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  1. So, a few steps ahead pre-alpha and thousands of post and videos later...... Is it worth investing on some addons yet? I can tell how nice thoughs i found here in the thread, what a good time reading all opinions. But i admit that for me, all of those were nearly useless, because i just bought another addon right now! 😂 Gee I personally enjoy so mutch flight simulation that im tempted to look for the very sought/wanted products as well. Dont mention the A330 ...ohh so late, but who cares! Get it.......and even the FSLABs, ohh the wonderful CRJ upgraded, and what about PMDG? (Not getting the NGXu was a difficult decision for me, i have them all), but yep, definitelly im not getting my cart filled as before, specially for sceneries, ive read that this development is way different in FS2020.... and i bet aircraft development too, but i hope some can be discounted(not ported, i dont have a sent of hope about porting things). It is this feeling of loosing everything again what makes me thing: OK, like FS2000, then 2002, FSX, then FSX Vs Xplane......and then we had the huge amount of sceneries and addons to explore(i think we missed mars, saturn and some of thos far away planets to be released as well..... aaaaand Puffff P3D..... and now finally 64bits.......Ohh wait, Here it comes! MSFS!!!!! 😵 Yeah, it hurts on your pocket! Based on current game development insights, feels like 2020 is going to be a great one... So i decided to save some bucks and continue a little step ahead to CPL instead of investing on too many addons...... Fells like more transcendental. ✌️ Ohh wait.... I need another rudder pedals 😎 Happy Flying!
  2. Another observation. When lowering down the gears, the Hydraulic sound keeps "on" in the background.... at least that is what it sounds like.... and remains continuously until touchdown....is this normal? Sounds a bit weird to me.... Or may be the wind truly whistles like that when lowering the gear on a learjet?
  3. +1 Happening to mee again, and loading F35 did not work before for me.... i even loaded de piper cub..... This time i prepared a cargo model, took off and noticed the lighting problem. First time happening using HF2. Im comming from a full format fresh install, so it is something to look at... Thanks for support
  4. All right, i was confused... 😅 Found my widely used manual and definitely Max continuous thrust is 832 c and ITT values are over there... In any case, definitely feels like more tight to table performance i think. Will fly a bit more and get the hang of it again... Happy Flying! 😎
  5. Hello, Lets go scientific... Im struggling to climb using high performance figures, i got to get the airplane to its maximun temp performance and all i get is a subtile positive VSI to achieve a imperceptible rate of climb.... I feel the new updated plane king of weak... This is climbing to F400, going above F380 and engine temperature up to 745(which ive read is max continuous for short periods, also read this article where the Cp explains going to 800ITT to achieve +4500fpm, which is confusing for me according to readings 745 max)....but anyway i feel like, the aircraft does not climb as expected. May be if ambient temperature is hot you feel the difference(and actually you do, specially during takeoffs), but its -40 outside.... so...... i dont know, may i im testing the new updated dinamics... Is this normal? Have you experienced that with the new updated LJ? Where can i find some realistic info about performance temperature TO and Climb?....i have read some manuals and i havent read anything about 800 degrees or more but 745 max... In any case i think i was flying a light aircraft, so weight.....may be was not a factor at that time... Thanks for sharing....
  6. I dont know mutch about the fuel BIAS but, anything like 23% is probabbly too mutch for an aircraft, right?..... i mean, i bet the PFPX profile needs some touch..... urgent! Please update PFPX file... 👍
  7. Sorry to undust, but im going to give it a try following your instructions for P3DV4.5 HF2..... MDPP is a must... what a shame it is not updated to V4....
  8. Good to hear.... so it is compatible with P3D HF2 Update.... I hope the door light get some love soon. Happy Flying!
  9. Definitely.... Thanks Now more than ever that we have the beautifull PBR textures....
  10. Hello guys, Latest update is just impressive. Im going to add several more hours to my Learjet!... BTW, have you noticed the door light intensity? Seems too strong, or is it some config i got to try? Happy flying! 😎
  11. Hello, PM Sent. Also opened a ticket through the web. Thanks for support
  12. Can anyone please let me know if this issue is somehow being addressed? Feels like no one is willing to even undust the topic...no response, no support.... Am i going to invest to get the other products effects on something not working for the actuals? No guarantees after all.......is something going on around that i dont know may be, something being fixed, updated...? Thanks for support
  13. Hello, this is not working for me. Uninstalled the 747 feature and reinstalled it today. After opening VFX again y notice there are no customization possible, just available uninstall button.... and also happening it is not working during flight... same as other users... This is happening since 4.4 and no solution working for me so far..... Thanks for support
  14. Hello, After releasing V4.5 i performed some flights an didnt solve the issue.😕 I dont know if related to some graphic enhance addon, but when you clean reinstall P3D seems to work fine... Wow, this is getting longer than i thought... These lighting patterns looks so ugly that i dont even want to use the plane... Looking for some advices... (Not the reinstall everything one....) 😜
  15. Solved! Just enabling Vsync and Triple buffering did the job P3D4.5..... Thanks.... 😎👍
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