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  1. Stuck on "Starting..." in the A2A Cherokee. I have 2.5.10. A little frustrating. I just reinstalled (or rather updated) P3D to 4.4. Uninstalled RXP650 and reinstalled it. Had a very difficult time with that as it kept saying my license had too many reactivations or some suck nonsense. Now finally installed and... black screen. Any help appreciated.
  2. I have been flight simming for 19 years. I am a pilot in real life. I got a nice sim PC last fall (8700k + 1080), got P3D (I think it was 4.3 at the time), REX 4 TD +SC, and thought, wow, this is great! This is how it was supposed to be all along. I got the A2A Cherokee (basically the same plane I have in real life), and I was happy. Then came v4.5. I thought, wow, this is really a step up from 4.4 - impressive! Then I got PTA and... too much work. Then came REX Environment Force, and I thought, WOW, this is really impressive. It's almost real! Then I got REX Sky Force... I have been flight simming for 19 years. And this exact moment is what I have been waiting for for 19 years. It is simply perfect. Everything on automatic. Set it and forget it. And I can't even put it into words. Simply amazing.
  3. Try this now, maybe it will work.
  4. Got 430.53 working. Didn't really notice much difference, perhaps a slight increase in FPS. ?? Who knows.
  5. Now it's getting very interesting. I went into safe mode, used DDU to remove the driver, the computer restarted, for the first 30 seconds GPU-Z tells me driver version 0.0, which is obvious because the screen resolution is from 1985. And then 30 seconds later, there's a flash, the screen returns to normal, and GPU-Z detects driver 419.72. So it's apparently now reinstalling itself whenever I delete it. I'm regretting this. AGAIN.
  6. So I noticed the driver download says "international" at the end: 430.53-desktop-notebook-win10-64bit-international.hf.exe I redownloaded and went to install and it says "this driver is not compatible with this version of Windows" or some such thing.
  7. Downloaded 430.53 from the Guru site, did the install, it seemingly worked. Then I open GeForce Experience and it says I have 419.72 installed. I go back to the temp folder to see what I downloaded, it was 430.53. What gives?
  8. I can't even remember to be honest. I'm going to give it another go.
  9. You gotta understand, I'm the guy who updates everything. I keep my phone, iPad's, computer, etc., updated. Everything except graphics drivers, because I swear, it always gets screwed up. Always. And I always have to revert back. And 397.64 is what works. But you guys have convinced me. I'm going to try it... again. Will report back.
  10. So I got to thinking - I replaced my old system with a new dedicated gaming PC, which has an 8700k and a 1080. My old PC is just sitting there, and it has a 760 in it (I believe that's what it is, I'd have to turn it back on to be sure). So my question is this: would it make sense to add an older card as a second card to my gaming system? Obviously it's not going to give me a huge performance boost by any means, but would it help at all? Or would it just make no sense? I thought about getting another card to add to my system, but then I realized I already have one. And if I got 10-15% more performance for free, why not? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  11. Thanks! Didn't know that, hence the question. 🙂
  12. You learn something new every day - thanks Bert!
  13. Okay, I was just wondering. I wasn't sure if it would add its processing power to the first card or not. So if a second card isn't added to the performance of the first card, why do people have dual 1080's, for example?
  14. I have Environment Force and Sky Force, both set to Automatic. Set it and forget it. And I love it.
  15. 1080. I've tried both ways, every which way imaginable really. And every single time it gets screwed up. I've updated and gone back to 197.64 probably 5-6 times, then I finally got smart. I'd love to update, but I just don't want to waste the time anymore for the same result I always get.
  16. I'm running 397.64. Every time I try to update drivers I regret it, it has been without fail a disaster. Every. Single. Time. I don't even bother anymore.
  17. This is from a webcam I watch every day, you will see what I mean. If you compare that to the photo above, I think EF+SF do a pretty good job!
  18. Yeah, that's ultimately the thing - it's individual, and are you happy? I have spent a lot of time in the Caribbean, and to me the EF & SF visuals are absolutely astounding, they are very near perfect. One thing worth considering (and I mean this seriously but also slightly as a joke): there's a reason everyone wears sunglasses on St. Maarten! 🙂 It is VERY bright for the most part.
  19. I had never even thought of calibrating my monitor. I just ran the Windows 10 calibration utility and I like the stock settings better. It may be that I'm just used to them, yes, but I just like it the way it was.
  20. I don't know why the quality of the image is coming out so poorly, but that's approaching SXM in the Caribbean. If you click on the image you should get full resolution, and it's just stunning.
  21. See I tried it for like ten minutes with PTA, then decided to just see what EF would do by itself. I disabled PTA, set EF to Auto, hopped into the sim, and never looked back. My gripe about PTA is sure, you can get the exact look you're going for if you feel like spending the rest of your life chasing it. I'd rather fly. And these auto modes for REX5 are simply breathtaking as far as I'm concerned. I wonder what your thoughts would be if you just ran EF and no garden vegetables or PTA...? Might be worth a shot.