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  1. So it’s safe to say that Prepared runs fine with the 2004 update
  2. So that should help with the textures?
  3. Anyone know what’s causing the slow loading PBR textures in V5 in the cockpit and outside when changing views? I got a 9700k@4.8,32 GB of ram, 1080ti and Crucial M.2 SSD
  4. Not a big deal Bryan really lol
  5. Haha the bass the bass nothing but the bass
  6. Good day Bryan thanks for the new software. Is there anyway to make the voices sound with more bass. I find that the voices are sharp and it sounds like they’re in a tin can or something. Thanks
  7. Anyone know what a good setting is for 60 FPS? I have a 9700k and 1080ti
  8. That’s why I find that tool works at least for me. It allows me to maintain 30 FPS at large airports.
  9. It all boils down to different PC setups run things differently with how the sim reacts. It may work for and others it may not. Old news basically
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