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  1. This fix will allow the activation of FSX and FSX Gold but not the separate Acceleration box. This will now cause the Acceleration to continue to ask for the license key each time your restart. I tried to repair ACC with no luck. I am still looking for a solution.
  2. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    The Lear does not show the lights during the day for all sims we make it for. Did it show in P3D V4 during the day? We plan to raise the height the light will shine on the runway. For the F50 i have the max at 60 feet. After that the effect will no longer show no matter what i set the height to. Looks good. The L35A was only 12 feet. We will increase it in our next update. The biggest issue is not our method but P3D V4 needs to fix the bleeding as this is not normal behavior.
  3. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    I like the brightness here but i could not get the P3D fx.landing light to be that bright.
  4. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Yes i use the normal procedure for creating landing lights when i create non custom landing lights. Once V4 was released the lights will now bleed from the exterior model (where the lights are modeled) to the interior model. This never happened using FSX or P3D V1-V3. And there are some funky work around solutions that require a special DLL and others i do not like some planes don't have this issue because the landing lights are on the wing. Its the big airliner aircraft that suffer the most.
  5. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization Its been a bug ever since V4.1 Most vendors have no issues because there beacon light is not near the VC. Same for the landing lights. Smaller aircraft get away with this. But large birds just do not because of the location of the lights. Even with my hard coded lights that prevents light to bleed into the interior model (FSX FSX:SE P3D V1-V3) now will not work in V4. That also mean since i will use my custom lighting for taxi and landing the beacon will still bleed in the interior model. Lets hope it only the cabin section.
  6. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Looks like with the P3D V4 lighting bug its not worth it for me to have dynamic lighting for landing lights and taxi lights. Also when i test the default landing lights in V4 you can't even hardly see the runway. The biggest issue is the lights make the interior VC glow like a spot light. So if you have seen our Lear 35A landing lights. I think you will agree this is best until P3D fixes their bug. Also turning off cast interior does not work.
  7. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    I turned up the reflection amount to make sure i can see the objects in the area. Seem i hit gold!
  8. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Watched your video and it works.
  9. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    STEER INPUT CONTROL We already use a steering input events you listed as these are also FSX. We animated the tiller to turn when you use the rudder pedals which uses the steering variable. So you should be able to steer with FUIPC or any controller you assign. Just test our L35. For ground power GPU (not APU) - Introduced in P3D V2.x Just tested the default FSX coding which is different but it works in P3D. For Dynamic Reflections (P3D V3.x) Got this working by selecting global env setting and using no cube map. For Dynamic Lights (P3D V4.x) Standard landing light effect will work.
  10. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Yes we only sell our aircraft packages for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D and do not charge extra for P3D. === 1. We have our own custom static reflection map. So i will use the global reflection option for the P3D model. This should use the camera to reflection. 2. We also use our own custom landing lights as the FSX white triangle is annoying. Is this what you mean by light blob? Because this type is great for FSX but for P3D i agree we should just use the normal landing light effects since it will not be the annoying triangle and it will give light to other objects. 3. The Falcon includes a GPU and a APU. Does the P3D need to use the P3D SDK, i don't think so. I will be testing in P3D soon. 4. A working tiller steering? More info please! === I will look in my P3D SDK for these new features.
  11. Flysimware

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    We should be releasing in 30-40 days. Our user manual will be very basic and then we will develop it over time while folks can enjoy an early purchase. No reason to let a perfectly good aircraft sit on the tarmac just because i have to spend a long time making the user manual complete.
  12. Flysimware

    Learjet 35A External view problems

    The labels seem fine even if i remove my reading glasses. And because the textures size is established not sure i want to alter them. If i were to change the tail texture to use both sides of the rudder all previous paint jobs (quite a few) would no longer work. I had created the tail section so if you used words you keep them within the vertical stabilizer and if you were using lines or decals you can use both because its a mirror. So i suggest making text not on the rudder. P.S. i stopped doing that and all future paint kits have both sides.
  13. Flysimware

    Recent Updates

    maybe i was confused. The website advertised the wrong version but the download was correct? Because mark emailed me asking for the updates but then emailed back saying they actually had the latest versions. So all is good right?
  14. Flysimware

    Learjet 35A External view problems

    Our tech pilot now is a copilot in a L35A in real life and we already have plans for a major upgrade this fall. Because there are some real life changes required in L35A starting in 2020 i think. So because it will be a while but worth the wait since we already have a scheduled update late Fall or early Spring next year. For now just use that program if the shadow issue bugs you.
  15. Flysimware

    C441 Initial State

    Saving a flight with brakes on would work because the brakes in our aircraft use the default variables. So yes you could start with brakes on. But there should be no reason as the aircraft should stay put.