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  1. Yeah, I think perhaps you are running into Asobo's contract with Microsoft. This was alluded to in some of my posts about the flight model, that Microsoft was INSISTENT that their new flight model MUST work with/ devolve to FSX flight model per se for the sake of compatibility. I imagine with a grand vision of being able to immediately use all the 3rd party resources out there. Obviously, that failed mightily. Granted, this is a gross simplification, but, the way I read it, Asobo's hands are somewhat tied, hence they are writing the horrible WASM interface you discussed. They've now cleansed the flight model contract discussion supporting the basis of this thought from the latest SDK, and I don't know if they've deleted my verabatim posts on the forum. But, I imagine this interface, which I agree is a mistake, is required by contract. I could be totally wrong, but, that is the impression I got from reading the text in their SDK about how Asobo convinced Microsoft to move forward with Flight Sim. Granted, as you point out, it would be in Asobo's best interest, now with 7 months of public use of the software out there, and reams and reams of discussion, to renegotiate that contract for the best interests of all involved. Microsoft is paying for development, possibly in the millions of dollars, that is unnecessary, and holding development of the game back severely with resources that could be much better used elsewhere. Maybe they are already discussing that renegotiation now? Maybe I'm wrong?
  2. Wow, that was quite the response. From your response above, I thought you'd be interested in the details. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I just thought it was funny we both decided to do the same paint. I assumed you were going to post yours. I haven't posted mine yet, and, even if I did, why would you not post yours? Yours looks great. And personally, if it were my plane, I prefer the way you painted the wings, I'd paint the wing tips Orange, and continue the orange over the aileron like you did.
  3. I was just about to release the same one. Based on the photos I've seen, the right and left wings and horizontal stabilizers are different from what you've done. The Pitot tube is also safety orange, and the orange isn't painted on the ailerons. You'll also want to paint the Exhaust covers white. That took some manipulation of the _comp file to get rid of the "dirtiness" https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/atsimulations-focke-wulf-p-149d-released/341829/245?u=flyingscool5650
  4. I had two CTD's right after the 12/22 update in the Seminole, but none since. I can't attribute them to anything I was doing. Like you just flying along and...boom. I was using the Autopilot to follow an approach, but I wasn't actively doing anything, plane just flying along and boom. Same thing second time. The third time I flew a slightly different route, and haven't crashed since.
  5. Nav2 works fine. In fact, I used it to smoothly land a completely iced over plane today right down the runway even though I couldn't see a thing except sparkles of the runway lights through the ice 🙂. There doesn't seem to be a glideslope indicator on the HSI, not to mention the NAV flag won't turn off. The alignment indication of the HSI works fine though in both GPS and VLOC modes using the GNS530 mod. According to the GNS530 mod author, the GNS does not send any commands to the HSI to control its state.
  6. So, regarding the ATC callout for the plane, I created a livery for the Mooney. Which involved creating an Aircraft.cfg file for it, which is... [VERSION] major = 1 minor = 0 [VARIATION] base_container = "..\Carenado_M20R_Ovation" [GENERAL] atc_type = "TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME MOONEY.0.text" atc_model = "TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL M20R.0.text" Category = "airplane" pilot = "Pilot_Female_Casual" copilot = "Pilot_Male_Casual" instructor = "Pilot_Male_Casual" performance = "Maximum Speed\n197 kts 365 km\/hr\n\nCruise Speed\n174 kts 322 km\/hr\n\nEngine\nContinental IO-550-G 6 cylinder 280 bhp\n\nPropeller\nThree-Bladed Macauley Constant Speed\n\nMaximum Range\n1350 nm 1553 mi 2500 km\n\nService Ceiling\n20,000 ft\t 6096 m\n\nFuel Capacity\n95 gal\t 360 L\t \n\nEmpty Weight\n2,290 lb\t 1,039 kg\n\nMaximum Gross Weight\n3,368 lb\t 1,528 kg\n\nLength\n24 ft, 7 in 7.5 m\n\nWingspan\n36 ft, 1 in\t 11 m\n\nHeight\n8 ft, 3 in\t 2.5 m\n\nSeating\t 4\n\nUseful Load\n1,078 lb\t 490 kg\n" icao_type_designator = "M20R" icao_manufacturer = "Mooney" icao_model = "Ovation" icao_engine_type = "Piston" icao_engine_count = 1 icao_WTC = "L" [PILOT] pilot = "Pilot_Female_Casual" copilot = "Pilot_Male_Casual" instructor = "Pilot_Male_Casual" pilot_default_animation = "Idle1_PosePropeller" copilot_default_animation = "Idle2_PosePropeller" pilot_attach_node = "PILOT_0" copilot_attach_node = "PILOT_1" [SERVICES] FUELTRUCK = 1 BAGGAGE_LOADER = 0 CATERING_TRUCK = 0 BOARDING_RAMP = 0 GROUND_POWER_UNIT = 0 PUSHBACK = 0 SMALL_PUSHBACK = 0 MARSHALLER = 1 JETWAY = 0 [TIMELINE.FLIGHT_RUNWAY] Flaps = 0 [fltsim.0] title="Carenado M20R N20JX" model="N20JX" panel="" sound="" texture="N20JX" kb_checklists="" kb_reference="" ui_manufacturer="Mooney" ui_type="M20R Ovation" ui_variation="N20JX" ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop" ui_createdby="Carenado / FlyingsCool" description="M20J flown by Daniel Webster College for complex flight training." wip_indicator=2 ui_thumbnailfile="" ui_certified_ceiling=20000 ui_max_range=1350 ui_autonomy=6 ui_fuel_burn_rate=90 atc_id="N20JX" atc_id_enable=1 atc_id_color="0x2F0204" atc_id_font="" atc_heavy=0 atc_airline="" atc_flight_number="" atc_parking_types="RAMP" atc_parking_codes="" isAirTraffic=0 isUserSelectable=1 icao_airline="" visual_damage=1 sim=M20R The two lines atc_type = "TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME MOONEY.0.text" atc_model = "TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL M20R.0.text" should cause ATC to call it properly. I checked the fs-base enloc file, and the format is the same as the two lines above. I checked the Cessna and it is correctly called Cessna November blah blah, and it has the identical syntax with appropriate information for the Cessna. Unfortunately, even though the above file renames all liveries for the plane from Carenado M20R Ovation to Mooney M20R Ovation in the hangar and aircraft picker, it does not fix the ATC call out. 😞 So, the Carenado aircraft.cfg info must override the ATC callout lines in my livery. As a side note, in going through all the planes in the default installation, interestingly, the syntax of those two lines across all the planes is all over the place. Many have "NAME_Blah" and "MODEL_Blah" or "Name Blah" and "Model_Blah" or "Name_Blah" and "Model Blah". It's amazing how sloppy these Asobo coders are. It's no wonder we're flooded with bugs with every release. I don't care if a _ represents a space. The above format is what is consistently written the en_loc file (and the Cessna aircraft I checked against). Formatting is so important for code and being consistent across the board reduces the chance of mistakes. I'm positive this is only a small example of the inconsistency in coding through the product. I plan to eventually create a livery for Daniel Webster's Seminole(s), too.
