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  1. From what I can tell from the information released about this CRJ Professional....P3d v4.5 is required....in other words, it will not function properly if you are running P3d v4.4.....or am I missing something here?
  2. Would have been nice to have had at least a token discount for customers that purchased the prior version.
  3. My experience confirms what Midnight Music said in the preceding post. Verify files was not enough to correct the black tile issue for me. But all's well that ends well.
  4. UPDATE -- I need to apologize to the developer PKSIM for reporting that the issue I was having was due to their scenery for SKBO Bogota.....Turns out it was not a problem with that scenery. I am sorry. The problem, it turns out, was with ORBX South America products (either South America LC or the mesh). Anyway, I UNINSTALLED both ORBX global South America products and then re-installed them.....result: problem with the black, night lighting tiles fixed. So let me repeat....the problem I was experiencing was NOT due to the PKSIM Bogota SKBO airport scenery. I was wrong to have blamed my problem on that addon scenery. That being said, the "support" from PKSIM still leaves much to be desired.....to date, I have not received any sort of response whatsoever to my email requesting support. As a customer of PKSIM then, you should be aware that If you do have a problem with a PKSIM scenery (and I hope you don't), it seems that customers are on their own to figure it out with the assistance of the greater community of flight simmers. I am grateful for all the replies to my original post and the help that they provided.....I have no doubt that is the reason I was able to solve the problem I was seeing. Keep on simming!
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I will work through them and see if I can fix the issue. I'll let you know what the results are.
  6. Hi guys, Just a heads up that I purchased the pksim Bogota airport scenery for p3d v4 recently and after installation I had a few issues with black night lighting tiles bleeding through the scenery north of the airport. I have Orbx South America LC and Orbx South America Mesh installed....so I verified the files, but that didn't correct the problem. So I contacted the developer at the support email given, but that email has been totally ignored for more than a week. For the price of this scenery, I do expect support......since there doesn't seem to be any support, I won't buy any of this developer's scenery ever again.....be warned and purchase at your own risk.
  7. Apparently, Carenado is satisfied with just pocketing the money from selling us a buggy aircraft and they've moved on. Not what I call top notch customer service or support....especially since the price Carenado charges is significant (i.e., not cheap).
  8. I wish I could add this aircraft to my hangar, but alas, I'm still using p3d v4.4 which is not compatible with the Porter as released. I have purchased several MILVIZ aircraft in the past and was very happy with them....would like to get the Porter too. Some of us, however, tried to update to P3d v4.5 and had to revert back to v4.4 due to performance and other issues. Is there a possibility that MILVIZ could make the Porter backward compatible with v4.4? Thanks for considering this.
  9. I downloaded and installed version 4.2 of the Learjet 35A this morning and flew it from KBOS to CYQI. Looks fantastic.....had no problems at all.....handles great. Terrific job....Thanks for updating and enhancing this aircraft...it's one of my favorites. FWIW....all the sounds were functioning fine and sounded great.
  10. I purchased it too....looks fantastic and no performance hit for me.
  11. Sorry...my bad...what I meant to post was "waiting on the P3d V4 version too!" only FS2 has been released as far as I know.
  12. OK...here's the update on the duplicate signs issue at T2G KSEA with Seattle Airports X installed, but with DD KSEA NOT ACTIVATED.... I finally was able to eliminate the duplicate signs by searching the Seattle X Scenery folder for all .bgl files associated with KSEA. Then I manually turned each .bgl file to "OFF" by renaming them .OFF. That got rid of the duplicate signs at T2G KSEA. I don't know which DD KSEA related .bgl file was the problem or whether there were multiple .bgl files involved. But simply relying on the Seattle Airports X installer was not enough to prevent the installation of active .bgl files for KSEA in the DD Seattle X Scenery folder which interfered with T2G's KSEA airport scenery. I hope that this helps anyone who might have run into the same problem that I did. I also appreciate the support from Drzewiecki's team, as we worked together to get this sorted.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions...I'll test them out and report back. BTW....DD suggested that I try renaming KSEA_OBJ_PLC.bgl to "off". I'll try that too and will let you know.
