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  1. Hello, This is a long history of looking around what the problem was. I was getting black buildings and decided to reinstall and step by step apply addons to catch the cause. So this was the begining - Notice black buildings all around: Then reinstalled P3D V4 again and maxed settings with PMDG + ORBX SCA, results where perfect, so it was not about using the texturemaxload, or raising up the multiplier: Then after reinstall PTA presents(The brand new updated available, and using MattDavies preset included), well - back again to the problem, black buildings.... So dont know how, but this is what i found. I can not reverse it, not even applying defaults. I will have to reinstall. Anyone with simmilar problems?
  2. I did try to install and it is not finding the V4 or its not compatible yet. I got that message from VFX Central, so... +1
  3. Wel, that was a private message, but i would kindly request to Flysimware Team a little patience with customers. My experience with V4 has been very dramatic, i´ve reinstalled it several times because of incompatibilities and sceneries/aircraft not really updated that finally damaged something in the V4 core systems, leading to disaster... So far, im very very carefull about installing addons into V4, so i make sure the developers "clearly" indicates that their products are fully compatible before attempting anything. After all "All P3D versions" sounds to me like kind of ambiguous message found in several cases where products were actually not updated to V4. In fact, the 2.9 installer is still not listing P3DV4, so there you go... I really appreciate the hard work, i saw the message in the Facebook site about the PL manager updated to V4, so for sure i will add many more hours of flight to this wonderfull bird. What are you doing reading this????? Lets go testing...!
  4. Thanks for sharing.... Great News! Lets 777!
  5. Ou, Excellent. We have few links here for presets. BTW, i was not sure about installing V3 presets on V4. I got my sim damaged several times trying to migrate things with different software so that i dont feel like im doing that, but after reading your experiences, well, im going to grab a beer and see....
  6. Okay, yes i know about ADAM´s and im looking for his updates, but.... you know that i mean...
  7. Hello flightsimmers, Are there any available presets compilation or, website for V4 presents? If not, may be it´ll be a good idea to... Okay, Just me trying to get the best from PTA V4
  8. +1 .. Donated already. This is a must. Congratulations and thanks
  9. Ups. Did not work a 2nd reinstall. Check here...
  10. umm ok, another beer today... ;-P
  11. Hello Elaine and guys, I did a full reinstall after trying everything. Is good now, so i reinstalled everything backwards... I found the guity application. If i try to reinstall T2G VHHH into V4 like pointing to its directory, the sim gets corrupted somehow. It was not IVAP installation, it was not Drzewiecki sceneries just released(that i just installed backwards last time). So definitelly, something to do with migrating things to V4. Watch this link, i think there is something we should pay attention to. Thanks for support...
  12. I installed the IVAP(Ivao software - 32 bit), installed T2G VHHH pointing to V4 root folder (as KSEA/LTBA/LFPG worked) and the just released for V4 Drzewiecki Washington and Miami(Official). Then tryed to load up...and got the error
  13. Hello, same issue here, When i first open P3DV4, i get no thumbnails and i notice very few visual information on the right rectangle too. Also, when trying to fly, i get a CTD when it starts to load... This is how it looks like when initiating the sim: Also tried the guide, and full default resert as seen in other video, but not working...
  14. Great news! Lets go flying!
  15. Ow... Ammm...... Lets grab a beer and wait then....