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  1. Hack is a part of computer science !
  2. The best computer don't make the best MSFS engineer !
  3. I thought the "savoir vivre ensemble" could also apply to MSFS.
  4. My comment is not intended for developers, but for users who land their A320 and other liners on this unique runway, a few miles from LFMN intended to receive them.
  5. LFMD is not intended to receive airliners. It is only a business airfield and GA. Thanks.
  6. Sorry, I found it!!!! I had a GTN750 related script active in Manage Global Automated Script. As always the problem is between the keyboard and the chair. I will congratulate you on your great software for the community.
  7. First, thank you for your response. If I switch to offline mode, the problem is not present. You don't see any assignments, because I wanted to show you that I didn't have any buttons or axes that were causing problems. I'm going to save my templates, uninstall properly, delete all unused scripts and reinstall. I keep you informed. Otherwise, everything works fine with AAO !
  8. I have a problem that I will explain to you. With Lorby “Axis And Ohs” registered version, Flysimware Cessna 414 registered version and with GTN750 from PMS50 also registered. The plane displays two GT750s. When “Axis And Ohs” is launched, it is impossible to click on the first GT750. Something seems to be interfering with this one. While the second GT750 works fine. If I stop “Axis And Ohs”, both GTN750s work normally. Here is a short video to show the problem. Thank you for your help.
  9. I have an i7-10400K overclocked at 5.1Ghz, a 3070 TI & 32GB DDR4 3000. My 3070 Ti replaced a 1080. I went from 25 FPS on average to 45 FPS. And nothing in red in the FPS display of development mode ! It's a good choice before upgrading to the 3080 or 3090.
  10. Hi, does anyone have a H145 profile suitable for Lorby_si Axis and Oh's, thanks for sharing.
  11. You must install Xbox App from Store and retry updtate.
  12. If the 360 KB update fails or is interrupted, the entire FS-base file is downloaded, i.e. 13 GB.
  13. When the simulation becomes complicated for me, I will go fishing.
  14. Hi, "Throttle_axis_set_ex1" works for me.
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