  14. Hello folks, I've run into a little problem using these two products together....DD's Seattle Airports X and T2G KSEA (I also have Orbx scenery installed, and have deactivated any KSEA related .bgl files in the Orbx folders). DD says that its product is compatible with T2G KSEA....but, after I run the installer for Seattle Airports X and even though I deselected DD's KSEA so it should not have installed at all.....when I go back to T2G KSEA, I see duplicate taxiway and runway entrance signs. If I re-run DD's installer and deselect ALL the files and airports thus uninstalling Seattle Airports X, the duplicate signs at T2G KSEA no longer appear. So...seems that DD's installer is installing some file or other (.bgl?) that creates the duplicate sign issue at T2G KSEA....even though it's not supposed to install anything for KSEA when that airport is deselected in the DD installer menu. Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone think of any solution? I've told DD about the issue on their forums...and so far, they haven't come up with a suggested fix. BTW....I'm running P3d v4.4 and have DD's Seattle City X v1.0 installed....and I was using the v1.3 installer for DD's Seattle Airports X package. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
  15. Hi Guys, I did create and account and emailed Flysimware....the guys there were super helpful and very quick to transfer my proof of purchase from the Flightsim Store to their own digital store and my account there.....all is well now...Thanks Flysimware. BTW.....not planning to make any further purchases from Flightsim Store....I'm done with them!!!
  16. Seems that Flightsim Store / FSS isn't updating its files anymore. I bought my FSW Learjet 35A from them and can only download version 3.0. I understand the latest version is 4.1A. Any ideas about how I could obtain latest updates for that aircraft? I've emailed FSW about transferring my FSS purchase to the FSW digital store and I'm waiting to hear back from them. Thanks for any suggestions or assistance.
  17. Hi Ramon, I installed and tested version 1.2 and it works flawlessly....great work. Thanks again. Steve Smith
  18. Perhaps my post wasn't clear....following the FMS flight plan is not the issue....the Proline 21 avionics and autopilot do that without a problem. The issue is the MFD display of the waypoint sequencing (distance to go and time to go)....at some point the sequencing just stops and those values for distance and time start counting back upward....as if the MFD sequencing function never registered that the aircraft passed a certain waypoint and was on to the next....just randomly stops coordinating with the fiightplan as the aircraft is actually executing it. Still and issue with version 1.1 and Carenado silent on the issue.....saw a youtube video review recently posted by Kent for the Carenado Falcon 50EX and you can see that at some point the MFD sequencing of waypoints stops...although he doesn't mention that in his review. I hope Carenado will address this...it seems minor, but for the amount of $ charged for this aircraft, it's not too much to ask for a bug fix....especially since Carenado has use this Proline 21 avionics package in many many prior aircraft.
  19. the Carenado Proline and Collins avionics are still buggy....the waypoint sequencing in the MFD starts out fine and then stops working for no apparent reason....the autopilot will still follow the FMS flight plan but that is not reflected in the MFD with correct sequence flow. This has been posted in the AVSIM forum for this aircraft and commented on in Carenado's facebook page....but so far, Carenado is silent about it .... despite releasing an update in version 1.1....which still has the same problem.
  20. I have the same issue with the waypoint sequencing display in the MFD. I'm not sure...but it seems that the sequencing stops when transitioning from a SID to the main flight plan waypoints...or to a STAR / Approach. I haven't seen this issue mentioned before this post or addressed by Carenado anywhere else. I don't think your installation is corrupted....I've done reinstall and that hasn't corrected the problem. Steve Smith
  21. Purchased and installed yesterday in P3d v4.3 and looked great and worked excellently.
  22. UPDATE on this issue: I posted this topic over at the ORBX forums and Holger responded as follows "those are actually tunnel objects placed with FTX NCA since there is a tunnel underneath that taxiway in the real world too. Looks like by removing the other NCA files the airport is at a different level and thus the tunnels above rather than below ground. You could try deactivating the file "FTX_NCA_objects_tunnels_PLC.BGL", located in \ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_NCA05_SCENERY\scenery. However, it would mean you'd lose all tunnel portals on other NCA highways and roads as well. Normally, third-party airport developers would place object excludes across their entire project area (to prevent potential compatibility issues with non-default scenery) but I guess this isn't the case here. Cheers, Holger" I followed that advice and deactivating the bgl for the tunnels eliminated the problem.
  23. Thanks for the input...I just might have to mess around with ADE and see what I can do myself. Yeah, as I said, the developer doesn't seem too bothered about the issue....and his quick fix suggestions haven't worked for me. Steve Smith
  24. Hi all, I purchased and installed FSXcenery's addon airport scenery for KOAK (Oakland Metro) in P3d v4.3. I also have ORBX Northern California, Orbx Global and Vector installed. I set the Orbx bgl files to OFF that correspond to KOAK, but I've still got a minor issue....namely what appear to be two buildings situated across the taxiway just east of the FedEx ramp. I've tried uninstall and reinstall the addon scenery to no avail. I've contacted the developer and he thinks those are default buildings, but cannot offer any suggestions for getting rid of them other than the uninstall / reinstall that I tried. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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