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  1. Calum, That is good news about the DXGI crashes. As far as your shimmering, yes, my payware airports also were worse when it came to shimmering. Sorry to hear this hasn't improved for you. What is your AA setting in the sim?
  2. I guess I'm looking for people that had the two problems I mentioned in 5.1 but no longer have them in 5.2 HF1.
  3. I have a 19-10900k cpu and a 1080 ti gpu running a 1440p monitor. If I ran any MSAA setting in the sim, I'd get very bad shimmering. With the sim running SSAA 6, I'd get a tolerable amount of shimmering.
  4. I posted this over in the Prepar3d forums and thought I'd post it here too. Just trying to get some answers before giving P3D 5 another try. When P3D 5 came out, I purchased it and really enjoyed it with some caveats. I updated to 5.1 and continued to mostly enjoy it, however two problems eventually forced me to revert back to 4.5. First, the shimmering! It was much worse in 5.1 than 4.5. Has this shimmering problem been corrected in 5.2 hf1? Second, DXGI crashes. 4.5 is rock solid for me, where with 5.1 I was experiencing these crashes far too often. Has 5.2 hf1 eliminated these crashes? Thank you.
  5. I agree that 5.1 is very close to being a decent platform. With my DXGI errors, I tried all the suggestions except going through each 3rd party scenery to diagnose the errors. That's why I went back to 4.5 for now. I'd rather fly 4.5 then go through all the headache of tracking down errors in 5.1. I suspect that a lot of the 3rd party developers are simply not putting a lot of effort into their scenery for 5.1. I could be wrong, but I believe that some of the stuff they are releasing is not really best suited for 5.1 and hence, the DXGI errors.
  6. I, too, absolutely loved (notice past tense) 5.1. It really was so much better than earlier versions of P3D. However, I had to go back to 4.5 because of the DXGI errors. Hopefully 5.2 will deal with these errors.
  7. I had to move Prepar3d 5 to a new computer. Before I did, I copied the FLAI folder which was in my appdata/roaming folder onto a thumbdrive. In the new computer, I transferred the FLAI folder to my appdata/roaming folder. Then I also added the FLAi_Model_Matching.vmr into documents/vPilot files/FLAI. The problem is, vpilot is not recognizing the models, even though I add FLAi_Model_Matching.vmr to Custom rules in vpilot. I think the problem is, I don't seem to have an addon.xml file for FLAi. If you have one, could you send it to me? Thanks.
  8. I was afraid of that. I guess I'll just stay with my iFly 737ng on P3D 4.5 until PMDG NGXu releases on MSFS. Thanks for getting back to me on this.
  9. I read some time ago that if you purchase the NGXu by 12/31/2019 you will get a $99.00 credit towards the purchase of the PMDG NG3 for MSFS 2020. Has that offer been extended past that 12/31/2019 cut-off? I have flown the iFly 737ng for years, but they still have not released an update for P3D 5.1. If PMDG is still offering that $99.00 credit, I'm going to make the switch. Thanks, in advance, for your help.
  10. Bing maps represents about 2017 for my location (Davenport, IA, USA). Only three years old.
  11. I use Windows Security. When I temporarily turn off my security to download and install software, I usually just turn off "Real-Time protection" in windows 10 settings. Is that enough, or are there other things I should be shutting down?
  12. I, too, am waiting for SP1 to purchase this product. Hopefully soon!
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