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  1. VC Colours Errors P3DV4

    Thanks for reply...
  2. VC Colours Errors P3DV4

    Hello guys, Im experiencing specifically this colour erros on the 737 VC. Im flying normally and suddenly i get this: This happens occasionally and im not sure why is that.... But once is present, there is nothing i can do to solve it but restarting the P3DV4. Any clue? Txs
  3. PMDG 747-400v3 QOTS II Repaint Thread

    Thanks Shawnn for the links, the Supertanker is really beautifull...
  4. Goodbye Beautiful

    Ohh man, learning to fly the QOTSII and they are all being retired in real life! Wait a minute: If everybody is moving to EWB airplanes, i wonder what about PMDG? Airbus A350 might be next? Well, i see there is a Dreamliner flying already(QW) so.... A380, A350 left...
  5. B200 and C208 P3DV4

    Solved. Simmarket actually posted a different link for the V4 version(which is also backward compatible). So i was indeed installing the files from my older order, apparently not updated or linked to the new file. Is working now. Thanks
  6. B200 and C208 P3DV4

    mmmm weird, SM Customer support indicates that there is nothing to check.... But then i re-downloaded and reinstalled(actually installer was exactly as last picture - No V4 option) and: I did it fresh, no AV and Admin.... All right, im contacting Carenado....
  7. B200 and C208 P3DV4

    Ooookey, the installer i downloaded had to be pointed manually, may be i just downloaded too soon and Simmarket was still updating it... I just tried right now and seems like they still have old file.... No automatic V4 detection/no automatic option for V4: The C90B Aircraft`s installer(recently updated too), actually pointed automatically to V4, you really have the option, so i understand what you say. C90B is working perfectly... Well, have to wait ... May be open a Ticket to SMarket...
  8. B200 and C208 P3DV4

    All right, i will wait a bit for download from simmarket again. Can you confirm if the installer points automatically to the V4 folder? (Like other V4 Carenado airplanes)
  9. B200 and C208 P3DV4

    Can anyone confirm if updated de Bechcraft? I see the facebook states the B200 is updated, but Carenado website list does not include that one.... I downloaded the aircraft, installed into V4*Had to point to the root folder( and inside V4 is not really working at all, transparent cabin, not flying at all, etc), so......
  10. Great news! The Learjet 35A running on V4 is definitely like falling in love!
  11. Update for P3D v4

    Back to action! Wow LJ + V4 is amazing! Thanks for effort! Looking forward for Radar updates and more paints....
  12. Update for P3D v4

    Yeeeeeeeeeeah! Lets go back to Sedona!
  13. Update for P3D v4

    Dis you nottice Flysimware update about LJ35 & 64 bits? "The Lear35A and the MU-2B latest versions are available at my store. Update info and other stores will be updated soon. The main reason for this update is they now work for P3D V4. 2 DLL's are updated without doing anything. The payload manager included in the zip has a installer for V4. http://www.flysimware.com/FLYSTORE_2015/en/" Apparently will be available from monday ahead... Hope it is finally updated soon...
  14. Update for P3D v4

    Txs for the update...
  15. Unable to Fly In V4 post 777 update

    Nevermind, tired of trying and messing around, decided to format and reinstall everything. Worked, at this time im back to fly after 6 days reinstall. Thanks to all for support