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  1. When you said buy the conquest i was thinking the moo.....LOL Thanks.
  2. If you already own it why buy it? Just buy another plane. We have a Mothers Day Sale going right now.
  3. This will be in our update we are releasing this coming week. With the side window green tin off With the side window green tin on
  4. Starting today, Flysimware is started a 3-day Mother's Day weekend sale that runs through Sunday 10 May 2020 -- all products 40% off at the Flysimware store here: https://www.flysimware.com/FLYSTORE_2015/en/
  5. When installing older products the cabin and VC dome light effects need to be updated to work better with P3D V5. ===================================================================================== So far we have tested the Cessna 402C and the Cessna 441. Here are the instructions. 1. Locate the effects folder from the main sim directory. 2. Locate the fx_vclight_White_lamp_BIG and rename as fx_vclight_White_lamp_BIG_BACKUP 3. Locate fx_vclight and make a copy. Rename the copy to fx_vclight_White_lamp_BIG 4. Restart the simulator. Done! ===================================================================================== For other products here is a list of the effects. Try using the default or tweaking the value size to work for product. PRODUCT CABIN VC DOME Beech 18 fx_vclighthLow fx_vclightRed Cessna 195 fx_vclighthLow fx_vclightRed Cessna 120 fx_vclighthLow fx_vclightRed Skylane 172 fx_vclight_White_lamp_BIG fx_vclight_Red_Lamp Velocity fx_vc_White_lamp Grumman G-44A fx_vclight_White_lamp_BIG fx_vclight_White_lamp_MED Bell 47 fx_vclightRed Bell 205 Huey fx_vclightGre (This is default in all sims. Should be fine)
  6. Never do that. Owning a second license would never fix installation issues. A reg key is just to verify you own the product. I suggest you give out your old key to a friend since its non refundable.
  7. This is something most users do not see so always best to contact me directly using our email contact form. The simple answer is there are only 4 customers who had this issue and we still to this day are not sure what causes it. I would like to know if you do solve it. Here is what i think is the issue. Your computer or internet refuses to speak to our server. So the installer can't continue as it can't verify your reg key. So turn off any 3rd part security like firewalls programs. The windows firewall is fine and can stay. If you can't solve it by turning off firewalls then simply turn off your internet and run the installer again and this will force the installer to allow you to use the OFFLINE mode. Follow the instructions it gives you. Done!
  8. If you need a copy asap because you get the error code 160 use our contact form and mention what store what product and i will give you info to get the latest version right away.
  9. I was aware you have 1.9H as this is what PC Aviator has. ARK did not know that. I sent you an email to invite you on a private call with ARK and I.
  10. Not only are the Beacon lights bright but since there is a reflector inside that rotates 300 degrees the light will shine across the inner tip tanks, bottom of the fuselage and even the tires as you showed in one of the images above. The Beacon on the vertical stabilizer will shine and rotate across the horizontal stabilizer. This is the original that we released for P3D v4.3
  11. Yes all the effects are too bright with the new P3C V5 Version. I just hope after i update them P3D does nto do an update because many other people are reporting issues. But yes we will fix all the effects.
  12. I am finding that P3D V5 does not like our falloff value in the effects setting. So we just need to change the value. We have plans to make a new installer tonight because we have missing info in the panel cfg file to display most of the annunciator lights on the panel for the L35 and the Falcon50.
  13. I am getting this issue only on the dirt next to the runway at a default airport. But on the runway its perfect. But this is still not normal as it the light is so large it hits the dirt and is annoying bright. Even the default Carenado plane on the dirt shows its a bit bright near the front tire and i can't even see the dirt. So seems P3D V5 cranked up the brightness. And this is not good. Not sure what to do. And not sure why your default airport example also was bright. Mine is normal. We need to hear was P3D says from their forum to proceed.
  14. Solved: P3D V5 has assignments for zoom using - and =. I removed these and chaseplane was working perfect. I do not remember having to do this before so that is why zoom was acting strange.
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