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  1. Txs for the update...
  2. Nevermind, tired of trying and messing around, decided to format and reinstall everything. Worked, at this time im back to fly after 6 days reinstall. Thanks to all for support
  3. Check this thread for some paints and also check avsim library.
  4. So you just did this? 1- Took lastest version 2.9 and manually install into V4(Since there is no V4 installer) 2- Installed PL Manager for V4(Released by FSW weeks ago) 3- Fly No sound problems etc? I really wonder why is that the developer is not responding anymore, i see lot of persons arguing about some this kind of failures...
  5. Hello flightsimmers, Im reviewing as well about any update given current circumstances... i wonder if its possible to update the original post, or create a new one? May be the best "Inspector" Settings for current simulators and current software availability? (Just saying)... I wonder if, for 64 bits, i can rise the bar a bit in terms of Nvidia/Inspector, and i bet its everyone´s desire at this time... Thanks in advance and happy flying
  6. So, there is some movement around the LJ.....
  7. Congratulations! For sure is a dream-bird, now became real!
  8. Thanks, but i tried everything about the error im getting. i revised viewallreports via W10 and it states that the faulty archive is kernelbase.dll each CTD. Inside the guide i found few steps to solve this kernelbase.dll and performed as indicated: 1- I had an outdated Nvidia Driver, but reinstalling didnt do it. still getting CTDs with 747/777 2- Scanned my system for corrupt/missing files. Nothing found here, everything ok... 3- Disabled startup programs by typing msconfig in the Windows search box --> keept the basic. Did not fix it neither 4-User Profile Corrupted – revised, did not find anything here, just some adjustment and nop, didnt fix it... 5- Removed all my scenery and some i couldnt disable were manually moved outside their original folder to force disabling.... but... didnt do it. Still getting CTDs with 747/777 6- removed Prepar3D.CFG and restarted - Same thing... If it is true that KERNELBASE.DLL is the faulty archive, and its nothing to do with P3D / PMDG, the solution is pointing to a very sad direction ... :-(
  9. jummm... Well, results were not positive. Uninstalled/reinstalled client but still getting the CTDs when loading 747/777 :-(
  10. Excellent Pete.... i will try that when finishing flying :-)
  11. Definitely no luck. After ORBX Vector is out, im not sure about reinstalling everything "to see if 777/747 work" or wait for PMDG to review the cases and continue flying the 737.
  12. Hello, I get the CTD few seconds after load up(finished counting of PMDG load up), sometimes more seconds, sometimes less, but as soon as loaded, i can sit and xpect the CTD few seconds after. Alex, let us know if reinstalling P3DV4 did it for you, so we could say its not about pmdg. I just discovered that 737 works okay(getting the low FPS but is ok for now).... but 747/777 wont load up, im still getting CTDs...
  13. Final Test: Unistalled 747 and reinstalled 772 Base only(No paints, no other addons loaded). Loaded up, default scenery location, and the result: Well, this is definitelly something around PMDG.... I was flying last saturday. Only difference is that the PC updated on July 13th and the PMDG update released that i just installed today and pump.... not working anymore... Okay, S-O-S ... Definitely something to do with last PMDG update according to results...
  14. Okay, Next i tried was to unistall windows last updates, may be some malfunctions arounds were due to that, actually i unistalled the Flash Player update too: Before those updates my last update was in early june, so everything was fine from that date, so i did not mess with that. Restarted, normal procedure, opened P3DV4 only(No AS or other addons), loaded PMDG and the result: :-(
  15. No luck. Unistalled and deleted everything from PMDG. Then downloaded and decided to go acrft by acrft and see if it was something else. Well, Test No.1 - PMDG 747 --> Result: Same thing.... Fresh install... during the load up seconds i get the CTD.... This is happening with PMDG only... Geeeeee