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    I've been using Flight Sims since the Bruce Artwick days and through the many evolutions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    I had a break for a few years (after building my own cockpit ) and late 2016 built a new powerful Windows 10 computer and installed Prepar3d will all the ORBX and REX and ActiveSky goodies.

    Will also be flying X-Plane once X-Plane 11 is released.

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  1. PaulFWatts

    Simstarter NG for P3D v4?

    I have used this for a long time now and find it excellent. It is promptly kept up to date with latest P3D versions. Key reason I use it is that I have a lot of payware sceneries and have divided these into "regions", e.g. Oceania, Norway, North America, ... etc" and use SS NG to only load the scenery files necessary for that region. This greatly reduces the initial P3D startup times if you have a lot of sceneries.
  2. PaulFWatts

    Asian Airports and Prepar3d v4 compatibility list

    This is really helpful. Are you the one producing this? If so a big thanks!
  3. PaulFWatts

    TFDI 717 how is it?

    I also bought this aircraft in the 1st week of release and opted into the Beta. I've flown on these in real life and was always impressed by this plane. I concur with everything said so far but what hasn't been mentioned is the Add-On Manager. I believe this is one of the best if not the best in the business. Never had a problem with it and works perfectly every time.
  4. PaulFWatts

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Thanks @virtuali for checking it out. My friend also has no problem loading this airport. I won't lose any sleep over it as I can fly there and will just stay away from loading it directly.
  5. PaulFWatts

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    In terms of unusual CTD's I have the following which I find difficult to understand. Not trying to hijack this thread but rather illustrate the elusive nature of CTD's. If I start P3Dv4 and select W16 Monroe FirstAir Field it gets to 100% loading terrain and textures and then does a CTD every time. This happens with ORBX W16 installed or uninstalled. I even uninstalled ORBX W16, reinstalled the SCENERY MSI and tried it without installing ORBX W16 and it still CTD's after 100% loading. However I can fly to W16 from another airport, land there and taxi around, and fly around the whole region surrounding W16 and never have a CTD. I've probably spent around 5 hours experimenting to try and find the cause of this but have given up now and just note never to directly choose this airport from the starting screen. BTW both ORBX W16 and S43 Harvey Airport (which are close together) are very nice airports from ORBX with beautiful enhancements to the surrounding region.
  6. PaulFWatts

    AVSIM CTD Guide

    I can imagine it was a big job writing this. It's very much appreciated @Jim Young
  7. Hi @scottb613 Thanks for taking the time to do a detailed post on this. I've just purchased it and looking forward to the rest of the series.
  8. PaulFWatts

    Cleanup Tools

    A big +1 from me also for SimStarter, especially if you have a lot of payware sceneries and want to reduce the load time of loading them all.
  9. PaulFWatts

    Rex present Skyforce.

    Couldn't agree more. So many people "nit pick" over minor stuff when asking the developer(s) questions it's a wonder they turn up at all in the forums. Please be aware that the majority greatly appreciate you continuing to push the boundaries!
  10. PaulFWatts

    ENVSHADE released.

    In my opinion they have botched the release by not having ENVTEX ready to run in the new ENVDIR which is needed to handle the (hard to find) settings for ENVSHADE. Lots of people including me thought there was a problem because ENVTEX was coming up as not activated in ENVDIR and all the settings were grayed out and didn't notice that you needed to scroll down to see the settings for ENVSHADE. After wasting time uninstalling ENVTEX and reinstalling to try and activate it finally found the answer in a seperate tab in their FAQ on their website that the current version doesn't work in ENVDIR yet. My feelings at the moment is that I have wasted EUR$4.40 for ENVSHADE but fortunately it's only a small amount of money. Back to the trusty REX HD Textures and PTA with Matt's preset for me and may look at TOGA again when they get their act together.
  11. There more I get into MCE, the more I love it. Plus the support is excellent. Hopefully a lot of people are buying this so that you continue to develop and update it! Thanks for such a great product.
  12. Thanks David & Gerald. All great advice and much appreciated. Looking forward to getting to know this well. Kind regards
  13. Hi everyone, I've just purchased MCE after trying out the demo. Looks like it is an excellent add-on. I've gone through all the documentation and the User Manual seems to be an Installation Manual only. Is there a comprehensive manual available or will I need to learn from the forums and videos?
  14. PaulFWatts

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    Yes. Solved the problem for me also.