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  1. Hey thanks for all your replies, as for the x plane version l, I can’t do as of course I’m on FSX (old but trusty), so I think I’ll go with the DA20, as it has a similar cockpit and general shape to the Aquilas as well as the same engine
  2. Of course as I can not find the aircraft above for FSX/p3d, and I will be beginning my PPL on it, is there any other aircraft with similar systems/flight model, to help me get ready? thanks, bill
  3. After taking 40 minutes to load, which I can understand as I have downloaded X Europe 4 and updated to 11.5 it goes straight to a black screen then a blank white one where it stays for hours. I’ve started to have this issue after getting simhavens X Europe 4 even before updating to 11.5 although I don’t see what the problem is as even after turning down all the settings to minimum, I’m having this issue. I even tried deleting my NVIDIA profiles and resetting my NVIDIA settings. I’m on steam. I updated to 11.5 with vulkan, but the issue persists. My specs are mid end, all meeting the minimum and some of the recommended. I used to be able to get 25-30 FPS with mid-high settings and ai traffic as well as vfr scenery and airports.
  4. Hi, does anyone know of where I could find key landmarks around the Manchester/NW England area, which are key when flying VFR out of Manchester or Barton airport such as the Trafford centre, Chill factore, Beetham tower etc. I saw a UK2000 thread of someone working on them but don’t have a link as to where I could download them thanks bill
  5. Was wondering what the lowest settings any alpha testers may have been accepted on and what they reckon would be required to run the game with decent performance and graphics? thanks bill
  6. Quick update, just want to thank all of you for your replies, I deleted the FSX.CFG and let it rebuild and then the problem had seemed to disappear even after allowing my settings to creep up to high and even ultra high in areas and was able to maintain 20-30 FPS constantly, I then slowly added the tweaks back in to allow for better texture loading etc.
  7. Yeah, although I did try to monitor memory through task manager which showed only 68% of my memory used alongside Plan G, chrome, vpilot, and FSRealWX
  8. I was able to run FSX with vector global REX, many fly Tampa sceneries and PMDG around 20-25 FPS and Gad no problems until I got rid of it for VFR flying and reinstalled fully and after downloading Biggin hill I’ve started to have this problem where the window just becomes unresponsive for a while and have tried turning down settings to no avail
  9. Hi thanks a lot, yeah I have the same one by soarfly, but I’m starting to think the issue is beyond that airport alone and rather it affects other airports in the regions such as Gatwick
  10. Yeah but it does it at default as well and actually it’s also doing it at Gatwick and other busy airports. My mouse simply is unable to enter the window and instead goes behind it while the window is frozen. Sound is still there. AI traffic is turned off, only for vatsim though it does it even when flying offline
  11. For some reason this issue almost exclusively occurs at Biggin Hill airport in any aircraft. The window just stops responding, I can’t click anything or minimise it but FSX never crashes. I have the uiautomation dll, as well as have tried updating drivers, reloading my Logbook.bin, and running in different compatibility modes. Any ideas? Thanks specs: i3 3.4 GHz 8GB RAM GTX 1050 HDD 500GB SSD 120GB bill
  12. Hi, Are there many other varieties for good quality cheap or freeware UK VFR airfields? as I feel despite UK2000 giving quantity it lacks quality and vice versa for ORBX. thanks, Bill
  13. Apologies, thanks for answering, often it’s not out of rudeness I may forget or be short on time, but grateful I am for any answer to my threads! Bill
  14. Hi, With the summer sale fast approaching, could we expect to see aircraft such as the F-18 and Persian Gulf map both now on 50% off, as they have only been 25% off in the last few sales. Thanks, Bill
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