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  1. Mods need to clean this up, it’s ridiculous. Do we have a thread yet about jumpseat cushion textures in the Fenix? How about Fenix windscreen bug contamination? Perhaps one about the length of the switches being 2 cm too long? It’s a bit ridiculous.
  2. Or at least combine all this nonsense into one thread. I thought this WAS the Fenix forum.
  3. If you do, PM me, I have a Cherokee and a 150, I fly out of KRME, I can give you a little sightseeing tour.
  4. I fly in there all the time IRL in my Cherokee.
  5. I absolutely love flying the Caribbean. So many interesting little airports.
  6. For someone like me, who flies almost exclusively in the Caribbean, this is absolutely the golden age of flight sim. It’s long been an overlooked region in the sim world, and with 20% payware and 80% really incredibly high-quality freeware, I basically have every airport in the Caribbean now. In fact I might have literally every one. It’s awesome.
  7. If you guys aren’t already aware, flightsim.to has literally countless freeware airports, many of them rivaling the best payware airports.
  8. I used to say I was going to use a sim a lot, but I never did. I used P3D more than FSX, but not a lot more. It just didn’t get close enough to the real thing to keep someone like me entertained, who flies a lot of VFR in GA aircraft. With MSFS if I’m not flying it I’m thinking about flying it. I’ve gotten in close to 300 hours since the sim started, which with work, travel, family, and real flying, is a lot. Since January first I’ve flown probably 150 hours. It’s just amazing. This is the first real simulator we’ve had (my first was FS98). Sure it has its flaws, but it is truly incredible.
  9. These complaints are tiresome. Clearly you have not been in the betas, so like everyone else you complain without understanding. And if you look at the game from August 2020 until now and don’t understand why they’re updating it, I just don’t know what to say.
  10. So I’ve basically figured out what this is. In my case, my SimBrief flight plan ended at a VOR on the field and then added the RNAV approach after that. So basically per the sim’s brain it had to get to the VOR on the field and then from essentially the field back to the IAF to start the approach. And it just can’t figure out how to do that. Same with you, starting and ending at the same place with an RNAV approach in the middle. Usually when SimBrief makes a suggestion like that (a final flight plan fix very near the destination, usually a VOR on the field) I remove the final fix and insert an approach. That way the flight plan doesn’t double back, as it were. This time I left it. And as I briefed the approach I realized what I should have realized earlier, which is that I didn’t need that last fix. So I removed it from the G3000. Only at that point, I was on the leg to that VOR. So when I removed it the G3000 just went haywire. So while this is clearly an issue in the sim, this is the first time I’ve seen it, and if I properly lay out the flight plan in the G3000 it can be easily avoided.
  11. But notice I got the exact same weird arc that you did, which I hadn’t seen before.
  12. Yeah it also activated the legs all weird. At one point I was flying in Nav mode on a heading of 130 or so, following the flight plan perfectly, and the arrow for the FMS was pointing in the wrong direction on the PFD (310 degrees). There is no such thing as an RNAV radial, at least so far as i know. You could concievably get it backwards flying a VOR and the needle would stay centered if you’re right on the radial, but I don’t know that that’s possible using RNAV. It was all very odd. Everything seemed normal until I deleted a waypoint in the flight plan, then it just wen whacky.
  13. So oddly, having never before seen what you showed me yesterday, guess what just happened to me? Flying into Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos (MBPV) I see this: I don't know why this site insists on making images so difficult to insert into posts, here is a full shot: https://ibb.co/6J53PNS
  14. I will too apparently. I offered to be a beta pilot for them and they answered one email and then I never heard from them again, even though I own one. Oh well.
  15. I’ll try this approach tomorrow in the sim. I fly out of KRME, we have a couple pretty standard RNAV approaches. The one thing I noticed in your flight plan (I think) is that the departure and destination we’re the same. I understand why, but k do wonder if maybe that’s what messed the unit up? I fly a GTN750 irl and for that I’m pretty sure we’d just take off and then load the approach without even inputting a flight plan (like you were talking about earlier), but like you said I don’t think you can do that in the G3000.
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