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    I've been using Flight Sims since the Bruce Artwick days and through the many evolutions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    I had a break for a few years (after building my own cockpit ) and late 2016 built a new powerful Windows 10 computer and installed Prepar3d will all the ORBX and REX and ActiveSky goodies.

    Will also be flying X-Plane once X-Plane 11 is released.

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  1. Hi Stephen, I can vouch that it works perfectly with no performance hit. So nice to have moving maps again. Love Navigraph!
  2. Definitely a bug. Playing with the Avionics switch does nothing. Also can't call up ATC in this plane but works in all the others. Hope they fix it soon
  3. So true @cwburnett And the fact that we were so much younger then may have something to do with it 😉
  4. Unfortunately I have to totally agree with you on this. Was so excited when I purchased and flew this plane and it showed such promise (and still does). Would only take 5 minutes to do a post and end all the speculation if this is totally dead in the water (which I suspect it is) or if its going to be worked on again one day and live up to its potential. The Website is still up and it’s still be sold for USD$39.95 (which is a lot of money in AUD$) and I would be very annoyed if I bought it today and then found that nothing has happened on it for months and it may not ever get any more updates on it as P3D moves forwards. We don’t need to know WHY its no longer being worked on but literally the 5 minutes it would take to tell us that it is dead forever or may be resurrected would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for your very detailed response @cwburnett I also run at 4K hence why I’ll be looking for as much VRAM as I can get with my next card upgrade. On a more nostalgic note I can remember the excitement in buying my first graphics card driven by the release of Wolfenstein on the PC to move into the world of 3D gaming. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3dfx_Interactive . It had a massive 4Mb of EDO DRAM for its video frame buffer. We all thought it was magic at the time and thus the “voodoo chipset” it used was very appropriately named. Everything has come a LONG way since then 🙂
  6. Thanks for the link. The bit that caught my eye is “available 2020”. I soo hope that is true! 🙂
  7. Interesting you are on an all AMD system. I’m hoping AMD continues to innovate to keep Intel and Nvidia prices down 🙂 . When I do my research for my next PC upgrade (when MSFS is in the field and the real world specs are known) I will be looking at an AMD solution with great interest.
  8. Thanks for your insights! I can remember the bad old days when DRAM when through similar supply chain constraints (for different reasons) and doubled or tripled in price and was hard to get. I’m also interested in the new console releases (presumably this year) and no doubt you right on how their release will affect the supply chain.
  9. I will also be due for a hardware upgrade by the time MSFS is released. Like you will be watching carefully and doing my research once we know a lot more about how to get maximum performance from MSFS. Doing the research is always the fun part, but spending the money isn’t 🙂
  10. That’s interesting re the 9GB. Thanks! I understand how the API’s work and the fact that with greater power comes greater responsibility 🙂 I don’t know much about Asobo yet but coming up to speed fast.
  11. Thank you @FAZZ3 Nice to be back 🙂 Looking forward to it!
  12. I know there are no specs out yet, and Alpha testers are under an NDA, but I'm interested in your thoughts on how much VRAM you will be looking for with your next graphics card. Having just read all the posts on the flaming dumpster fire that is the "VRAM issue" in P3Dv5, even if MSFS has a better memory management solution (i.e. doesn't just crash like P3D when it runs out of VRAM) when it moves to DX12, I'm thinking a large amount of VRAM is going to be the preferred option if you want stunning visuals. Based on the various rumours of cards coming out this year there will be consumer cards with 16Gb however no doubt they are going to be expensive. So there are basically 2 questions here: 1. Do you think the new MSFS will require a large amount of VRAM when it moves to DX12 to achieve the best visual experience? 2. Do you see any hope for reasonably priced cards with large amounts of VRAM in 2020 or 2021
  13. Thank you @GSalden. It was touch and go (pun intended) for awhile as I went straight to Stage 4 (I never do things by halves) but in remission now and hopefully going to stay that way. Just got to make sure I don't catch the dreaded virus now but in a pretty safe part of the world, North Eastern Tasmania, Australia and we don't have a single reported case here yet (last time I checked). We also have a very sensible state Premier who is right on top of doing whatever it takes to keep us safe. Look forward to being an active member of this forum as we all anticipate our dream flight sim :-)
  14. Thanks @domkle. It has rekindled my enthusiasm for flight sim again and have been spending the last couple of days getting my P3D v4.5 rig back up to speed with all my many (too many lol) add-ons and airports. With the hope of this coming sometime this year )or early 2021, I'll stay at 4.5 and enjoy what I have until its released. I actually starting "flight sim" with "Lunar Lander" on a DEC10 Mainframe using a line printer but that is a whole other story :-)
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