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  1. Navigator43

    PMDG 747 Immersion maybe causes CTD

    I just updated and I restarted the sim, but after I got up to cruising altitude I had no contrails. So I saved my scenario and restarted the sim again and finally I had effects. I’ll keep testing to see how it goes.
  2. Well whatever it was it seems to have fixed itself. So that being said it could’ve been anything really. I’ve done about 10 flights now in the 747 and all seems to work fine now. My Windows and drivers are all up to date so it could’ve been just something updating in the background or maybe my hardware got overstressed although I don’t do anything to stress it out. Ether way it’s working fine now. Thanks for replying your customer service here is always great thanks
  3. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    Well whatever that issue was it seemed to have corrected itself. I guess it could’ve been anything. But I’ve been flying the 747 with FS 2 crew on about 10 flights now and it hasn’t crashed. Hope I don’t jinx myself
  4. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    I got the whole P3D folder excluded in my anti virus
  5. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    Ok might be something else then who knows.
  6. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    I’m talking to the developer from FS 2 crew as well and I’m going to do a few more flights to test and see if it keeps crashing. He seems willing to work with me on it.
  7. Well I’ll keep testing and let you know
  8. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    Basically as soon as I hit a button control in FS 2 crew to give FS 2 crew a command the sim crashes only while I’m flying the 747. It seems to only happen when I ask FS 2 crew to give me the landing data for the approach. So I know you guys don’t read minds and if you’ve never used FS 2 crew you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. So that being said I’ll just fly the plane without using FS 2 crew then I won’t get any crashes at all.
  9. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    I’ll just keep using the jet without FS 2 crew have a great day or night cheers
  10. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    Good enough then thanks for replying then anyway
  11. Navigator43

    FS 2 crew CTD

    Good day, I already posted in the FS 2 crew forum, but FS 2 crew seems to think the CTD I’m receiving is related to you guys. As soon as I hit landing data in button control the sim crashes using the 400/8. So I don’t know what to say really it’s happened to me like 5 or 6 times using FS 2 crew so unfortunately I had to stop using it. Seems to be fine without FS 2 crew. Anyway I’ll probaly get a sarcastic answer here I’m sure lol
  12. I too have just got a CTD with the 747-400 P3D V 4.4. Right after I hit the button control for landing data.
  13. Navigator43

    Default F16 V 4.4 fuel issue

    Hmm ok
  14. Navigator43

    Default F16 V 4.4 fuel issue

    Good day I just took the F16 out for a flight and I wasn’t in the air no time at all when it utterly ran out of fuel. I restarted the scenario made sure my fuel was 100% and I took off and in no time at all I ran out of fuel again. That jet just literally drinks the fuel. Anyone know what the issue may be? Thanks