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  1. Hello all, as my 3.5 year old PC suddenly displays a "cpu overheat" message although the watercooler seems to work ok ( all fans working / cpu-out water hose warmer than cpu-in hose ), I'm now taking a closer look into a possible significant upgrade. My current system consists of an i9 10900kf / RTX 3080 / 32GB DDR3200 RAM. I'm flying primarily on prepar3d v4.5 and v5.4, but I'm considering to do the sidestep to MSFS. Anyway, I fly exclusively in VR, using a Valve Index and do also consider an upgrade to a high resolution headset ( such as a Varjo Aero ). For this purpuse, I require a high end system, as I fly with PMDG Aircraft, Active sky and in high density areas such as EGLL. I'd like to switch from Intel to AMD, but like to stick to nvidia GPU. My questions: 1.) What CPU should I aim for? 7800x3d, 7900x3d or 7950x3d? 2.) What GPU is required for my purposes? RTX 4090? Or is a 4080(S) as well sufficient for a smooth VR-Experience ( primarily in p3d )? 3.) Any special requirements on RAM? 32GB sufficient? DDR6000 required? 4.) Any special requirements on the mainboard? 5.) Any special requirements on the PSU? 1.000W sufficient? 6.) Operating system: WIN 10 or WIN 11? As said: the system should be tailored to VR-utilization with highest possible resolution, clarity and smoothness in mind. Thank you all very much in advance, Best regards, Toto
  2. Hello, I'm considering the purchase of a VARJO AERO. Will this be compatible with p3d v4.5 ( using steam VR )? Thanks and best regards, Toto
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem when recentering the VR View with the default key-command, I think it's called "recenter ( or reset ) VR view": it sets me up correctly in the pilotseat but I'm always having the problem that the view is not straight forward but always a bit left of right of the forward view, so that I'm always sitting a bit angled to the left or right which seriously breaks the immersion. How can I adjust/pan/rotate the view-direction to the left or right so that my "virtual head" is pointed exactly forward in order to look straight forward in the cockpit? I've tried the "pan left/right" commands but they don't work in VR. Furthermore "X-Camera" does not seem to work in VR? Best regards, Toto
  4. Thank you very much indeed Bryan, got it sorted with your help! Best regards, Toto
  5. Hello Bryan, yes, always with admin rights. Given the weak support of Leonardo I do not expect to get a response to my post in their forum. Is there a way to add the lines manually in the panel.cfg file? Best regards, Toto
  6. Hello, since the latest update for the maddog ( build 2.1b840 for p3d v4.5 ) I cannot open the FS2Crew panel in p4d anymore ( neither with "N", nor with "vehicle" "panels", nor with the mapped joystick button ). There is no Fs2crew entry in the panel.cfg, even after repeated dis-/enabling of Fs2crew in the maddog config-panel. All installed/started with administrator rights. Tried to install from Fs2crew installer, as well as from "all in one"-installer. Still no joy. Any thoughts on this? Best regards, Toto
  7. Hello, brief question: are touch and gos possible as with the 747&777 edition? Thanks and best regards, Toto
  8. So, I‘ve deleted the files as advised bei „blaunarwal“ above. It did fix the double airport depiction. So thank you! However, there still seems to be an altitude/layer problem on my system ( probably the same issue as with the problem of missing runway markings on the ground in RCTP ). For instance: in Hamburg ( SIMWINGS EDDH ) there is a decommissioned Lufthansa B707 parked on the right hand side of the threshold of RWY23. It looks like this static aircraft ( which is part of the SIMWINGS-scenery ) „sinks“ into the ground. The lower part of the engine cowlings touch the surface, everything below is not visible as it is below ground level. Any thoughts?
  9. Tried it: indeed no negative impact on framerates. No issues otherwise.
  10. Hello. I‘m having a problem with ORBX Germany north and addon airports in that area: Airports such as EDDV and EDDH are depicted twice ( simultaneously ). So I got two control towers ( default and addon ), terminal buildings and so on. As soon as I uninstall ORBX the problem disappears. What do I need to setup in order to get ORBX and addon airports properly? Best regards, Toto
  11. Hello, thanks for your help but there´s no such directory on my system under P3D v4
  12. Hello. Just did an approach to RCTP: it seems to be Altitude related: all markings are visible on approach and then gradually disappear when passing through about 300ft above ground. Unistalled/reinstalled several times, didnt help at all. Best regards, Toto
  13. Hello. I´ve been using PACSIM RCTP in P3D v4.5 for a while without any issues. However, all of a sudden, there are no RWY/TWY Markings displayed anymore! No other add-on airport is affected, just PACSIM RCTP. Even PACSIM´s RPLL & RKSI are just fine. I´m having ENVTEX installed, but I didn´t install the Airport Textures of ENVTEX. Furthermore, I´ve got ORBX FTX Global installed. I´ve tried to uninstall/reinstall several times without any luck... Also tried to move RCTP in the scenery library to the top without joy... Would be very happy for some assistance. Best regards, Toto
  14. Thank you again, will give it a try!
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