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  1. He's just frustrated! We've all been there.
  2. And, who would know better, Matt! The vast majority of us really do appreciate you and others who do so much for our hobby.
  3. Thanks, Carsten. You definitely need thick skin if you develop for the flight sim community.
  4. Monica6211, Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.
  5. Well, there website for their preset has gone dark, so I guess they are closing shop. My problem is I'm colored-blind. I can't tweak these presets because, obviously, I don't have the ability to see the colors and shades. That's why I depend on others, as I did with Thopat. So, can anyone recommend a preset that would be a good all-around preset? I appreciate the help.
  6. Can anyone suggest a preset similar to Thopat's?
  7. I love thopat's preset but it is badly outdated. I have posted on their discussion board on their website, as have others, and they are no longer responding. Does anyone know if they are still developing this for the newer versions of P3d 4 and PTA tweak assistant?
  8. I think we all get this, Jason. The problem is, this scenery and very complex and large sceneries require a huge commitment and many, many hours to complete and perhaps, and don't think I don't appreciate Shez and Ian for what they've done with KPHL, but perhaps they've simply bitten off too much than they can chew. Perhaps big airports should be done by payware developers who have the man-power and resources to complete them and then to update them in a timely fashion. As I said, as good as KPHL is, it requires an update. Things have changed there and how in the world can Shez and Ian update that airport, let alone, push out KDTW. IMHO, it's just too much. One of the people who shared over on the Sunskyjet forum said that he feared he would be dead before he could enjoy the new KDTW scenery and that was about a year or so ago that he made that comment. I don't think it was hyperbole. So, when people like Shez and Ian said, many years ago (7 plus?) that they were going to do KDTW, the big payware developers backed off. What do we have today? Nothing. And with Ian dropping off the grid the project may not be completed. Heck, even Shez hasn't commented on this in months and who can blame him. I imagine it is very disheartening for him. Just some ramblings from my point of view.
  9. What a shame, especially for Shez. All that hard work on his part and nothing to show yet.
  10. Any updates on this would be much appreciated. I appreciate the work they did on KPHL even though it is becoming somewhat dated. It is a remarkable airport for freeware. My only fear is that KDTW will never be completed and the payware developers won't touch it and we will never have a quality KDTW airport.
  11. I just have FTX Global Pack installed.
  12. I've been following this thread which addresses the same problem: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/537455-black-texture-squares-how-to-fix-it/ Alexandre6463, thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try it.
  13. I did check. Up to date, but thanks for the suggestion. One thing to consider, I used Thopat's preset using PTA 2.61. A lot of people using PTA 2.61 with this preset report problems. I had them too. No clouds and a warning: "ERROR Applying this Custom Tweak[Clouds Directional Lighting 3]: The Desired Block not Found Preset has been applied with errors." It seems I started seeming the black squares around the time I tried this preset. Is it possible for a preset to corrupt textures?
  14. I have tried reinstalling FTX Global before, trying to correct this. Night textures? Interesting. I imagine I'll try a reinstall of P3D4.2. Never a dull moment flight-simming!!!
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