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  1. At times I find comments like "I fixed it thanks" without taking the time to explain how it was fixed quite disrespectful to other users. OP's take the time to provide assistance and no recognition or thanks for their input is given. No wonder that they pass on giving their time to assist. Sad. noels7
  2. Many thanks everyone for your assistance. Will try suggestions later today and report progress. noels7
  3. I am trying to get the aircraft to follow the flight plan but have had no success. Research revealed a suggestion to increase Dead Zone in the controls. I am using latest Development version of the aircraft with naturally latest version of MSFS. and Saitek X56 . Would appreciate assistance/advice what would be suitable Dead Zone settings to see if that fixes the problem. TIA noels7
  4. Glick concerning no data from Real Traffic seems to resolved itself. Australia.
  5. Okay done as you suggested. Exited MSFS, and PSXT_MSFS. Started LEARNER and minimised Real Traffic. Entered KDEN, KJFK 480mins and have both greens. After a few minutes no data received from Real Traffic (yellow band). Problem as it has no data received for 5 minutes?
  6. Well I bought Live Weather for 1 month to see how it goes. Haven't been killed by rabid aircraft as yet. I have selected KDEN with Learner running for 480 mins , MSFS not running and Live Weather minimised. After that KJFK for 8 hours. Surely I won't have to do this procedure at every airport like YSSY, YPAD,YMML,EGKK,LIRF that I like to use on occasions? noels7
  7. As I said I followed the instructions in PSXT_MSFS precisely. That is where the options remain since our original correspondence. "see" the instructions stated looking around outside your aircraft and that is exactly what I have been doing continually. I have no doubt and continually see live traffic injected. Currently I am at KJFK and am seeing live=33.. After sitting at KJFK and shifting gates for the last hour I see one aircraft (Jet BLUE ) on the grass in no man's land and 1 aircraft has just landed , screwed off the runway, sliced through the building in front of me and killed me and my passengers. I appreciate that the program needs time to learn. That was why I picked a large, busy airport like KJFK. My question is this: how long should I run MSFS, sitting at the gate to allow PSXT_MSFS to learn. 1, 2, 8 hours etc? Again , many thanks for your considerable assistance. noels7
  8. I admit I am a complete novice using PSXT_MSFS and have read all documents in relation to it's operation especially PSXT_MSFS.pdf. After many hours everything seems to work correctly except with the instructions contained at No, 4 of PSXT_MSFS.pdf adhered to I see no aircraft (except mine) at Gatwick, KJFK and KSFO for example. Revert to default options in MSFS and aircraft appear at the mentioned airports in significant numbers. Is anyone able to assist. It would be appreciated. noels7
  9. As I was advised yesterday by KieK please read items 11 and 12 of PSXT_FAQ.pdf. That will fix your problems. noels7
  10. I am a novice regarding installing your traffic programs but am following the tutorial (PSXT_MSFS.pdf). I get so far and this is where my problem starts: 1. Install and Run AILG_MSFS. I get this result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xtAnAdljfA9Oq6O2Em0USOOYstM2lE5M/view?usp=sharing and https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oFX-YVLhMIZqt7iYWchk-WNNk0wvcPv8/view?usp=sharing Is this correct and am I doing something incorrectly? 2. Should I leave AILG_MSFS and PPG_MSFS running in the taskbar? 3. Everything is done till I get to Para 5. I Install and Run PSXT_MSFS and am confronted with: Red Cross with the following: C:\PSXT_MSFS\PSXT_MSFS.exe the application has failed to start because its side - by - side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command - line sxtrace.exe tool for more detail. There is no log in C:\PSXT_MSFS. What am I doing wrong or am I missing something that is obvious? Read FAQ 12, downloaded SimConnect.msi but problem persisted. Required file now wanted msvcp140_atomic_wait.dll downloaded and installed in C:\PSXT_MSFS. 4. I am now able to run PSXT_MSFS and ADSBSetup.exe but with traffic setting as per 4 in PSXT_MSFS.pdf I see no aircraft at YSSY, KSFO KJFK. Any assistance/advice would be appreciated. Noel Southam noels7
  11. Solved or is it ? My comments in response to my placing post SOLVED here and MSFS Forum: Am I p____d. You betcha! After 3+ days with little or no sleep and after 299 views of my topic I received 4 replies from members which I have acknowledged. However none of their assistance basically was of assistance because I had already covered those topics before I posted. I have been with MSFS since beta testing started so I can say that I am familiar with the vagaries of the sim. Have you got any advice that might have fixed the problem. I think not or you might have been prompted to assist. Yes the problem is solved. After uninstall/reinstall MSFS 2020 and 10hours and 156gigs later problem was solved. Flaps are now be shown correctly and I am able to increase/decrease flaps on the aircraft as mentioned above. So something in MSFS had been corrupted and a reinstall fixed it. Is that the end of the matter? NO!!! On every process from the start of the sim I am continually confronted with dialog box of GAMING UI with the comments SYNCING DATA - WE SHOULD BE DOWN SOON. I have never experienced this problem before, so another 6 hours on Google and this Forum. Sign in and out of Microsoft Store and XBOX. Obviously my data is not for some reason is not being installed in the cloud. Teredo fault in Xbox researched and cleared. Registry faults checked, none found. Command prompts suggestions followed up, IP helper checked and okay. That is about the limits of my technical ability as described in this response and my others in this post. Forget ZENDESK as I still await a reply from a submission made 10 days ago. If you or other peeps have any further suggestions to rectify the Gaming UI issue please put them forward. They will be appreciated. My apologies if I have offended you but as I stated I AM P____D OFF. FusingBird2191 PS: And this is the problem with MSFS. No ability to forgo updates etc. noels7
  12. Of course. Did you read my full description of what was done? Solved noels7
  13. I would like to apologize for the length of attached link but I have just about run out of ideas and am appreciative with the assistance provided by the members of the MSFS Forums. Flap problems urgent help required - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums noels7
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