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  1. Flysimware

    Flysimware got a new texture artist

    Full blown specular maps for parts like the wood really bring out the grain. Leather specular coming soon!
  2. Flysimware

    Flysimware got a new texture artist

    More images added. We are also making the VC window pains thicker and modeling a new ceiling and will have images soon.
  3. Flysimware


    Test 13 we are very confident because we went even further back. And when we tried to add a specific group of parts it started to flash. So i updated the older group manually once again so it would not be a bugged group.So we may have found the bad parts. Keep me posted.
  4. Flysimware


    I agree as i find this model when updated with future work starts to flash for me in steam as well. I am going to use an much older model and work from there.
  5. Flysimware is grateful for a new talented texture artist with previous sim development history to be joining the party. Wicketbacon is working hard on the Falcon 50 creating the interior textures to look as good of quality as the systems Flysiwmare produces. And we hope as good as the competition. Keep an eye on this thread as Wicketbacon or i post texture samples showing the progress as the Falcon 50 evolves. The window framing is now thicker. The 2 front window panes are also now thicker. These images are showing the progress of the ceiling and outer walls but not finished. Hope you like as more to come!
  6. Flysimware


    We are using the -2 engine. And we found that each hour we burned fuel the rate in the sim was not dropping as much as real world. And because of this we we have to have the fuel burn rate slightly higher so the fuel consumption is correct by the time you burn all the fuel. So we are very happy with our results.
  7. Flysimware


    So Bill and Wink both confirmed the flashing was gone. But i have another fellow on email who tried test 10 and right away said using steam it failed. I just don't understand this outcome he stated as we are using an older model that worked. So let me know if this test 10 does in fact work over a few flights. I have a feeling this other guy may have not tested correctly.
  8. Flysimware


    Yes we reverted some code back to the model that caused the annunciator light issues.
  9. Flysimware

    Falcon 50 GPU

    Had a few issues with V1.5 so just waiting for good news as we are testing V1.6 right now. So not too long.
  10. Flysimware


    Al and i found this new test is stable on P3D, FSX and Steam. We used the model from version 1.3 and updated it. So by going backwards should bypass the bugged scene. Planning on releasing our next version tomorrow. Please post feedback.
  11. Flysimware

    Flashing ANN Panel

    We tried moving a bunch of annunciator code from the model to external logic. And we had a few reports of the same issue. We plan to thin out the new code or revert back. Thanks for the report.
  12. Flysimware


    New test as we found some issues with the last test for FSX. Once tested remind us with what sim you tested on please.
  13. Flysimware


    Here is a test interior model that can be tested before we release a new version. Al gets no flashing on steam edition. So i think this may works as i made some improvements. Looking forward to your feedback. Replace the Falcon50_interior.MDL file located inside the Falcon 50 model folder. FSX-SE model folder is typically located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\FLYSIM Falcon 50\model FSX model folder is located here: C:\ .... \FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\FLYSIM Falcon 50\model
  14. Flysimware

    Lear 35A major update coming soon!

    Coming Soon! Learjet 35A Improvements January 2019 1. New autopilot panel with real world layout. Includes new buttons and new modes and lights for increased realism. For example a LRN (Long Range Navigation) light now indicates GPS course capture on the NAV mode button as in the real a/c. A FNL (Final) light indicates when your setup for approach and under 1000 AGL. 2. Improved Flight Director response time when the Flight Director is deselected (removed delay when FD arms retract.) 3. Updated landing and taxi lights. Landing lights now better illuminate the runway starting from a height of about 100ft as viewed from the cockpit. 4. Combined the Altitude Alerter and Altimeter gauges as will be required by the FAA starting in 2020. 5. Updated cockpit lighting to improve visibility of switches, etc. 6. Updated electrical system with more accurate voltages and to better simulate HSI and Altimeter gauges dependency on electrical power. 7. Fixed bug causing cabin pressure knob to get stuck. 8. Fixed an inherent sim bug that allowed the RMI to incorrectly point towards a Localizer source. 9. Updated Glide Slope capture code to better warn of Glide Slope deviations. 10. Updated calibration of the AOA gauges for improved realism. 11. Improved accuracy of the engine ITT gauges. 12. Updated the flight dynamics. 13. A number of minor updates such as adding sound to the No Smoking and Seatbelt switches, relocated the Avionics switch, removed some erroneous sounds, etc. 14. New custom nav and beacon lights for improving size for FSX and P3D. 15. The P3D preview window will show the aircraft model at the correct alignment and size. 16. Added missing cigarette lighter plug and audio jacks in cabin for each station. 17. Updated the Flight Manual.