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    I've been using Flight Sims since the Bruce Artwick days and through the many evolutions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    I had a break for a few years (after building my own cockpit ) and late 2016 built a new powerful Windows 10 computer and installed Prepar3d will all the ORBX and REX and ActiveSky goodies.

    Will also be flying X-Plane once X-Plane 11 is released.

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  1. PaulFWatts

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    lol DavidP. Even that is up for debate as many will say it's a simulation and not a game 🙂
  2. PaulFWatts

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    I've also been involved in Software Development for some considerable time. Since 1978 and have only just retired this year although I still keep my hand in learning new languages etc. All along I have talked about release dates during the development phase (any release date for Windows 11 or whatever it will be called?) I just did a google search and can't find one. Also, re Microsoft, here is a current link very relevant to what we are talking about here I also notice you didn't mention Apple. They announce either just before or on the day of release. Also how about the release date for one dear to our heart Prepar3D V4.4 ? Lockheed Martin are a huge company, surely they can give us a release date? Everything is under NDA and we will find out on the day of the release. Of course there are a lot of reasons why companies do this not all related to the complexity of the software development process. Most of the companies I have dealt with professionally in my career have not published firm release dates (but more a generic "road map" with lots of wiggle room if anything is published at all) Anyway this is getting way off topic. Yes, it would be nice to have some form of update but I'm not getting bent out of shape that there isn't. Will I buy this the instant it is released. Without a doubt 🙂
  3. PaulFWatts

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Customer deal with Microsoft and Apple as well who are trillion $ companies (in the case of Apple) and they can’t give you a delivery date when they are still in the development phase either. They announce either just before or actually on the day of release. Plus they keep things very secret all during the development cycle. We are not talking about a retail shop here, software development is a very complex business.
  4. PaulFWatts

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    I’m just annoyed because when I was eating my overpriced burger and fries in the Terminal the rain wrecked my food.
  5. PaulFWatts

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Wow! This comment has taken this thread to a whole new level. Equating no update to Antitrust behaviour. I really hope the developer is not reading this. In my opinion it’s time to lock the thread down before it gets even more heated.
  6. PaulFWatts

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    While I am as impatient for this release as everyone else 🙂 I’m also cogniscient of the fact that it’s extremely difficult to predict the exact release date for any piece of complex software while still in the development phase. The very reason why developers don’t do this is illustrated by this thread where someone has tried to helpfully throw out their opinion on approximately when it may be released and then someone has said there is now a promised release date. I’ve found that those who continue to apply public pressure for information or a firm release date are also those who are first to complain when the quality is not 100% upon release. If I was the developer of this add-on, and putting in a 110% effort to release something spectacular (as I know this developer does) then I would be getting pretty annoyed reading this thread.
  7. PaulFWatts

    8bit looking textures at night

    I had exactly the same problem. It was killing the night flying immersion due to sky banding, weird cloud colours etc. At the time I suspected one of my various texture changing add-ons (and I still do) and tried to revert back to the standard textures doing an uninstall and reinstall of content.msi . Unfortunately this caused a number of problems which I was unable to fix without a full uninstall and reinstall of Prepar3D V4.3 . The good news is that this totally solved my night flying problems with no more sky banding, “8 bit” cloud colours, lights blooming etc. Night flying is very enjoyable again now. I’ve yet to reinstall all my add-ons (especially the way too many 3rd party airports I own) and won’t be re-installing any texture changing programs or shader changing programs until I’m 100% confident I can restore the orginal textures (I’ve found relying on the so called backup done by these programs before they are changed are not working). It’s a pity that add-on airports aren’t as easy to install as they from Orbx which is why I will be not buying any airports in future that don’t come with some form of updater. I posted awhile back asking for advice on what needs to be backed up to achieve this but never got a reply unfortunately.
  8. PaulFWatts

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Wow! Video is very impressive. Looking forward to reading the reviews from those who have purchased before plonking down my money 🙂 But certainly looks like a must buy.
  9. PaulFWatts

    Chaseplane worth it?

