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  1. Talked to my tech guy more than 6 times about this payware FMS. And its not a universal and will not work for a Falcon 50.
  2. I have thought of it but as single developer it might be too full of a plate for me. But on the other hand i could have products coming out every 2 months from previous products. I still need to learn the SDK. And i have another plane we want to develop first. So maybe later next year.
  3. It appears this image was taken with P3D's HDR setting way too high where it makes it look unrealistic. We have AO effect throughout the interior and exterior model. This will give natural lighting effects.
  4. We have more images coming from a pro who makes good shots. Should be up within a day.
  5. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    I have tried several times yesterday and today and every time both units show up. So i just can't simulate this issue beside you and Al. he is trying again today. This is odd to me as it has always worked the first time. I am glad trying twice works.
  6. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Beta 2.1 is out and fixes the P3D V4 missing sounds and fuel system. We will need time to figure out why only 1 GTN shows. For the GPU this is static and should always be showing. I need for info on the GPU issues.
  7. We are updating beta 2.1 in 30 minutes. This will have the 2 missing DLL's for the fuel system and the custom sounds. This fix is for P3D V4 users.
  8. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    The Dassault Falcon 50 Beta 2.0 is available. If you not interested in a beta version please wait a couple of weeks for all major stores to have version 1.0 available.
  9. Flysimware

    Widgeon CTD in FSX:SE

    SOLVED: I found the reason why Windows 10 is causing the crash. And maybe other OP systems besides W7. We tested on W7 with no issues, I tested today with W10 and it also crashed. I found in the panel config file last entry [Vcockpit21] is a duplicate of entry 12. So just delete the last entry. I will add instruction on the product page until we release a new version. Sorry for the issue! So this proves newer operating systems are getting worse if they can't ignore a duplicate entry since W7 could. You would think it would be the other way around.😥
  10. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    My bad we are talking about different subjects. Your talking about DL working during the day. I originally thought you said our custom L35A landing light was on during the day and looked bad. We have to disable it of day use because its blinding bright. So nvm.
  11. Flysimware

    Learjet 35A and REX-Milviz WX Radar

    Tested with Reality 1 GTN 750 complete and no issues of crashing when i turn the WX radar unit on. Using the Flyusimware L35A Dual.
  12. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Just checked and the L35A does not show our ground taxi or landing light during the day. Only dusk, dawn, night.
  13. Yes that is why i said the fix is for FSX non gold and gold. My issue is i use FSX Deluxe and this does not include ACC. P.S. I solved the issue by using the option to activate by phone. And the voice said to keep the long key for future use. So activating offline worked. Still not sure why it would activate online then once offline it would ask to activate again. That is what the main issue was. This is how everyone activates normally and Windows 10 is causing a strange issue even after re installing. So now i am forced to use the long code.
  14. This fix will allow the activation of FSX and FSX Gold but not the separate Acceleration box. This will now cause the Acceleration to continue to ask for the license key each time your restart. I tried to repair ACC with no luck. I am still looking for a solution.
  15. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    The Lear does not show the lights during the day for all sims we make it for. Did it show in P3D V4 during the day? We plan to raise the height the light will shine on the runway. For the F50 i have the max at 60 feet. After that the effect will no longer show no matter what i set the height to. Looks good. The L35A was only 12 feet. We will increase it in our next update. The biggest issue is not our method but P3D V4 needs to fix the bleeding as this is not normal behavior.