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  1. p3dnerd

    Learjet 35A Flightsim Store Issues

    Hi Guys, I did create and account and emailed Flysimware....the guys there were super helpful and very quick to transfer my proof of purchase from the Flightsim Store to their own digital store and my account there.....all is well now...Thanks Flysimware. BTW.....not planning to make any further purchases from Flightsim Store....I'm done with them!!!
  2. Seems that Flightsim Store / FSS isn't updating its files anymore. I bought my FSW Learjet 35A from them and can only download version 3.0. I understand the latest version is 4.1A. Any ideas about how I could obtain latest updates for that aircraft? I've emailed FSW about transferring my FSS purchase to the FSW digital store and I'm waiting to hear back from them. Thanks for any suggestions or assistance.
  3. p3dnerd

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    Hi Ramon, I installed and tested version 1.2 and it works flawlessly....great work. Thanks again. Steve Smith
  4. p3dnerd

    Carenado FA50 EX FSX/P3D

    Perhaps my post wasn't clear....following the FMS flight plan is not the issue....the Proline 21 avionics and autopilot do that without a problem. The issue is the MFD display of the waypoint sequencing (distance to go and time to go)....at some point the sequencing just stops and those values for distance and time start counting back upward....as if the MFD sequencing function never registered that the aircraft passed a certain waypoint and was on to the next....just randomly stops coordinating with the fiightplan as the aircraft is actually executing it. Still and issue with version 1.1 and Carenado silent on the issue.....saw a youtube video review recently posted by Kent for the Carenado Falcon 50EX and you can see that at some point the MFD sequencing of waypoints stops...although he doesn't mention that in his review. I hope Carenado will address this...it seems minor, but for the amount of $ charged for this aircraft, it's not too much to ask for a bug fix....especially since Carenado has use this Proline 21 avionics package in many many prior aircraft.
  5. p3dnerd

    Carenado FA50 EX FSX/P3D

    the Carenado Proline and Collins avionics are still buggy....the waypoint sequencing in the MFD starts out fine and then stops working for no apparent reason....the autopilot will still follow the FMS flight plan but that is not reflected in the MFD with correct sequence flow. This has been posted in the AVSIM forum for this aircraft and commented on in Carenado's facebook page....but so far, Carenado is silent about it .... despite releasing an update in version 1.1....which still has the same problem.
  6. p3dnerd

    Waypoints sequencing

    I have the same issue with the waypoint sequencing display in the MFD. I'm not sure...but it seems that the sequencing stops when transitioning from a SID to the main flight plan waypoints...or to a STAR / Approach. I haven't seen this issue mentioned before this post or addressed by Carenado anywhere else. I don't think your installation is corrupted....I've done reinstall and that hasn't corrected the problem. Steve Smith
  7. Purchased and installed yesterday in P3d v4.3 and looked great and worked excellently.
  8. p3dnerd

    FSXcenery Addon KOAK Issue P3d v4.3

    UPDATE on this issue: I posted this topic over at the ORBX forums and Holger responded as follows "those are actually tunnel objects placed with FTX NCA since there is a tunnel underneath that taxiway in the real world too. Looks like by removing the other NCA files the airport is at a different level and thus the tunnels above rather than below ground. You could try deactivating the file "FTX_NCA_objects_tunnels_PLC.BGL", located in \ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_NCA05_SCENERY\scenery. However, it would mean you'd lose all tunnel portals on other NCA highways and roads as well. Normally, third-party airport developers would place object excludes across their entire project area (to prevent potential compatibility issues with non-default scenery) but I guess this isn't the case here. Cheers, Holger" I followed that advice and deactivating the bgl for the tunnels eliminated the problem.
  9. p3dnerd

    FSXcenery Addon KOAK Issue P3d v4.3

    Thanks for the input...I just might have to mess around with ADE and see what I can do myself. Yeah, as I said, the developer doesn't seem too bothered about the issue....and his quick fix suggestions haven't worked for me. Steve Smith
  10. Hi all, I purchased and installed FSXcenery's addon airport scenery for KOAK (Oakland Metro) in P3d v4.3. I also have ORBX Northern California, Orbx Global and Vector installed. I set the Orbx bgl files to OFF that correspond to KOAK, but I've still got a minor issue....namely what appear to be two buildings situated across the taxiway just east of the FedEx ramp. I've tried uninstall and reinstall the addon scenery to no avail. I've contacted the developer and he thinks those are default buildings, but cannot offer any suggestions for getting rid of them other than the uninstall / reinstall that I tried. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the further update / Hotfix Jevon.....take some time to enjoy now.
  12. I absolutely agree with the comments provided by previous posts. I've been driving the Carenado CJ2 (now CJ2+ !!!) using P3d V4.2 along with Active Sky / ASCA / Rex 3d SkyForce / ChasePlane....and a bunch of scenery addons from ORBX and airport scenery developers......no problems at all using the IMPRESSIVE latest mod. This is a fantastic addition and thanks again to Jevon and others who contributed so much to the creation of this GTN mod. One note I'll mention....with respect to the checklist......I believe that there is a bug in the GTN Complete software that prevents the checklist page from showing up in the GTN 750 under utilities. I've opened Jevon's checklist using the GTN trainer (latest available version) and it works perfectly. I just can't get the GTN 750 in the CJ2 (or any of my other aircraft that use the GTN 750) to recognize the checklist. I have the latest version of P3d V4.2 installed along with the latest version of the GTN Complete software from Flight1. I believe that this a known issue with the Flight1 GTN complete software (along with the absent tab for importing flight plans into the unit) in P3d V4.2. Supposedly this is being worked on at Flight1 and will be fixed with some future update, hopefully. I only mention this item because it was featured in a YouTube video posted within the last month showcasing Jevon's mod. Again great work Jevon. Blue Skies
  13. Woo Hoo......sounds close....excellent !!!
  14. Don't use FSpassengers either....but I'm eagerly awaiting the release of your mod for the CJ2.....fantastic work and thanks so much for sharing with the community.