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Found 175 results

  1. francisp320

    PMDG 777 parking break

    Hi, I am having a problem whenever i tap my toe brakes on my CH rudder pedals or press PTT on my saitek. Everytime i step on the brakes or press the ptt it disengages the parking brake. i had the same problem on my dash 8 and found a fix for it. I tried the same entry (parking_brake_linked_to_toe_brakes = 0) on my pmdg 777 aircraft.cfg but it didnt work. i hope someone can help me. Thanks, Francis
  2. francisp320

    PMDG 777

    Hi, I used to fly the PMDG 777 on my P3Dv3.4 and recently i switched to v4.4. I just want to know if do i need to buy the 777 again or will it be free? Thanks, Francis
  3. Been outta the loop for the last couple of months, doing a fresh install of p3d since some things are wonky - what is up with tomato shade/word on it/do you use it with URP and PTA and whatnot? Worth it? If I get it...what are the best presets out there for it too? thx.
  4. Hey guys, I've been using chaseplane in p3d v3 with no issues for a while now. Just upgraded to p3d v4, and I can't get chaseplane to work. Chaseplane connects to trackir with no issues (I see FSFX in trackir, so the program is being detected), but once in the sim, there's no tracking. I'm using v0.2.66 alpha exp. I also still have p3d v3 installed. I removed cameras.cfg from the p3d v4 folder in appdata and restarted the sim. I also reinstalled simconnect. Anything else I can try? D
  5. This is the support page for SXAD's KAMA for FSX, FSX SE, Prepar3d v2, v3 and v4. Currently this airport is available from Simmarket: And Justflight:
  6. Hi everyone, Has anybody keeping FMGS B47.00 (Jeehell Freeware) on the their archive? I did lots of research on the internet but couldn't find it. If someone can help me to find it, I I will be appreciate. One of my client has an a320 simulator. FMGS B47.00 installed on it. I'm tring to set-up Opencockpit MCDU v3. It is requiring Sioc Creator. So,There are different protucts on it too, like (opencockpit, cockpitsonic etc.). I don't want to change the configs about it. If I update the Jeehell Freware, the config files will change (I guess) Therefor I ask for FMGS B47.00 Thank you.
  7. vinnis


    Hello fellow simmers, Does anybody have a normal working atc in prepar3dv2.1? I have tried making a flight in the flight planner as a vfr and when i start the flight and open the atc window, the "contact ground" response is there and when i click it it just tells me about options like departure to the north and all that but no vfr following. its like i didnt make any flight plan? anyone else? thanks in advance
  8. stevecurran13

    Traffic 360 with Prepar3D 2.5

    Hi, Has anyone tried installing Traffic 360 into P3D 2.5? On their site it says it's compatible with FSX and P3D v1, but no mention of v2. Does anything need to be added to the .cfg file to get it running or any other changes need to be made? Thanks, Steve
  9. DaveCT2003

    Tracking P3D OOMs

    My friends, I think most people running P3D are aware that many in our community suffer from Out of Memory errors (despite using the recommended methods to avoid them) and there are also those who like me don't have this problem. While reading a particular post this evening, I wondered if DX11 doesn't have some residual mirror allocation going on, or if there might otherwise be some relationship between OOMs and those with video cards that contain higher amounts or VRAM. In other words, some type of relationship which might result in someone with a video card having 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, etc., with all things being equal, be more prone to suffering an OOM than someone with 1GB or 2GB VRAM. For the record, I'm aware of the differences between DX9 and DX11, so we don't need to have this conversation. I'm hoping that people suffering from OOMs will consider providing some of their system specs in order to help track the source of comparative OOMs (all things being equal between two systems, one system is prone to OOMs while the other is not). This is only for OOMs under Prepar3d (P3D). Terms Used: RAM Physical Memory on the Motherboard VRAM Physical Memory on the Graphics Card VAS Virtual Address Space, basically the specific space set devoted to an application (such as P3D). With a 64bit operating system, the size of allocated VAS can be up to 4GB for each 32bit application. DATA COLLECTION 1. Version of Prepar3d? 2. Processor Type (example: i7 4770K) Overclocked? Turbo Mode Setting)? 3. GPU *Please create separate entry for each video card. Manufacturer (example: Gigabyte) Model Number (example: GTX980) Overclocked? Amount of VRAM? 4. Amount of RAM? 5. Number of monitors in use (may or may not display P3D? 6. Number of monitors on which P3D is displayed on? 7. Did you have more than two airport sceneries enabled during the OOM(s)? Many thanks for your help.
  10. Tom Allensworth