    I also bought CP when it was first released (in Alpha) and never really got into it for some reason. Recently I've been contemplating buying a TrackIR or TrackHat (as it's less flimsy) but thought I would take the time to setup CP properly and see if this would suffice. I've used the same named views and keys/buttons for all my internal views for each plane so it has become easy to remember which key is assigned to which view. Have great views over the wings (90% and front 45%) a nose cam view, IFR view, switches, lights, overhead, pedestal, fuel selector, GPS/Radio, etc etc. Makes it easy to find things in the different aircraft as well as have nice zoomed views on the GPS, autopilot/MCP, etc. Has been a bit of work to setup but reaping the benefits now. I believe this is far better than having a TrackIR (as it is flimsy and expensive imho) and I know I would find it a nuisance over time. I also like the effects that CP brings to the views, shaking etc, that can be very easy controlled to achieve the desired effect (although I have just left it at the defaults and happy with it). The interface is excellent and makes it super simple to adjust a view or create a new view. I have used many of them based on the community views which I have imported and adjusted to my tastes. I believe it is money well spent and a very happy camper. p.s. love that all the views are automatically backed up in the cloud as would be a lot of work to have to recreate them again. OldProp appear to know what they are doing and make everything easy to install and keep updated. I have all of their products and super simple to maintain via their slick configurator (my pet peeve is with the many other developers who make me do all the work to find updates and then have to uninstall and reinstall to do the update.) An A+ rating from me.
  10. PaulFWatts

    Trigger soundfile on touchdown

    This isn’t totally related but may give someone a laugh. After a particulary heavy landing in a 737 I heard the Purser remark “was that a landing or were we shot down” Cracked all of us up who were in earshot.
  11. Hi, I’ve recently done a full nuke and re-install of P3Dv4 as my textures had become a bit of a mess due to the various add-ons I had installed and removed over time. Of particular concern was I was getting “banding” in the night sky which was ruining the immersion plus the ground lights (streetlights etc) were “blooming” and not very enjoyable. Since the re-install everything is much better and the “banding” problem has gone away. p.s. I tried doing just an uninstall and reinstall of the content.msi but had lots of problems with this, hence the complete re-install (which was long overdue anyway). Before I start fiddling with textures again would appreciate advice on the folders I should back up to preserve the original textures. I know some of these programs do a backup first but I don’t want to rely on this as I’ve found it unreliable in the past. For example Orbx offered to do a back up before installing Global Base (or could have been Vector) but when I checked the backup folder there was nothing in it. Don’t mind this one as I would never run P3D without Base and Vector anyway 🙂 Add-ons I will be possibly installing include Rex Sky Force, Rex Worldwide Airports HD, Rex Texture Direct, PTA OR Envshade and Envtex and Active Sky Cloud Art. @Poppet would love your input on this. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. Hi, Over the last few months I've been playing around with different textures from the major developers including Rex Texture Direct Enhanced, Rex SkyForce, ASCA, Rex Worldwide Airports HD, PTA and also EnvTex a few months back. I want to totally reset myself back to the default textures for the ground, sky, water, runways, etc etc that ship with P3DV4 without doing a full uninstall and reinstall due to all the add ons I have. Would appreciate help with the following questions? 1. Is it safe to uninstall the content.msi and then reinstall it without affecting my add-ons (besides that ones that effect textures of course). I believe content.msi contains the default textures however would appreciate someone confirming this. 2. Similarly is it safe to uninstall the scenery.msi and reinstall it without affecting my scenery add-ons. (I have a LOT of 3rd party sceneries including just about everything from ORBX). Is there a particular order I should do this in? I'm running the latest version of P3Dv4 All help greatly appreciated.
  13. This is great! Thanks for posting
  14. I'm having a lot of fun flying the A2A Bonanza at the moment but eagerly awaiting the release of the DA62 as a modern twin to add to my hangar. In real life, if I had the money, I would love to own a Lancair (like the one the founder of XPlane flies) so the RealAir Lancair is always a delight to fly in terms of the quality and flight dynamics and my "dream" aircraft. Will be sad if this falls by the wayside as P3D keeps moving forwards with version updates. Of course like everyone I would love to own the latest BizJet but that is probably stretching my imagination too much 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the Vertx web site once it's up and running and what the future will hold from this excellent and trust worthy developer. p.s. This guy is definitely living the dream. Well worth watching if you haven't already Flying the Phenom 300 Single Pilot Private Jet
  15. Now I really can't wait for this plane ! 🙂