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  1. matt511

    GoFlight driver update for v4 available.

    Hi Guys could you let me know if there is a GFDev.DLL version compatible with P3d V4? Thanks Matt Attwell
  2. matt511

    FSUIPC5 VAS display

    Hang on, a bit confused here, (old and thick!). Are we talking about GPU ram , (1080 with 8gb) or system memory, (16g.) Or both together? I somehow thought that the relevant VAS upper in P3d V4 was my 8gb video card memory and the system memory used in 64 bit OS was the super high limit great for general program code, multiple software running but not used as video memory . Apologies for asking a stupid question, but could you take a few seconds to put me straight? Many thanks Matt Attwell
  3. ahhhhh! That was annoying setting major change as default. Took me ages to figure out why half my switches and knobs in the PMDG 777 suddenly stopped working. Don't think that's going to be a popular feature! Was seconds away from trying to uninstall/re-install PMDG and P3d when I went through the final "disable every add on test!" Luckily I'm retired so no real flying time wasted, still suppose that's the risk of "experimental", but I do think it is a poor feature due to the way the mouse interacts with the cockpit in P3D/FSX. M Attwell
  4. Hi, Hope someone can help. I have found chaseplane tricky to use. I have the latest version which now supports trackir viewing by pressing center mouse button great, but as the aircraft turns the view jerks, makes me nauseated! I have fine VAS and FPS over 30. I really just want the various vibrations, trackIR support and mouse looking. everything is fine apart from the jerking. Any ideas? Matt Attwell
  5. matt511

    GTN750 and Nav2

    Hi Bob. Thanks a million Has made a difference can now do ILS descents when it's poor visibility. Can I ask one other question? Love the aircraft but on landing I seem to have a bit of a problem controlling steering just after touch down, hard move usually to the right and I have even with full left rudder and brake a real problem keeping on the runway. I have it a little in say the Mitusibshi from Flysimware but the Cessna does it a lot more. It's probably a real life thing but I wondered if you get it too? Thanks again for the help, Indinfind Flysimware aircraft a real feeling compared to real aircraft I flown (smaller!). Kind Regards Matt Attwell
  6. matt511

    GTN750 and Nav2

    Hi Bob Did you ever solve this? I have the same issue and I think it stops the ILS descent component as well. Cheers Matt Attwell
  7. matt511

    Mitsubishi MU 2 ILS Approach Question

    Hi was wondering if you ever solved this as I seem to be in same position, not a massive deal but tricky I'm using a model with the GTN 750 Thanks Matt Attwell
  8. Excellent, just what I needed, Thanks very much Stans Matt Attwell
  9. matt511

    Cessna Conquest II update

    Appreciate the guys are really busy so not rush But I'd like this too )
  10. matt511

    Sim Labs A320

    Just to join in I'd be very interested in a Flightsim labs Airbus FS2Crew product, really! I would also expect to pay a higher price for it, that would be fine. I appreciate it's going to be a real top end product! Cant wait for you to get started Whatever it costs I'll get it!! All the best Matt Attwell
  11. Hi all, I'm designing a new livery for the Mitsubishi changing the PSD format material supplied from the Flysimware website. I've looked in the FSX and Prepar3d and the Textures are BMP files. My software (Affinity for a mac) wont export the files in a BMP format. I would be helpful if there is a decent bit of software others have used to convert the files reliably that someone could recommend. I'm sure there are forum questions on how to install the new livery so I'll take a look for that, would be great if there was a little app to do it rather than manually, backing up the previous. I might write one actually. (The Mitsubishi MU2B-60 is my favorite aircraft, along with the Lear.....the turbo cessna 441.....Grumman etc Kind Regards Matt Attwell
  12. Just an update, not anything to do with the Lear or weather radar. Was a corrupted dll.xml file.
  13. Hi all, Really pleased with the Lear update. I am having an issue that is probably nothing to do with the update but I thought I would ask as part of my troubleshooting. After the update I'm getting the familiar (to fsx and prepar3d users) pauses of about 7 seconds after take off. Often thought of as a scenery loading issue this is more often a simconnect issue. As I said I doubt it's the Lear update but I did wonder if anyone else had experienced it. Kind regards Matt Attwell
  14. Hi all, Any ideas on how to get rid of the black clouds? Restoring realshader backup I've tried uninstalling real shader pack. Deleting my shader cache. Doing a p3d repair. Reinstalling content msi, client msi. Any other ideas? Or am I at the point of reinstalling my entire setup! May I very respectfully suggest that we get the first post in this thread with the download either amended or create a "sticky" above it warning that the current version will trash v3.3, I wish I had read the whole thread before installing, only get one day off a week and spent most of it trying to correct this :(
  15. matt511

    Flysimware Lear 35a

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone would have a go at a module for the flysimware Learjet, (my favourite aircraft) I'd be happy to pay/donate if one of you techies could pick it up. I currently use linda for Majestic dash 8 and the Pmdg birds. Thanks Matt