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  1. Hi, I purchased the 64-bit PILOT Edition For P3D v4 last week and given the technical issues I waited until you sent out the update that the registration servers were back up and running. I tried to install and when I'm prompted to enter in my Email-OrderNumber-LastName to register I get an error stating "no order found". The purchase was made on Friday 25 May, 2018 through the FS Pilot Shop and everything on the invoice I got after the check out process says "completed" and PayPal confirmed the transaction went through. Any advise on how to get through this? Thanks, Mike Adamo
  2. I think it's pretty fantastic that we're seeing so many simmers enjoying both platforms (once upon a time it really was two entrenched camps lobbing grenades at one another). When i built a new PC a couple of months ago the only reason I started my "new life" with XP was because it was so easy to just copy/paste from my old drive onto my new drive and get up and running whereas with P3D it required a ton of re-installs so I just parked the project and started to enjoy what XP offered. This past week I started the process of getting P3D v4.2 installed and reinstalling all my add-ons and like many have already stated, I don't think I can pick one over the other as they both offer much of the same but each also has their own strong points that bring me back to enjoy them both. I don't want to get into a side by side comparison of each platform but I think now that XP is maturing very nicely as is P3D there is in fact room on your system for both and both can equally be enjoyed. If budget can accommodate it, I suggest you get both and with XP there's so many freeware plugins that the cost of ownership can be really small at the onset so you're not doubling your expenditures on add-ons to get up and running on both of these platforms. What ever you decide, it'll be a great decision and I'm sure you're going to enjoy either! Cheers, Mike
  3. Unfortunately not in my case. Prior to the update I was able to pan around the aircraft in spot view and it was nice and smooth. Now, since "upgrading" it's a stutter fest. I've had to dial down my settings to almost minimums at times to get some smoothness and it fluctuates on where I fly and what the weather is at the moment. Looking forward to a fix.
  4. In all the flights I've flown using GSX it's never been able to interact with the doors (automatically open/close them). It waits for your input so if you call for boarding, it expects the main door, rear door (if applicable) and cargo holds to be opened by you and when the boarding is completed it alerts you to close all the doors.
  5. Hi Ryan, I don't think the package is available for download yet. If you just got the Vandals paint that must be someone else's :-)
  6. Hi All, Been a long while since I painted an aircraft but got the bug to paint up something for the Q400 and what started as "just 1" ended up with 10 paints. All the logos were converted to vector images in Illustrator and brought into Photoshop and the colors are the actual CMYK values found on many of the University's websites. A lot of information gathering went into this "little" project :-) Here's all the tails I painted up and 9 of official liveries have been packaged up and uploaded to Avsim with 1 being left out so fingers crossed, it should be in the library tomorrow-ish given it's a holiday. Enjoy! This one was a personal project and not included in the upload. If anyone is interested I'd be more than happy to share it!
  7. Something I'm still shaking my head at with our "community". Everyone is kicking Matt in the teeth for making this a payware product but no one is looking at Yuri and asking him why HE chose to sell the code for such a high price. Everyone here and on the various Facebook groups are taking digs and launching personal attacks against Matt for investing his money for this utility and I cannot find 1 post where someone is throwing some dirt Yuri's way for simply not releasing it as open source to let the community continue development. Let's not forget, Yuri said he lost the desire to continue supporting PTA and ABANDONED it and even with all the cries to release it as open source, he did not. If it wasn't Matt it maybe would have been another developer or worse, no one would have picked up where Yuri left off and we'd all be sitting around pouting and whining about the fact we don't have the PTA tool. This community as it stands today, really puts devs into a no win situation.
  8. Right click the image and open it in a new tab/window. Works fine and the UI is really no different than what you've already seen previously.
  9. Right click the image and open it in a new tab/window. Works fine and the UI is really no different than what you've already seen previously.
  10. Hi Jeff, As a devout FSX/P3D user I took a chance and tried the early release of X-Plane. I was so impressed by it I actually purchased v11! It is "different" compared to FSX/P3D so expect a little learning curve but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it pretty quick. I'm 99.99% sure when you download the trial version it should already be at 11.02b1a however, if it's not, you should get a message when you're done installing that there's an update. Unlike FSX and P3D there's little to no tweaking needed to squeeze as much performance out of the sim. The only tweaking I've done (using the trial copy) was to test out some settings for the cloud coloring but other than that, I haven't had to touch anything other than the sliders in the UI. I have a "modest" system and get smooth performance but heavy overcast clouds do drag things down so your mileage may vary depending on your system specs. Given the trial is free you really have nothing to lose to download it, install it and try it out! Mike
  11. Hey Stan, Use DDU in safe mode if possible then try rebooting the computer and installing the drivers again. Something else to check is the event logs on your computer (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer). There may be some errors or warnings that may shed a little more light on the issue with your drivers. Mike
  12. Pretty sure this has to do with the shadow distance vs. your LOD settings. Try setting the draw distance to max, test and if you don't see it appear/disappear, try lowering the distance until it becomes more bearable. I'm not on my home PC at the moment so I can't give specific settings :-) Mike
  13. Hi guys, I just purchased ChasePlane today and am really enjoying the program so I'm very excited to see how it matures. I am getting the following errors when starting up the app: The was an issue with your Cameras.cfg file Unable to check your camera references in FSX (error: cfgnotfound) I click on the green check mark then get the following error: ChasePlane was unable to locate the fsx.cfg file for FSX. Make sure you run the simulator at least once before launching ChasePlane. ChasePlane needs to make some modifications in this file in order to work properly. I again click on the green check mark and then ChasePlane opens up and appears to run normally. I'm able to create cameras etc and functionality doesn't seem to be affected by these start up errors. I generated a report file and it shows that FSX is installed in my P3D install path which is correct as this "dummy" FSX.cfg file needs to be there for Ultimate Traffic II to install properly so I'm wondering if this is what's causing ChasePlane to throw up the errors? I'm curious if other P3D users who have UTII installed (following the guide Elaine posted here) are getting similar errors on start up. Thanks for the help! Mike
  14. For what it's worth. I was a die hard EZDOC v1 user since it's release and I jumped at the promo upgrade price but after having to add exclusions to many different paths to my AV, a clunky UI and then the app not starting up with P3D I tossed in the towel and requested a refund. If you have more patience and luck than me I hope you get your money's worth and enjoy it. M
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