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  1. Hi Jean-Luc, I enabled "Connect GPS to VOR1" and that seems to have done the trick. I was able to pick up the glideslope on CDI and AP was able to follow it in APR mode. Thank you for the help, looking forward to my adventures in the C172.
  2. I have since attempted to use the GTN750 in the bone-stock Cessna as a 2D panel, and have encountered the same problem. It seems this is related to how the GTN750 interacts with the Cessna's avionics. I have attached a screenshot of the RNAV GPS 21 approach into KSMO, the plane is well beyond slope intercept point at MOVVE as I maintain 3,000ft. There is no GS indicator on the course deviation indicator, and I believe I have set the rest of the equipment up correctly. I have been able to use the default GNS530 for the same LPV successfully, and the only consistent variable that introduces the failure is the GTN unit.
  3. Thank you for the instructions. I appreciate the kind support you've been providing to everyone, including me. The Baron flew the approach beautifully. It was my first truly satisfying landing in XP11. It appears there is a problem with one of my Cessna mods/addons then. I removed REP temporarily, and the problem in the Cessna still persists, so I think it must have something to do with this mod: Do you mind looking at the ini file and telling me if anything looks obviously wrong? I know this is not your responsibility, and freeware mods can be unreliable, but would appreciate your knowledgeable input. The current ini values are in this post:
  4. Hi Jean-Luc, I will test it out later today on the default Baron. Is there a way to quickly install the GTN as a popup gauge rather than in the VC? I am very unfamiliar with the process of VC installation, and used a pre-existing mod for the Cessna.
  5. Bought GTN 750/650 during the sale this weekend, based on my positive and reliable experiences with the GNS+FSX. Just getting into XP11. Am using these in the REP Cessna 172. GTN failed to capture LPV on IMC approach. Pretty disappointing. The weird thing is I have repeated the scenario and seen a number of different variations... - The GS is seen, but AP doesn't engage APR mode. I can follow down manually. - The GS is never seen at all. -The GS is seen, but doesn't capture. I switched CDI from GPS to NAV and then back to GPS. This is the one and only time it ever worked. APR engaged and took the plane to decision height. -The next time I tried the above method, I completely lost both lateral and vertical GPS guidance. Edit: -On a recent flight I think APR mode did engage, and the plane began to descend, but I never saw a GS indicator on the CDI. The GS bars stayed level with me from start to finish, GS indicating red flags, even though the plane was descending in APR mode. CDI works fine in ILS. I feel like I have seen every kind of error at this point. The randomness of them is frustrating, and as I read through this long thread I am starting to get nervous. I hardly understand most of what is being said about the INI files and observing datarefs. I'm a beginner to XP11, and just wanted a comprehensive and reliable avionics system. Addons/plugins: GTN750/650, ActiveSkyXP, REP for Cessna, Better Pushback. XP11/RXP most recent builds. Only been flying in XP11 for about a week.
  6. Stan, is there any chance you didn't give an A2A dll permission to run as "trusted" when you were reinstalling all your addons?
  7. VNAV has nothing to do with the autoland functions on aiplanes equipped with that capability. Autoland is an approach mode function, and relies on the two radios (PF's & PNF's) being in agreement about the ILS data/signal, a radio altimeter with a certified degree of precision, and an inertial reference system to back it up. The VNAV or LNAV profile don't contribute to the autoland function, one is simply not related to the other. Since the GTN systems are ILS or LPV capable, they can indeed fly precision approaches, and as Bert mentioned... "it will put your plane on the runway". Probably without too much grace, because the GTN unit won't command the flight director to flare, and your descent rate would be on the high side... but it will get you to the runway. Also, Garmin started calling the VNAV function "VCALC" on the GTN. Probably to differentiate it from the far more advanced implementation of VNAV on the G1000 and to avoid false impressions of it being any more functional than a calculator. Used to be called VNAV on the GNS systems though, and you are certainly correct in regards to it not being able to control vertical path or speed during a descent.
  8. Thanks for the info, I'd be interested to see if the new approach data has the ILS listed after going into service. My only question is whether the ILS is going back into service, or going into service for the 1st time. Hm, interesting. It's definitely mentioned in the documentation you linked to, but vaguely. The SA requirement would explain why it would be in FMCs, but no public plates. I just don't understand why they'd be so coy about it. This airport has always fascinated me, and now even more so. Secret approaches only adds to mystery. I can confirm that FTX KEGE does have an ILS. I've been meaning to look into adex file for FTX KEGE because I had a strong feeling their LDA glideslope is off. The LDA takes you way too close to terrain, and at AIGLE when I should have been at 10,400ft I found myself at 9,800ft even though I was right on the indicated GS. After looking at the adex file I found KEGE has an ILS frequency at 108.3, also confirmed by the FSX map and approach course of 250. I have no idea what to make of this info, or even what the source of it was since there are no charts available. I also turned out to be correct about the LDA GS being wrong. It's listed in the charts as 3.8 degrees and FTX has 3.0 in their ADEX. The ILS is also listed as having a 3.0 degree GS, which considering the terrain around the airport I believe is probably wrong as well. The ILS glideslope might even be steeper than the LDA's. It would be simple to correct the ILS if the charts were available, but without them it becomes a guessing game. I'll probably stick to the LDA for now, but this ILS mystery certainly adds to my curiosity about this airport.
  9. That's what I though too. My pdf charts from Flightaware and the pre-loaded GTN750 charts only indicate RNAV (GPS) D and LDA/DME 25 as well. But the NGX FMC, the Majestic Dash8 FMC, and the GTN750 all have an ILS 25 available in the approaches list, each with an RLG or VOAXA transition.
  10. I always thought KEGE had no ILS, just an LDA approach for 25. Now I see ILS runway 25 approaches showing up in my FMCs. But I can't find a single chart for it. Kinda strange. When did they add an ILS to this runway, and does anyone know where to find charts for this approach?
  11. I've always associated study sims with complex systems and procedures, but this thread has made me reassess that idea. Flight dynamics can certainly be an aspect of study, and though the Lancair Legacy is very simplistic systems-wise it is spectacular in the flight dynamics category. It's possible to learn aerobatic maneuvers straight from the book and apply them in practice within FSX using this addon. It has taught me much about aerobatics, angle of attack, and stalls, and remains predictable yet challenging in its control responses.
  12. If the PC has been restored to its original factory state, that rules out anything driver or software related. It might be a good idea to go back to basics and look at the condition of the hardware, especially dust that might have accumulated on the heatsinks or fans. Stuttering can be caused by overheating components. Would also be a good idea to check that all the BIOS settings are correct.
  13. Ok, just downloaded the complete source code and found the .exe. in the /bin/release folder you specified. Will give it a try on my next flight. Thanks for the help! Wouldn't have ever found it otherwise.
  14. I haven't used this yet because the download links are not working. Maybe someone here knows another place to download it. But it looks like a pretty decent flight data recorder, and it's free... http://www.software.burlingames.com/recorder.php There's also a flight data recorder on the Aerosoft Twin Otter. It's been handy for me after crashing at Lukla a couple times. Always interesting when you get to simulate being the dispatcher, captain, and NTSB investigator all in the same flight session!
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