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  1. noels7

    Realair Duke Turbo V2 problem

    Get a gun and both put me down. I have been using Turbo since it was originally released and haven't ever noticed both even when manually adjusting QNH. Maybe I should get my eyes tested . Thanks both of you for your assistance. noels7
  2. Hi I have done a fairly broad search using Google, Avsim fora and Pilot's Handbook but haven't found a solution to my problem. All I want to do is to change the QNH units from inches to hectopascals in the Realair Duke Turbo V2. Any advice/assistance would be appreciated. Noel Southam noels7
  3. noels7

    Saitek X52 Pro - Hat Switch Issue

    Have you checked Options /Controls and panned down to Views /Hat switch and checked slider for Hat switch is not fully to the left. Set it at half way or fully right and see if that fixes the problem. noels7
  4. noels7

    Can't stop an Orbx download

    you can cancel the jobs by deleting the contents of C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Orbx\Metadata noels7
  5. noels7

    Question for Kyle (scandinavian 13)

    Thankyou for your assistance.
  6. Hi Kyle My apologies if it is inappropriate to post this request on the forum instead of a PM. I logged into my account on PMDG Simulations ( earlier today (12+ hours ago) and used the contact us link because I have a query regarding login and another problem. After submitting my query next page advised that PMDG would contact me soon. I appreciate that PMDG requires 24-48 hours to answer queries. Is that the correct procedure for submitting a ticket. If so could you check and advise that PMDG have received my query when time permits. If not, when I go to Support Main page it says I must be registered or sign in. It makes no difference which one I try I am always advised that my email address is already in use. ( and therefore cannot check if my query/message was received. Your advice/assistance would be appreciated. Regards Noel Southam noels7
  7. noels7

    POV problem with King Air B200

    Hi captjames Problem fixed. Somehow Noel Controller.xml had become corrupted. Replaced and now POV operates as it should. Regards Noel Southam noels7
  8. Hi I am using the King Air B200 Version 2 for use in my P3D Version 4.2 and use a Saitek X52 Pro joystick and throttle combination. All the buttons have been set for various operations eg (Flaps, Landing gear etc) but the POV in the B200 only allows upward movement in virtual cockpit and no downward movement and scanning of the cabin (if you can understand what I am trying to explain). The POV works without a problem in PMDG 747,777, Realair turbo and default aircraft that I tested. I have recalibrated the Saitek X52 Pro but the problem remains only with the King Air B200. Any advice/assistance with this problem would be appreciated Regards Noel Southam noels7
  9. noels7

    Problem with Version 4.22

    onebob and Bunchy many thanks for your assistance. Shader delete fixed the problem. Again many thanks. Noel Southam noels7
  10. Hi After updating to latest version Academic_4.2.21.24048 from Academic_4.1.7.22841 I notice a distinct lag (black screen) with sound of aircraft running before the graphics appear showing virtual cockpit and airport System is Win 10 64bit, 16gig ram, Titan 6 gig GPU with all latest updates for Windows. All Orbx products updated, latest SODE, latest FSUIPC etc. Would appreciate if someone has experienced similar problem and could recommend a solution or any other advice from forum members to rectify this situation. Regards noels7
  11. noels7

    Avsim member missing?

    Hi Does anyone know what happened to Richard Sennett. He hasn't posted in ages. Curious that is all. noels7
  12. noels7

    Orbx no longer accepting PayPal

    You might notice JV hasn't put his head up in this debate yet. I wonder why? but leaves the heat to an underling. Not like him if his previous antics are a measure of the man!. I cannot believe that Orbx (with their business acumen?) could not envisaged a problem with PayPal. Was never a problem when business with PayPal was conducted through FlightsimStore. I would assume that volume of sales of Orbx products would have been similar in comparison with Orbx Direct. The whole concept of Orbx Direct and it's day to day functions and the problems it has generated does not augur well for the future. The business environment is littered with disasters with companies that have demonstrated similar traits to what we have seen from Orbx during the last few months.
  13. noels7

    Autopilot not following Flt Pln

    Harry I assume from your post about your Nav problems that you replaced the magdec.bgl file in Scenery\Base\Scenery directory of FSX and other files using the provided installer. I always backup this file prior to updating and have that file to put me back to square 1 if I need to. I have never had any problems with updating that file. I only use P3D V3 (now V3.2) and subscribe to Navigraph for NavData for each applicable aircraft I use. I notice on that homepage that you used to update your Nav data : Note that installer will backup original files that can be restored at any time. Why not try that option and see the result. Regards Noel
  14. noels7

    Autopilot not following Flt Pln

    Harry Regarding autopilot not following legs in the route having selected Nav button may I suggest and I assume you are using default Baron along side the fuel button switches (best seen in 2d panel) is the Nav/Gps switch. Put that switch to GPS position and make sure Nav button remains selected in the autopilot. The autopilot will will follow your route. When I first installed the ReaAir Turbine Duke V2 (I usually fly PMDG jets) I used to forget about that switch which when the plane is first loaded, that switch is defaulted to Nav.. Hope this helps and I have not mistaken your problem. Regards Noel Southam noels7
  15. noels7

    SayIt Errors and Issues

    Hi John Hope you don't mind if I hi-jack your thread but I would like to ask Dave and Dean (Andayle) a question as I have not been able to crack the problem I have. I am climbing to initial height of 8000 feet and am using only the Sayit function for communication with ATC using an enabled joystick button. I am advised to contact departure on 118.20 and this is where the confusion for me begins. I change to 118.20 and in speech assistant request there is no selection for "report altitude" as Dean advised in his advice to John. The only option I have basically is "to altitude " and the only options available are <call sign>request climb to <altitude> or <call sign> request descent to <altitude> and that means using Push to Talk setup function with eg keyboard button (k). I was hoping to avoid that with this program or am I missing the obvious. Any input/advice would be appreciated. Noel Southam noels7