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  1. Thank you for your reply. It gives me something to think about.
  2. Just want to get some opinions. I've been flying FSX for a lot of years. As time goes on better sims come and go on the market. What would some of you recommend to upgrade too that is better than FSX? Or has the potential to be better than FSX? I've researched this subject here and out on the net. Also would like it to work with P2ATC. Or should I stay with FSX for time being? Thanks in advance all your opinions.
  3. Ok. Thanks Dave. Harry
  4. Thank you for removing the key. I should have known better.
  5. Sorry. Can't find the edit key.
  6. Hi Dave: Very soon I will be Upgrading from windows 7 and doing a fresh Install of Windows 10. What do I need to do to have successful Reinstall of Pilot2ATC? My License Key is: Edit:Removed Purchased 2/23/2016 Regards Harry Lender
  7. I will try that. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Is there any way of saving a flight in order to resume it later? Say if you were on a long flight and you had to leave the house and shut off your computer, could you save the flight and resume it the next day. Thanks for help. Harry
  9. As did mine also. I have a separate post. Thank you so much. Harry Lender
  10. Hi Dave; I'm having a problem starting the newest update version after downloading and installing.. Normally after I do the update and it starts up it would be visible and ready for use in the lower left corner of my computer. However it's down on the taskbar. When I click on it nothing happens. I do an "ALT-TAB" hoping that it will spring to life but no such luck. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. What do you need from me to help you find out what is going wrong? Regards and thanks in advance. Harry Lender
  11. That's the reason I posted this. As I researched it got more confusing, The old saying "Do your research" Paid off. Thanks for responding. Look before you leap.
  12. Hi Dave; I noticed that a new Flight Sim, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2017, is out on the market. Will Pilot2ATC work with this sim or should I wait a while to purchase it? Thanks Harry
  13. Dave Thanks for your reply. I will keep this in mind. BTW those voice files from RealATC.com are great. Having a blast using them. They're offering a great deal. Can't go wrong. Thanks for mentioning them on this site. take care Harry
  14. So far everything, for the most part, seems to operating very well when you fly from controlled airport to another Controlled Airport. However flying from a controlled airport IFR into a uncontrolled airport is challenging. I get clearance to the airport no problem and ATC says to expect vectors to the RNAV approach. That's fine. Now as I get closer ATC should be assigning stepdowns to different altitudes, then to vector me toward the final RNAV approach. The time before I flew yesterday I had to request a lower ALT with Center after that everything was OK. Yesterday I didn't hear anything even after requesting a lower ATL. I had to fly the approach myself without any CLC from ATC. What is the proper way in P2ATC to handle this situation?? When I flew the route in real life some years ago ATC would Clear me down step by step and then a final heading to intercept the final RNAV approach course. I searched the manual and videos but couldn't find a solution. Thanks in advance Harry
  15. Just wanted to let everyone know that RealATC Audio File for Chatter is outstanding. Go to http://realatc.net/realATCp2atc.htm. They are having a discount for $4.95 which you can't be beat. Normally is $9.95. Download the Files, unzip them. Go to users Guide and follow the instructions for the files. The easiest way to get it working when using ATCLive.net files is to use a separate file for each controller type. To do this, you download and store the files where you like. Then in the setup/config window, choose the Separate Files option, point to the file for each controller using the drop-downs next to each controller's name. The RealATC setup is different. You need to create a Controllers folder under ATC_Chatter and then one folder per controller type under that. See the user guide on p.73 for the Controllers Folder option. There is a screenshot of the sub folders you need in the Controllers folder. Just copy and paste the files from the corresponding folders to the ATC_Chatter/Controllers folder would be the simplest. Another option is to set up the sound files on another drive/location and build the entire folder structure from ATC_Chatter on down. Then point to the new ATC_Chatter folder in the setup/cofig panel. All the folders and files should be under Controllers, not US. The structure under Controllers should be as depicted in the screenshot in the user’s guide. You don’t need any files under the Countries or US if you are using the ATCPro files. You really can't go wrong. Harry