reason i ask is because i had issues buying. Thanks.
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