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  1. My hardware: Intel i7 @ 3.4GHz, NVIDIA RTX2080, Oculus Rift. I've tested different Oculus Display Tool settings and settled on 1.5x Pixels per Display pixel, which is much sharper than 1.0x and usually achieves the same framerate. I get the best smoothness with "force 45fps AWS enabled". Here is what I see in VR: In the PMDG 737NGX at most airports it'll lock at 22.5fps. Once in a while it reaches up to 30-45fps (e.g. in external view at cruise altitude). Worst case I get ~12fps near high-detail ground scenery. The FSL A32X has noticeably worse frame rate in the virtual cockpit compared to the PMDG 737. In the Airbus it's 22.5fps at cruise, down to 10-12fps during landing (even at not-too-detailed airports). I rotated through all my addon aircraft recently to check relative performance. In terms of framerate, it was basically like this: Majestic Q400 > PMDG 737 > PMDG 747 > FSL A32X, CaptainSim 757 Turning off VR and switching to my 4K monitor gets me 45-60fps under almost all conditions. It's too bad there is such a performance hit going into VR. All of the above is definitely CPU-bound. I'm looking forward to an i9 upgrade soon. btw I also tested X-Plane 11 in the Zibo 737 recently and was surprised that I couldn't match the performance of P3D's PMDG 737. Sitting on the tarmac at a default airport it was noticeably lower performance.
  2. After FMC setup - VR on Top of climb - VR off Top of descent or a bit later - VR back on until shutdown I do the FMC setup and descent/approach planning in 2D since I’m flipping between charts/weather/etc. The Rift resolution isn’t sharp enough to make this comfortable, and I don’t like “typing with my nose” to hit the FMC buttons
  3. While it is certainly possible to use a Rift with eyeglasses, it’s far from ideal. Putting it on, I have to keep fidgeting with the exact placement of the glasses & headgear to get the optics lined up “just so”, with good sharpness over the whole field of view. Then within 15 minutes something always slips and I get blurry vision in one eye until I fix it again. And within an hour I’ve got a painful pinch on the nose or ear from the eyeglass frames being jammed up against my face. The prescription inserts fix all this. Slap on the headgear, bam, perfect image every time.
  4. Any chance my previous-gen Oculus Rift lenses will work in the Rift S? Or is the design too different?
  5. Aerosoft's PANC is quite beautiful, especially coupled with the OrbX Alaska scenery.
  6. I've had some success toggling the "45fps ASW" setting on and off while the Oculus VR system is running. Sometimes toggling it a few times will fix motion artifacts and improve smoothness.
  7. Another way to get rid of the white box is just to shift-click with the mouse pointer and drag it - it's a movable window. I just drag it up over my head out of sight.
  8. Happy to report that the hotfix works for me too. Love the new ability to hotkey a "reload shaders" button. It makes tweaking with PTA so much faster.
  9. Glad to see the fix posted, will try it shortly. I had the same experience as John posted above. I upgraded to 4.5 and my Oculus worked just fine the first time it's enabled, but then crashed the sim if I disabled and re-enabled it during a flight. I'm using the exact same settings I used with 4.4. "Virtual Reality -> Oculus", Single Pass, etc. Frame rates are roughly the same as pre-upgrade, maybe a tad worse, but LM seems to be working on that so I'll sit tight.
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