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  1. That is exactly what i need. Using other payware brands like PMDG, or even default aircrafts, when i switch TX to ON/ALT internally inside the 3d cabin, the IVAO application automatically switch it on for the network i use. I bet thats what you mean about the link betwen P3D and GTN, should be operative already, but not working for me. All right, i will try that and see what happen. Bruce, thank you for your info as well. Let me try this advices and ill be back.... Happy flying! 😎
  2. Thank you bruce.... I added the lines to the FSUIPC Ini file as shown: [LuaFiles] 1=RXPGTN750_XPDR_MODE_C Also, included the exact file you sent me(Thank you BTW), to the FSUIPC folder. But is not working. Transponder doesnt change when selecting STBY - ALT - ON through RXP GTN750. I read something about the LUA file but related to the panel folder of the aircraft(in my case, the FSW LJ35A), but no luck then neither. Can you help me find the culprit? Sent my FSUIPC INI file via PM....
  3. Hello Jean, Thank you... I mean the 2nd option: When you change the XPDR setting it stays put IN THE GTN , but it doesn't change in the ¿simulator? nor the IVAP/Altitude... I still have to turn it on and off manually for the network.
  4. Hello guys, New to RXP, already compreted the setup for my FSW LJ35A, but i notice the transponder is not working. I mean, the code changes as per introduced in the GTN(To IVAO Altitude - client i use), but the turn on(C Mode) / off or ident functions are not working. I notice my setup seems correct - Transponder is enabled, but not sure if i got to do something else: Ive read around about a script, but not sure if today(2022) i really need to mess with those settings to get it work. I use FSUIPC, let you know because ive seem several mods around but again, im not sure if it is needed. Thanks in advance for your support,
  5. Ou, found it! in the Turbojet Forum (Sorry). Here the link just in case Happy Flying 😎
  6. Hello guys, I notice the altitude hold of the autopilot seems to suddenly disconnet. Altitude drops or increases and autopilot authority seems to malfunction(does nothing about it). I remember an update in the past but did a search around and cant find it. Also noticed V4.3c is still latest version, right?. Thanks for support...
  7. How did you added Roland radar to LJ35A? Im stuck, since there are no WX entries in the Panel CFG, (not installed WX obviously not compatible with P3DV5.4HF2)... Thanks....
  8. Hello guys, Is there any possibility to get Learjet updated to support the GNS530 RXP? I mean, the Learjet deserves the update for the 530 as well, right? Such as a wonderful airplane! Sad that the radar is not going to be updated, i really miss it. BTW, still insterested in the modification above, cant see the images now, and my attepmt to switch over the RXP gps was not succesful... Thanks for support...
  9. Ok bruce, I did unistalled EZCA, reinstalled ground up and used EZCA See the official site. It is working. Not sure if everything ok, feels rough and slow(may be got to config everything again), but is working so far.... Still looking for that update.... 🍻 Happy Flying!
  10. Im with Bruce, cant get it to work after i updated to HF2. Ive read around a problem related to simmconnect, win10 and win 11. Ive tried all kind of things, now i pray for god´s hand to make it work, or wait for F1 to update the EZCA. 😅
  11. Hello Bert, still on time to get the updated texture? Thanks in advance... Raphael
  12. Thank you for the MOD... Any updates so far BTW? Happy Flying
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