    Lockheed Releases P3D V2.1

    Lockheed today released version 2.1 of Prepar3D. Here is what LMOC had to say; "Today announces the release of the next evolution of Prepar3D v2 with Prepar3D v2.1. Updates to Prepar3D v2 are available in both a patch to an existing v2 installation, or as a new installer from your Purchased Downloads page. If you are a current Prepar3D v2 user, there is no charge to upgrade." Here is a short list of the fixes and updates: Rendering, Performance, Backwards Compatibility, Weather and Clouds Rendering Features Added DirectX® 10 fallback hardware support for DisplayLink and other monitors Dynamic shadows now can be enabled to render when you do not have tessellation (GPU Terrain) enabled Further optimizations and enhancements to prevent microstutters that were reported Further optimizations to the autogen and terrain paging system Rendering/Performance Issues Resolved Lessened the specular shine on terrain to help alleviate anti-aliasing on runways, roads and terrain Fixed an issue where the HDR lighting feature could get into bad rendered states with extreme darkness Lightened star and other reflections at night Fixed an issue where Effect EffectParams didn’t turn off lights or effects Fixed an issue where airport light beacons cast shadows Fixed an issue where cloud and fog visibility was rendered at about half of what was set Fixed an issue where terrain lighting and shadows could be in wrong direction Fixed an issue where windsocks did not visibly change at all, always pointed North Fixed a rendering issue where a white square was visible around the moon Fixed an issue where boat wakes were not being rendered on certain AMD graphics cards Fixed an issue where clouds could be seen through the horizon through thick fog Fixed an issue where a black screen could occur with HDR Lighting feature enabled Fixed an issue where a black screen could occur going in and out of fullscreen Fixed a rendering issue where progressive taxi arrows were not rendering Fixed a rendering issue where emissive objects were fogging inappropriately leaving artifacts on the sun and moon Fixed an issue where the new dynamic shadows did not respect tiled textures Fixed a large performance loss when main Prepar3D window did not have primary focus Fixed a large performance loss when moving panel(s) to a second monitor Resolved a few memory fragmentation issues To read more of the release, and to see additional fixes and compatibility improvements, you can read the entire list here.
  11. An early morning sortie in the TacPack'ed VRS F/A-18E to take out hydropower infrastructure. Please share & comment, if you enjoyed. - - - 2:00 Take-off 9:01 Strafing 13:00 Hells Canyon Dam 15:08 Oxbow Dam 16:10 Brownlee Dam 17:33 Weaseling 22:30 Last Snakes 27:34 Finals
  12. Hİ everyone I want to use ezdok camera in p3d v2 . I used freeware russian migration toll (ı don't think it is illegal ) and everything was fine except middle mouse button I can't use middle mouse button instead I put a key for that for exmp. "Home" when I press home button it works but I can't move it with my middle mouse button. what sould I do thanks Berke
  13. Today I loaded the latest updates to Chase Plane v0.1.36 Alpha and got a message saying my version of Prepar3D was not supported. Everything had worked fine prior to this update. The error said Chase Plane supports Prepar3D v3.3.5.17625 or later for advanced features. It recommended updating to Prepar3D v3.4.14.18870. The current manual in the forums says Chase Plane supports v3.3.5.17625 and v3.4.9.18400. Can someone tell me the recommended version of P3D for Chase Plane to work with advanced features including smooth zoom and static cameras? I fully get that it's Alpha, and I'm willing to update P3D. I just want to do it once since I have a lot of add on packages and want to make sure everything is compatible. Thanks Mike
  14. I’m running an i7 7700k, overclocked to 4.9GHz, 1080 TI Aurous Xtreme, with 64 GB DDR @3200. My monitor is an Acer Predator x34 Gsync 100hz. I have Black Marble Base and Vector, Pilot’s FS NG Ultimate Mesh, practically all of Orbx’s products. I’m running an affinity mask of 116 tweak. Although I get relatively good FPS, noting below 25, and maximums of about 80 FPS, the experience isn’t smooth, even at high FPS. How can I get rid of stutters? Any suggestions will be much appreciated… Best,
  15. Hi guys Having some trouble installing the Q400 My flying skills far out-weigh my computer skills so i could be doing something stupid here I have the Boxed version of the Q400 and have been using this with FSX no problems at all. I've made the jump to Prepared V2.2 now I'm having all sorts of problems. What I have done so far... Downloaded the installer for the boxed version and installed the software to run for P3D V2.2 I then Installed the Patch Moved files over for effects and textures and mjc84_main.dll into the gauges folder Now when I load up the Q400 of another aircraft 1st I get a cold and dark state with limited switching ability, the yokes hard left, retracted landing gear and no way of waking her up. What have I missed?? Also the control panel is not working - receiving error message - The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. I have installed in a separate folder to Prepar3d, is this my mistake? Thank you for the help.
