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  1. Thanks, I wasn’t able to find it either!
  2. Personally I think a lot of the v5 issues people are having are from installing non-compatible add-ons, things that don't have native v5 installers. That said, I use both. I use v5 exclusively for IFR, because the clouds in EA are just stunning. For VFR I will often use v4.5, just because the REX products make it click and go, and it's gorgeous.
  3. Could someone please post a link to these? Thanks, very excited to try his out in v5!
  4. Huh. I’m completely stock and have only installed updated add-ons, and haven’t had a CTD since the hotfix came out. I’ve also used 4096 textures and ultra-high cloud resolutions with EA. Maybe just stop experimenting with homebrew changes to the program and your PC?
  5. Said by every flight simmer about an upcoming hardware upgrade for the last 20 years 😄
  6. Alabeo Seminole with the G600 package is pretty darn realistic. I use it for IFR training.
  7. RXP unit works just fine, I have 2004 as well.
  8. I think the point is, if you do have an issue and you have the RXP unit, you will get timely resolution of the issue. If you have the F1 unit, you’re SOL (“sorrowfully out of luck”, of course).
  9. I thought the F1 products were no longer supported. @Bert Pieke? I have the RXP and it's fantastic.
  10. A stable approach is not more than 1,000 fpm descent and speed +/- 10 knots VREF. They exceeded both by extremely wide margins. Just absolutely inexcusable.
  11. This military field option thing is pure fantasy. Nobody ever thinks, “gee, if I cock up the approach and get launched back into the air because I’m going 250 knots at touchdown, at least there’s a military field 3 miles ahead”. I’m not being critical of you, but I’ve heard this thrown out there on other forums, and it’s just gibberish. Once they touched down they had one option. They didn’t take it.
  12. Totally agree they had enough energy to get airborne again even with fatally damaged engines. The gear tho N.C. is weird too. I agree it’s totally possible they put the lever down but the gear wouldn’t go down, but for Pete’s sake that’s why you say “gear down and indicating”. The list of things these guys did wrong is long and distinguished.
  13. The approach was inexcusable. At 3,500 feet and 5 miles out, you have no chance of making the runway using a stabilized approach. I mean they got a flap overspeed warning on final. That’s just inconceivable. SOP for any 121 carrier is that if the approach is unstable, go around. It’s just automatic. And they knew for darn sure the gear wasn’t down when the engines hit the deck.
  14. Yeah, this plane crash started ten minutes before and a few miles away from where it hit the ground. At 3,500 feet AGL 5 miles out its, “Tower, Pakistani International Air 8303, going around”. Though I will say, regarding point 4, I don’t think we know right now when the engines quit, but you’re always going to make your traffic pattern away from the parallel runway in that situation. And once they turned left it was goodnight Irene.
  15. @Chock, I appreciate your comments and agree. Aviation humor, or sarcasm, is perhaps the darkest kind, and anyone who is around airplanes knows they may wind up the brunt of it someday if we do something stupid. All that being said, confirmed gear-up on the first landing (albeit right on centerline - see above). They didn't notify ATC of a gear problem, so its pretty likely they just plain forgot it. This isn't the first pilot that tried going around after a gear up. It very rarely turns out well. When you see sparks, the insurance company owns the plane. Just shut it down. As Rod Machado once said, if it requires full power to taxi, you might have forgotten the gear.
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