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  1. Actually I get equally enjoyable performance out of P3D and MSFS with my hardware. 1080/8700k, neither overclocked, I set the overall setting to Ultra on day 1 and haven't touched it since. What FPS am I getting? Not a clue. Couldn't care less. By far the people complaining the most about their hardware in MSFS and what FPS they're getting are people with 10700k's overclocked to 8,000 GHz and RTX3090s, whining about getting 25 FPS going into LAX in a 787 at 4K with all the settings maxed.
  2. Do you fly IFR? Then yes. And as a real-world pilot, I’m astounded at the pricing. Worldwide Jepp charts would cost you at least $1,500 a year. I pay $200 a year just for the US.
  3. I wouldn’t agree that it’s just eye candy. First of all, did you say the same of FSX vs Flight Simulator 4.0? That’s the approximate generational difference between FSX and MSFS. Here is a reminder:
  4. My understanding is that there isn’t the same level of “study-level” airliners in MSFS. My guess is that you wouldn’t get a lot out of moving to MSFS. Me flying 152s around the Caribbean, oh man, forget it. The stock scenery in MSFS is as good as any pay ware you can get for P3D or FSX. And MSFS has upgraded the UK scenery, which I’m sure is astounding. But if you’re flying tubes and are generally happy with the aircraft, scenery and performance, I would probably recommend staying where you are.
  5. Couldnt agree more. I don’t file for every flight, but I do all of my flying in light GA aircraft in any sim I fly. I hand fly, including full approaches. Single pilot IFR in small planes is a blast. I don’t know why anyone would want to sit there turning knobs all day long on a sim, but to each their own.
  6. Depends on what kind of flying you do. IFR long haul in heavy metal? Nope. VFR bopping around the countryside in a 172? Oh boy, hurry up and change!
  7. Got in another good IFR flight today, KART to KRME via V145, holds at FLOOR, then I improvised and went to STODA, did a hold there, then to the UCA VOR for the ILS33. I tell ya, for flying IFR there is nothing like this sim. And when doing in my Cherokee at 115 knots instead of 145 I’m going to look like a genius.
  8. Yep. This is an extremely capable IFR simulator the way I have it set up. It’s an excellent training tool.
  9. Also, there’s a reason why turbo non-pressurized pistons are like unicorns: sure they have better high altitude performance, but who wants to fly a piston single with a cannula stuck up their nose? Plus unless you’re flying more than 400 NM or so, the time to climb and descend, along with the considerations for warning and cooling the turbocharger just aren’t worth it. That’s why planes that fly I’m the flight levels are pressurized and generally turbine or turboprops. Non-pressurized turbo singles just don’t make a whole lot of sense.
  10. Depends on the flight conditions. Remember, the POH is written for a standard day, which you very rarely have. Try taking off out of Flagstaff in the summer at noon and tell me what you get. “I can’t get book numbers for my plane!”
  11. After having not flown P3D since September, I decided that I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do in the "other" simulator and came back to P3Dv5. And this isn't one of those "versus" threads. My needs are pretty specific: I am training for my instrument rating in real life, and I had basically a perfect setup in P3D. I need a non-G1000 Garmin glass cockpit and a real, functional GTN750. And with the RXP750 and the just phenomenal Alabeo PA44 with the G600, I am in business! My training philosophy is that in real life, I fly a Cherokee 180 with the GTN750 and dual G5s. Can't get the G5s in P3D (at least not in the panel), so the G600 will do just fine. All I really want to do is train my eye to look at glass. And by flying a twin engine, complex airplane that's about 15% faster than my Cherokee, I need to do more, and faster, in the sim, which will make flying a simple single like the Cherokee a snap when I'm in my actual airplane. So over the past week or so I've updated everything and gotten my Alpha and Bravo set up using FSUIPC, and I just did my second full IFR flight in the Seminole, and wow what a phenomenal IFR trainer this simulator is! What's really amazing is how enveloping EA is. I set the weather to a stratus layer at 500 feet AGL and 1/2 mile visibility, and you really get the feeling of transitioning to instruments on takeoff and being in the soup. I just got sight of the runway at minimums on this flight, and what a treat! I enjoy what I use the other sim for, and I truly enjoy this one as well. Glad to be back!
  12. Let’s talk after we see the ATC phraseology. Nine months in they’re fixing things that were easy to get right the first time. Clearly not a single pilot was involved in putting ATC together.
  13. I’ll say it: in other words, the people who didn’t know a lot of very basic things about aviation are picking people to help them fix things they don’t understand. As we say in aviation, you don’t know what you don’t know.
  14. Hi fellas, I was flying today and tried to start recording a video using Alt+F9 (which is the default keyboard shortcut for the GeForce Experience video recorder). I noticed that the 750 froze. I didn’t make the connection, so I restarted the flight, did the same thing, and it froze again. This time I hit Alt+F9 again and the 750 resumes working. The problem is of course that it also stopped my recording. What does Alt+F9 do to the 750? I looked at the user guide and didn’t see anything. Thanks!
  15. First flight back in v5 since September, and for whatever reason I can't set custom weather. I went to enter a cloud layer, and when I type in a number in the first box for the bottoms and then click the next box to put in the tops, the first box reverts right back to 0. It will let me set a cloud layer from 0 to 1 feet, but that's not very realistic for IFR flight! Any ideas? Sim is fully updated to 5.1. Thanks!
  16. Just wanted to post the solution, folks: Within the sim itself, in the Addons section there is a "Alpha Flight Control Bridge Module", which was checked. I didn't know it was there, never (knowingly) installed it, and have no idea what it does. When I unchecked that box, it all went back to working just fine. So if you are using FSUIPC and your Bravo goes wild, make sure that is unchecked/removed and remove all other joystick driver packages (I had my old Saitek ones still installed, though I don't think that was the problem in the end). Thanks to John and Pete for their help with this!
  17. The flaps lever on the far right, the white one.
  18. Have my Bravo set up in FSUIPC6 for v5. When I hit the gear up or down it turns the mags on and off, when I hit the flaps it turns the PFD/MFD on and off. I have it disabled within the sim itself because it's set up through FSUIPC, and I can't see anywhere where the mags or PFD on/off are assigned to anything. I'm truly lost on this one. Any thoughts?
  19. Thanks Frank. Not too big a deal I suppose, I can use ForeFlight for the Jepp charts.
  20. Just want to confirm, is this still the case? Not the end of the world for me, but it would be nice to get Jepp charts in my 750. Any advice appreciated!
  21. Fairly certain that FSUPIC7 is only for MSFS.
  22. Hi all, Simple question: I want this dial to increase or decrease by 1 "unit" when I twist it slowly and do so more quickly when I turn it quickly. Specifically what I'm referring to is the function for when you have the other rotary knob turned to CRS, HDG, etc. Even more specifically than that what I'm trying to do is get it to turn the OBS slowly when I turn the knob slowly and faster when I turn it faster. I've been through a few options with John using FSUIPC7, but I don't think there is really a usable option, because this is just a +/- knob. It's not an OBS (for example) specifically, and all the lua codes or incr/decr offsets in FSUPIC7 are for specific flight instruments. This, however, is simply a rotary twisty that goes plus in one direction and minus in the other. I'm kind of at a loss. I've tried a lot of things.The weird thing is, when you twist and twist and twist and twist, eventually it starts moving faster, but there's no rhyme or reason as to when or why it does so. Like, it doesn't speed up the second twist in a row or even the third. Sometimes I think if you turn it slowly for a while eventually it decides to speed up. Any help would be appreciated!
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