  7. I don't know what liveries you're trying to use. The way I have it set up is this mod is in C152X in my Community directory. Then I also installed the megapack liveries, which includes a set of C-152 liveries. I then added my own liveries to the same directory of liveries as the megapack liveries by editing the layout.json and aircraft.cfg to add my liveries to it. For two of my liveries, I added a panel.cfg to them to modify the registration number on the fuselage. That panel.cfg file and panel.xml files override the same files in the C152X mod. Otherwise, it just works for me. I didn't do anything other than that. I am using use Premium Store version.
  8. This doesn't however, fix the dome light. Still working on that. Edit: Now I feel like an word not allowed, I was wondering what that little knob was for under the yoke... The dome light needs to be turned up when you start from cold and dark.
  9. I figured it out. For some reason, I don't know what, the circuit is controlled in an xml file in the panel.cfg directory. It was set that circuit.34 turned it on, which was a pointer to circuit 2 through the xml file. In the new file, circuit.34 is the taxi light. I'll see if I can come up with a workaround. unfortunately, he commented out the circuit_xml, and it has a power draw on it. I'm not sure what to set it as it will screw with the calculations he made to set up the whole bus. Or maybe I can just set it directly to the battery switch. I'll post back with results. Here's the fix for the radio lights that don't turn on. Replace the contents of the file Community\C152X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C152\panel\panel.xml with this: <PlaneHTMLConfig> <Instrument> <Name>C300ADF</Name> <Electric> <And> <Greater> <Simvar name="ADF VOLUME:1" unit="Percent"/> <Constant>0</Constant> </Greater> <Simvar name="CIRCUIT ON:2" unit="Boolean"/> </And> </Electric> </Instrument> <Instrument> <Name>KX155A_1</Name> <Electric> <Simvar name="CIRCUIT ON:2" unit="Boolean"/> </Electric> </Instrument> <Instrument> <Name>KX155A_2</Name> <Electric> <Simvar name="CIRCUIT ON:2" unit="Boolean"/> </Electric> </Instrument> <Instrument> <Name>HourMeter</Name> <Electric> <Simvar name="CIRCUIT ON:2" unit="Boolean"/> </Electric> </Instrument> </PlaneHTMLConfig> This works for the most part, I might decide to reorganize the electrical section to put the General_circuit as 34 to maintain compatibility with the default plane. But this works, until somebody tries to use their own panel.cfg to say, remove the Registration number, then they'll be confused why the radios don't turn on unless they know what's going on here.
  10. In looking at the Systems.cfg file, he completely redid the electronics buses (as he stated). In the process, he put all loads on bus 1 and disabled the Avionics Bus (which was set to bus 2 as were all the avionics and I assume the bus is always on and somehow sets an Avionics_Bus variable to be on). In doing so, I bet that messed up a check for if the lights on the radios should be turned on, since with the new system the avionics bus is always off. I'm not sure why turning on the taxi lights works to turn on the navcom lights, must be some other leak in SDK logic that fortuitously set that variable to on. Another issue is the CDI needles move to home even when the electrical bus is off. That would be a nice thing to fix, too. It's an issue both here and by default.
  11. So, the avionics aren't dead. You'll notice the switch buttons light up when you turn on the battery. The issue is, somehow the lights on the radios are now linked to the "Tax Lights" switch. Turn on your Taxi Lights, and the radio numerals will light up. I'm assuming somehow they got put on the wrong bus.
  12. Works fine for me... I thought I would have to combine the two, but, I just plugged them both in and they work as is. I can tell it's working because I get the long range tanks when it's installed (39 Gallons instead of 28) Are you using the correct Community folder? Are you on MS Store or Steam? I'm on Store.
  13. That's too bad. I was initially able to install it on the drive I wanted to install it on, but I don't like the directory I put it in 😞 . Move doesn't allow you to move it to a different directory on the same drive it is already on...
  14. Yeah, I've been contemplating a couple of purchases myself and was just logging in to convince myself to spend the money 😢
  15. Which of the above posts are discussing what the OP was talking about? I started to get confused. Has MisterX said when SFD Regions will be released? I'm so happy he's starting with NE in the US.
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