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  1. I keep receiving that message when trying to install many of tdg’s sceneries. The message states “there was a problem loading the scenery package, Custom Scenery/LIMJ xp11 tdg/ The scenery may not look correct” X-Plane then precedes to load in default scenery. I have downloaded everything listed on the tdg download as well as opensceneryx etc.
  2. When I am on approach all seems fine, and i seem perfectly aligned with the runway centerline, although as i get closer I end up either left or right, is it wind correction or am I doing something wrong? I am flying the PMDG 737
  3. Billkhaled

    Black box A330

    Why does the B.B. A330 have such a bad reputation, from looks it looks fine to me so what’s the major cons holding back an aircraft which to me looks like has some potential in a so far relatively unfulfilled area of the flight sim market (as there is an a330 in only development, and no planned a340)
  4. Does anyone know where I can find new airline liveries for the ifly 747 v2. For example the new Lufthansa livery as I can’t seem to find anything on the avsim library.
  5. Billkhaled

    Advice to make descending less stressful?

    Yes thanks a lot for the help, I use vatsim, and following everyone’s advice I managed a very smooth descent and landing with a decent -275fpm landing
  6. During descent, I often have trouble with descending to an altitude by a certain waypoint. It is really stressful as I am constantly changing the V/S to be on track. VNAV and LNAV for some reason never seem to achieve the correct altitude by the waypoint in the FMS. When I am being vectored I can not descend on time, and on my own with the FMS, VNAV and LNAV can not descend and maintain speed as designated in the FMS. Any tips to make the last 15 minutes of my flight less of a stressful time and as "relaxed" as the other half of my flight?
  7. Thanks my mistake I do apologise, I should’ve specified a Boeing, PMDG’s 737
  8. After the download I had realised it said it was TreeX v2.1 for FSX SP1. I downloaded it anyway and now I only have photoscenery trees and no 3D trees
  9. I know this may be a slightly stupid question, but often after landing I hear “spoilers...reversers green” How can I check that reversers are functioning and in this case “green”?
  10. How are my specs for running fsx? i3 3.3ghz dual core gtx1050 4gb ram
  11. Desktop 3.3ghz processor i3 GTX1050
  12. FSX is stuttering, slow to load and although very rarely has crashed. Are there any CFG tweaks to speed up texture loading, and less stutters and lag spikes. It ruins the joy in flight and I would be grateful for any suggestions?
  13. Billkhaled

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    There is a sale on Trueearth 50% off!
  14. Billkhaled

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    their national holidays are mainly in May and December with a few in April haha and orbx sales normally only happen in May and December. Coincidence... I think not aha Bill