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  1. Thank you for the MOD... Any updates so far BTW? Happy Flying
  2. Hello captains, Happy to see these updating threads. BTW can you help me find some more liveries por this bird? (sorry to swerve for a short stop on this topic) I see no mutch options around, only 4 through avsim..... BTW, im trying Dave´s mood and see....😎🍻 Happy Flying!
  3. Thank you again... BTW i can confirm that i was able to perform normal checklist with my manual in the tablet. I noticed it is kind of difficult to pronounce some words for the system(Like rudder, man flex XX SRS, and some others) and i really miss the briefing voice(read about the reason it is not in the manual, but i do miss it a lot). In any case, yep, the flow works well from my side. Looking forward for that update. Happy Flying and thanks for support! 😎
  4. Same here, "Climb Flow" blinking, no solution found yet. I will just retry everything in a while. But, Why cant we just advance forward the stage as in other F2C versions? Well i cant do it using the UP/DOWN arrows like before... Just an option to think about... Sometimes, for training, for mistakes etc, it is useful still id say.... Happy Flying!
  5. Ou, thanks for clarifying... Actually, i couldnt find precise info to make sure, just general statement "with all hotfixes" and some info through forums, but actually found the "Not HF1 compatible + disable EA" comments up in their forum. For some reason, when uninstalling WX, im back to the air with my Learjet.... After installing it, i get CTD upon loading flight, just as others reported....When tried renaming the DLL im back to fly again...but when reinstalling and getting WX again active, well CTDs are back...... Something different i recently did was updating Nvidia drivers, dont know if this move could affect, besides that, nothing that i remember... It was working well few days ago. I appreciate your advice, already wrote to MV Support about it. For isntance i took the upgrade offer few weeks ago, thanks for remembering, may be some pilots dont know yet... I´ll be back when i discover the CTD root cause... Txs
  6. Thank you all, usefull information for me. Im using P3DV5 HF1, upgraded to WX Radar since i read it is V5 compatible and found that it is not ready for V5/HF1.... Geeeee... Well, back to my Dual GTN option..... BTW itll be cool to have single 750/650 options without the Radar, for expl, only 1 GTN and no radar, or 750+650 no radar.....etc....... so we can have those options until we get the WX radar updates..... 😎 Happy flying!
  7. Wow very usefull information for the Leardicts.... 🙂
  8. Thank you, i was looking for it. Happy Flying!
  9. Thanks, Yep, after first install, it worked normally but i havent flown for a while, so after comming back to the sim i notice the thingy is back..... I will try to get the F35 loaded and switch to the Lear afterwards. I´ll let you know....
  10. Hello guys, After installing 4.3c everything worked normally, or at least that is what i thought, but im having the same issue again 😕 For instance, no matter what i do, i get no light for the autpilot buttons at all. Ive read lot of avices like the mod in panel.cfg(which it is included in the 4.3c update already), also read about this method on P3DV5, but wont work for me at all.... I will try to reinstall the Learjet and see what happens.... Last resource for now... Any advice will be appreciated...
  11. Usefull information Steve, thanks.... BTW, it would be usefull 2 things: 1- Why do we need to expand windows when there are more options in the drop down feature? Itll be nice if the winddows auto-expanded so we dont have to. Its really anoying to star looking for that External View 12 when you want to take "the shot", a lot of clicks and stuff to reach it.... 2- Definitely a key mapping to turn HUD info ON/OFF would be a nice gift as well.... Happy flying....
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