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  1. Thanks for your feedback. This is what I was suspecting and hope that Carenado will fix the problem. Jean Pierre
  2. So far my flights with the Falcon are going well with the exception of the waypoints sequencing display in the MFD. The AP track the entered flight plan but the waypoints sequencing display in the top of the MFD is most of the time lagging and does not reflect the WPT's still to go. So, there is a discrepancy between the flight plan in the FMS and the MFD. My installation might be corrupted but before to do a full re-install I wanted to know if this issue has been already adressed. Thanks Jean Pierre
  3. Thanks Scott. Yes I know there is a clickspot on the left hand bezel of the GTN in the VC, but an additional clickspot somewhere in the ADI to open the gauge would be quite useful to avoid panning down into the panel. jean pierre
  4. I just wanted to know if there is a way to create a hiden ckickspot somewhere in the ADI to open the GTN 750 2d popup, like the AP ckickspot in the HSI. Thanks Jean Pierre
  5. Unfortunately I am still stuck with this yokes issue. As I was initially suspecting a corrupted file, I have remove all the learjet and made a clean install without the latest update (Nov 7,2018). In the GNS version I can hide the yokes, but with the GTN version, if I do click on the yokes they momentarily disappear and then are back again. Everyting worked fine before the update. I do not know how to fix this and any help would be greatly appreciated jean pierre
  6. Thomas, thanks for Your feed-back. I suspect a corrupted file and i might need to reinstall everything. jean Pierre
  7. I have just installed the new Lear35 update and I cannot hide anymore the yokes. I would like to know if this is a known issue with this update or if I did something wrong. I am running FSX on WIN7 Thanks Jean Pierre
  8. Hi All, Same to me after trying differents adjustments to Saiteck brake pedals sensitivity. The aircraft is stuck on the taxiway and unflyable. Hope a solution/fix will be provided soon. Thanks Jean Pierre
  9. The FLC works much better in the CJ2 and as the two aicrafts shares the same proline suite, I just wanted to know if there is a way to import CJ2 FLC coding into the Hawker. Thanks for your help Jean Pierre
  10. Problem solved after disabling my A/V jean pierre
  11. Thanks for your support. I am running FSX/WIN7 and the CJ2 is installed in the default location, Program files (x86) In fact the process of building FMS database is very slow ( It was at 18% after more than one hour !! Si I am lost and not sure about what I sould do to cure the problem. jean pierre
  12. Running newly CJ2 on FSX and the process of building FMS database stuck at 10/12% Not sure of what I am doing wrong and I would appreciate some help. How long this process is supposed to last ? Thanks jean-pierre
  13. I have run the XML Tools 2.0 installer right after V1.7 executable and installation was completed and confirmed. I may need to remove the aircraft from FSX and start again, or I have a corrupted file, or a file is missing somewhere. Thanks jean-pierre
  14. I have installed the V1.7 version and the newly load manager. So far everything is O.K except the load manager which does not work. I cannot load PAX, Fuel, and I am wondering if it is supposed to be fully functional in V1.7. Would be great if someone could shed some light on this. Jean-Pierre
  15. I love this aircraft but it is parked now due to OOM issue. I did several flights with different aircraft and the ones with the LEAR 35 ended up with OOM problem. I think it is time to report this in the forum even if I understand Flysimware has identified the issue (memory leak) and are working on this issue. hope they will fix it soon. Thanks jean Pierre My specs: Intel core i5 4GB GTX 550ti ORBX
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