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  1. Yeee.... Lets see if they show up the support they use to bark about.... Im fine with using the sim load manager. At the end, its all about flying with the numbers and comparing(i love to do so) with achieved performance.... Definitely the fancy LJ Manager is something i miss before every flight, but changing or downgrading looks a bit time consuming for me..... and dont mention that there is a MSFS 2024 around the corner..... so id recommend only one thing to you all: Fly!! ✈️ dont waste your time in software traps for now... 😅
  2. Following conversation...5.4 user here..... Couldnt make it work either..... Tried everything, even prayed! 😅 I hope it can be fixed soon... 😎 Thank you....
  3. Greeeeat! I feel like updating to V6, got to practice pro IFR with RXP 430s / 530s......... 😉
  4. Greeeeat - Thank you..... !!!! Lets get the Lear to 5.4 skies then.... 😎
  5. Question, sorry.... Are Flysimware products 5.4 compatible? 😉
  6. Thank you Jay, OMG very detailed information.... I will perform a P3D5.4 fresh install and i use RXP GNS430 and GTN for real life Commercial training, so you cant imagine how important they are for me. Im reinstalling my P3D during the week and be back for GSN430 feedback for eveyone interested in... Happy flying!
  7. Hello flightsimmers, Im more concerned about the LJ35A but i bet this is something interesting for everyone upon the newly updated P3D5.4... Thanks for support,
  8. Hello guys, Prepar3D v5.4 is now available and i wonder if RXP products will work on the newly updated sim. I use the GTN and the GNS430 Happy flying!
  9. Hello again.... Solved! I updated the sound drivers and still using the Wireless headset without problems so far(Several flights completed). I guess there was something outdated causing problems. Thanks for support and happy flying!
  10. Alrighty then! I guess im studying too mutch... 🙂 Let me try that and see what happens. Well........ for the while, i will be very busy..... may be tomorrow 😇 Happy Flying!
  11. Well, this is a very interesting thread. I had the A320/321(Not the 319) and just bought the 320/321-SL today.... After flying the PMDGs for years, and i went through HNAC, Feelthere, Aerosoft & FSL buses, there is nothing dissapointing for me about the 737, BUT i wish i could install the NGX from P3DV4 to P3DV5.... So I got the FSL-SL Buses bundle and paid 90 for both and all the addons work already with it(GSX, FS2C etc), definitely is a great investment. MSFS is good, but im studying to achieve my CAX certificate and all realsimgear and addons thingies are way more developed for P3D yet(even my academy´s simulator uses P3D) so im going to use this sim a lot more than expected. Also, a contribution for the developers is always a good point pay attention to, i wish FSL lands into MSFS in a near future when it becomes more like a mature simulator IMHO. So, welcome Sharkies! Lets save some money and get some happy flying/studying hours on the journey to CAX! 😅
  12. Hello, thanks for the fast response. I use Logitech G935 wireless headset.... sometimes when switching voice output through windows from G935 to my pc speakers(In order to study or listen videos), for some reason, the FS2C system wont recognize its inputs anymore when going backward to headset audio. No matter if i reset audio. Actually, i can even test the system and hear into the G935 the test function, but the command green line is not appearing anymore no matter if i forward or go backward on the Checklist steps on F2C(hence discarting the "ohh i miss one step" error). I realized that windows can hear my audio, i can even activate and listen my voice throught the speakers thinking on a muted mic thingy, but F2C is not working anymore.... I will be updating my audio drivers(Noticed a new version) and be back if everything ok then. Happy flying!
  13. Hello flightsimmers, I´d appreciate some support here. Definitely is related to the magvar thingy read here.... i unistalled RXP and seems to work perfectly.... but the REalsomgear GPS wont work without it....😅 This bug seems to appear from time to time. Is it possible to get it evaluated ? V2.4.22.0 at the time of this post. Thanks for support,
  14. Hello boys, Thats exactly the problem. Everything works normally, but after takeoff (Not sure if specific step flow) it stops working. I notice that because the "green line" with my voice commands is not appearing anymore, no matter if i skip the step forward or backward or if i yell at the mic. The system is not responding anymore, so i continue my flight without FS2C. Sometimes it happens if i stay too mutch in the ground during flight prepration (So probabbly not a step issue, but....time issue?). P3DV5 HF2 + F2C V2.1 FSlabs Thanks in advance for your support,
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