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  1. mtr75

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Praise *******, Hallalujah, happy hannukah, praise be to Allah, mudita - THIS WORKED! This post should be a sticky. I followed it step by step, and everything worked like a charm. Many thanks to Cruachan and Steve!
  2. mtr75

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Saw that folder post. So basically just add two numbers for the version number to each folder (i.e. "44"). So far this update has worked just fine, about to install the scenery!
  3. mtr75

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Giving this a go... wish me luck.
  4. mtr75

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Thanks for this. So if I follow the 14 steps I'm reasonably assured to come out okay? Or just have a go with the pinned method for updating with the component installers?
  5. mtr75

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    This is what drives me nuts. It took me literally 3 days of "horsing" around to go from 4.3 to 4.4. I was very happy with it in the end. And I really only have a few addons: A2A, REX4, FlyTampa scenery (and a few other islands), and UTX Caribbean. And it takes days for a relatively computer-literate person like myself to do. And then you go on here and read these threads, there's 36 ways to do everything, everyone has a different suggestion. And in the end I think, why bother? Only to do it again in 4-6 months.
  6. mtr75

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    After everything I went through getting 4.4 to work, all the addons working, the elevation fixes for my addon airports, etc., I'm passing for now. Although 4.4 was a huge visual improvement over 4.3 IMHO.
  7. Glad to hear I'm not missing anything. Thanks fellas.
  8. Is there a performance improvement? I don't even get why you should do it. Do you do it in GeForce experience? I've always done it through there (that I can remember, haven't tried in a year), and it always gets screwed up. I always wind up reverting back to the driver I have now.
  9. Is anyone else like me, and absolutely refuses to update their driver anymore? I'm running 397.64, I tried updating it more than once, and every time it was just disaster, a complete waste of time to just restore it back to the old driver that worked. I don't even bother anymore. 1080, 8700k
  10. Hey, thanks a lot! I have UTX Tropical America and Caribbean; would the same apply?
  11. Well I got the runway working by moving the scenery priorities around, but now the airport itself (TAPA from TropicalSim) is sort of smeared into the ground. So the runway environment is fine, but the buildings are basically just painted on the ground. An improvement, but not ideal.
  12. Thanks. Any time I move a scenery up or down in the scenery library and click OK, when I go back in they are rearranged back to where they were. How do I make the changes actually keep?
  13. Hi all, I have an issue where I have UTX caribbean, the Richer Simulations Antigua, and TropicalSim's TAPA airport all installed. When landing at the airport on Antigua, you go right through the runway to a runway below. See the video. I queried the creator of the island scenery and he said I'd have to disable the addons 1 by 1 and see which one is creating the issue. Well, that much I knew. But the question is, what can I do about it? Is there any way to adjust the height of the terrain for the airport? The point is, I don't want any of the addons disabled, otherwise I wouldn't have them. So what do you do when one addon changes the terrain elevation? Prepar3d - TAPA / Antigua scenery issue
  14. mtr75

    GTN650 Black Screen (resolved)

    RESOLVED!!!! It's odd because for the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers" folder, under Properties->Security, CREATOR OWNER still has no access. But I'm not going to ask any questions. A HUGE thank you, Jean-Luc. Hopefully it stays solved, and we help someone else who might have this same issue.
  15. mtr75

    GTN650 Black Screen (resolved)

    Never mind, I found the right one.