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  1. Tuning the radios works thanks
  2. Good day, I'm really enjoying your product but I noticed that some frequencies I select I seem to be getting this warning. Can you explain to me what this is? thanks
  3. Perfect I’ll switch back to experimental then thanks Bryan.
  4. Update, never mind Bryan I just figured this out it had to do with experimental version switched to developers and it’s all good.
  5. Hi Bryan I noticed yesterday when I requested pushback with the FBW experimental version the aircraft stutters while being pushed. Just pushing back really slow from the cockpit and outside view the aircraft stutters like it’s going over ruts. Any ideas what may be going on? I’m using Windows 11 i7 9700k and an RTX 2080 32 GB of Ram thanks
  6. Hey Bryan thanks for the CRJ version for MSFS. One thing I notice is that when I hit my button for takeoff the captain doesn’t say takeoff is this a bug? Thanks
  7. Are you adding anything more to the cabin like getting the flight attendants to bring us water and food stuff like that.
  8. Alrighty I’ll check it out when it’s released
  9. Just purchased this today and installed the latest 1.1 beta so far so good great work Bryan
  10. I just enabled free sync on my monitor then went to NVCP and enabled GSYNC for full and windows mode. Then I locked my refresh rate at 60. Opened the sim and enabled Variable refresh rate and it runs very nice and smooth for me no tearing or anything
  11. Hi just curious to know what everyone’s experience is using variable refresh rate with free sync and Nvidia. I’ve tried this and it seems to work well in keeping the frames consistent on a 60hz monitor
  12. Thanks Martin I’ll do that
  13. I also find that if you minimize the sim and come back to windowed mode the OSD is moved from the corner down to the centre of the screen. But like you said it’s delicate so just don’t play around to much and your fine.
  14. Hello simmers, Is anyone using the latest beta build of MSI Afterburner with V5.2? And if so is it working fine without crashing your sim. I’m not near my Pc at the moment that’s why I’m asking here. Thanks
  15. Never mind I fixed it. It was hooked up to the wrong by audio Jack sorry for starting the thread
  16. Good day, it seems I got an issue with FS 2 crew sound with all the aircraft. But this time I’m flying FS Labs and the problem arose again. When I pause and put my flight into sleep mode and awake it to come back the FS 2 crew sound is gone. The engine sounds are fine just no FS 2 crew. I tried updating my sound drivers and all that is good. Everything is set as it should be. Any ideas?
  17. Good day Bert I sent you a personal message about getting the mod with my e mail address it’s very much appreciated thanks
  18. They answered it’s all good thanks for your help
  19. Ok I just sent them another e mail. If you have contact with them let me know if they received it thanks
  20. Through e mail I sent them my order number but I’ll send it again
  21. Good day simmers, I purchased VHHH from WF Scenery on Sim Market and they posted a patch with two folders one to go in the main folder and one for effects. But the one for effects are LUA files so I don’t know if it goes in the effects folder or somewhere else and they don’t state that in the read me. I tried contacting them and they haven’t gotten back to me so I thought I would try on here. Mostly effects files are fx files that’s why I’m curious
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