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  1. So sorry, must have had a brain freeze. If it was a snake it would have bit me.
  2. Hi Dave, Another question. XUIPC or FSUIPC which one do I install for X-Plane 11 and in which folder? Thanks again. Harry
  3. For Dave or Anyone, I currently have FSX Steam with Pilot2ATC installed. Works great. However I'm looking at X Plane-11 Steam because from all my research it seems to be a great step up from FSX. Is there anything special I need to do in the installation of X Plane-11 and Pilot2ATC that will allow for a successful installation? Should uninstall FSX before installing X Plane-11? Thanks in advance Harry
  4. Hi Josh, The headset arrived yesterday and everything is perfect. Very well made, quality headset. Many thanks for your suggestion. Regards Harry
  5. Thank you for your reply. I just researched it and submitted my order and we'll see what happens. Again thank you. Harry
  6. I've been searching for the best USB gamers Headsets with microphones for FSX. USB connection, easy to use, easy to install, good quality, will not break the bank. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would appreciate any and all ideas and suggestions. Thanks to all in advance. Harry
  7. Dave That did the trick. Thank you so much. Harry
  8. Dave, If I'm reading you correctly I can enter the code, say KSTL in ICAO box and all the FAA charts should pop up. No luck. It still displays "No Charts Available." That's what it was doing, all of a sudden with V2.5.0.4_x64 and then with V2.5.0.5_x64 after I installed it. Where can a go to download the FAA charts for each Airport? Or do I still need to do that? Harry
  9. Hi Dave, Thanks for responding. It is the 2nd one, " just wanting the Open button on TERPs window to start at a specific folder." I think that's the one? Anyway, I don't fly outside the USA so I'm just interested in flying within the USA. Like if I fly to an airport and want to bring up the charts for that Airport I can just click and it will pop up. Hope I'm explaining it correctly. I Apologize if not. I'm puzzled as to why I was able to access them before then all of a sudden I was not. I 'll check page 96 and get back with you. Thanks again. Harry
  10. Hi, Dave and everyone, having the same Terp problems About 3 weeks ago my Terp charts failed to display when I clicked on the button. At that time I was running V2.5.0.4_x64. I did some searching on this Forum and found that it would be corrected with the next update. I installed two days ago Version 2.5.05_x64 update with no luck. Did some more searching here and saw that it was a problem with the internet not allowing access to the charts. I also went into the P2A config settings and the Guide but no luck there. Found no solution to my problem. Yes, I can go online and find out what I need, Freq, Charts, etc, Pausing the program and searching, but that’s time consuming. Any help finding the charts and routing P2A to the proper folder so that they can be displayed would be appreciated. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You Harry
  11. Hi Dave; Sorry for the delay. I didn't want to spend a lot on the mic system so I went to BestBuy and got a "Logitech H390 Headset". It's a USB plugin. So far it's great. Sounds great and picks up my voice, so far, no problem. I paid $39. Hopefully, they'll last awhile. Thanks for your help. Harry
  12. Hi Dave, Thank you. I had bought a couple of "Cheap ones", at Walmart which I couldn't get the mic to work. They were plugin not USB. They were Gamers Headset so I'm thinking that might have the reason. The plugs were 3.5 in. The headphones did work but the mics did not. I'll do some more searching. I'll check the ones out that you mentioned. Again ThankYou. I'll post and let you know what I finally settle on so if there is a question in the future it may help others. Harry
  13. Hello Dave or Anyone, My old Headphone and Microphone system is giving out. I'm looking a good set. In my search, I came across the one you see below. It's a USB. It's also a Sennheiser which is a very good brand. And gets very good reviews. Will this work with Pilot2ATC? If there is another one please let me know. Thank you in advance. Harry Sennheiser culture series wideband headset (sc60-usb-ctrl)
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