  16. Hey, I am very apprecitative of Pete Dowson's FSUIPC, as it is the lifesaver for many things in FSX/Prepar3d. I only used it for the Joystick support as it helped me (and so many countless fsx/p3d users) to avoid the dreadful joystick disconnects. While I was in the process of updating my P3D optimization doc (old version is on the Prepar3d section), I decided to take a one more look at the joystick issue, and I may have found a very elegant solution. Windows 8 is super fast in desktop mode (with classic shell as start button) and I do like the SSD optimization by default in it. There are some quirks in it, but for the most part everything works great in desktop mode. Anyway long story short - I have not had a Joystick disconnect in P3D (with Orbx/Rex/Opusfsx/Mytraffic 5.4C) for 3 hours (running in full screen windowed triple screen mode). I also decided to install clean FSX for testing. My FSX is running in windowed mode minimized, while I type this post and it was running in full screen mode for 3 hours with zero joystick disconnect earlier on. I am still testing so please stay tuned for further updates, I do not want to raise hopes and expectations. It is still in testing and if everything is successful on my end, I will post instructions with pictures etc on my website (Estimated time: after stock market closes at 4pm EST). My question to you all is - do you want me to install Windows 8.1 and confirm on it too? I am just suprised that Microsoft released it few days early for MSDN/Technet subscribers. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed. Skywolf
  17. Hey guys, Some days ago I uninstalled P3D v2.4 and installed 2.5. Then I installed the PMDG 777 and some Addons,and the performace is more worse than in 2.4. I dont have so much fps as in 2.4 and I dont have any smoothness. What can I do? Hardware: i7 4770K GTX760 8GB Ram Win7 64-Bit Cheers
  18. Shaders are compiled for a specific video card. Whenever you change video cards, the shaders must be compiled for the new card. You need to delete the files in this folder and allow P3Dv2 to compile new shader files the next time it is run: x:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders
  19. Gentlement, I have been told (by alexnadein from that the Majestic Q400 is fully compatible with Prepar3D v2. You just need to uncheck "Mipmap VC panels" in "view and panel settings" Folks here tried this and it works. Thanks !
  20. Hi All, Finally got my P3D install right where I like it (for now :-) ) and was very impressed by the mood ASN and REX were providing me so I started snapping shots. Here are the few that really stood out from the bunch. Enjoy! Mike The great wall of cloud
  21. So I was doing a flight from KSAT to KPHX and the flight plan took me over El Paso in Texas. And what I noticed with GEX World P3D and UTX 2.0 USA installed is just how absolutely dreadful Mexico looked as I was flying near the border. There was absolutely NOTHING south of the border. All the detailed Vector and Landclass data just ceased to be. Now obviously I know that is going to happen since everything south of the border is just default P3D/FSX scenery and is not being handled by GEX or UTX other than GEX providing textures for the Landclass data. My question is this. As I own GEX World P3D (I own FTX Global also. Not using currently) which does all the texture and night lighting for the world, I know the TEXTURES of Mexico, Baja California and South America as well as all the tropics should be taken care of. What I want to know is are there any landclass products out there that can make central and south America come alive? I saw Cloud9 has their XClass series but without ANY screen shots or any videos to make a judgement I am reluctant to even spend the 10 bucks to find out. SceneryTech seems to be another Landclass solution but they handle Central America in their United States product and I am afraid this will damage all the awesome work UTX 2.0 USA does on their citytech engine and their own coastal and port city landclass as well as rivers, steams and lakes data. Is there anything else out there that can make those regions not look like they were constructed for a 2006 flight simulator? Now Flight1 has UTX Tropical America and Caribbean but I am afraid of it as does not list P3D specifically as being compatible. It does appear in the GEX World P3D interface a plug-in module so maybe it works without problem? Here's the break down: Top Layer - UTX 2.0 USA - Vector Product covering USA. If I want better Vector I need a Vector product for Central and South America. Doesn't appear to be much out there. UTX Tropical seems to cover Mexico, Central America and the Caribbeans now that I am looking. This feels like the best solution as it should plug in with the Gex World Interface. Middle Layer - ????? - Landclass Data. UTX 2.0 USA seems to provided updated Landclass data for the US only, obviously. We need a product for Central and South America here that can make cities appears where they belong, forests where they belong and make mountains look like mountains. This is the goal of this post. UTX Tropical America and Caribbean would take care of this problem? Bottom Layer - GEX World P3D - Terrain Texture. GEX World P3D is handling all texture processing like a good $130 program should.
  22. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new PC to get a better simming experience using Prepar3d V3 and the usual add-ons (PMDG aircraft, OrbX scenery,REX Soft Clouds, Active sky Next and airport scenery). I am thinking of buying a PC with these specs: Geforce GTX 750 TI GPU I5 4690K CPU 8GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB Sata2 Harddisk Gigabyte H81M Motherboard 550 Watt PSU Cooler master 342 Case (I'm not able to overclock because my dad doesn't allow it) This is pretty much the limit of my budget (because I'm only 15). Do you think this is the best I can get for my budget or do I need to downgrade something to upgrade something else? I hope you can help me. Best wishes, Bart
  23. I've successfully managed to install the 2.4m textures from my Playsims Generation X UK Photographic scenery into P3D. The problem is if I try and use the higher res textures ie 1.2m or 0.6m it won't load them properly. You can see them appearing from "top view down" but not ahead or beside the aircraft in flight. It would be nice to use the higher res textures that come with GenX. Anyone else have any tips or ideas please? Thanks Adam