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  1. Good day Bert I sent you a personal message about getting the mod with my e mail address it’s very much appreciated thanks
  2. They answered it’s all good thanks for your help
  3. Ok I just sent them another e mail. If you have contact with them let me know if they received it thanks
  4. Through e mail I sent them my order number but I’ll send it again
  5. Good day simmers, I purchased VHHH from WF Scenery on Sim Market and they posted a patch with two folders one to go in the main folder and one for effects. But the one for effects are LUA files so I don’t know if it goes in the effects folder or somewhere else and they don’t state that in the read me. I tried contacting them and they haven’t gotten back to me so I thought I would try on here. Mostly effects files are fx files that’s why I’m curious
  6. Do you just pointed the installer to V5?
  7. I’ll try it out later and report back
  8. Hey bud can I get a copy of your PTA Preset for V4.5? Thanks 

  9. Well that’s good too know I just bought it and I hate the runway ground textures looks like FS 9
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