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  1. RISCfuture

    747-8 ETOPS procedures

    I realize everything that you guys are saying, but other threads here like claim that at least for the 737, you need the APU on for the entire ETOPS portion of the flight. Which tells me that, yes, there is such a thing as an "ETOPS flight" with specific in-flight ETOPS procedures. Now, we all know that the 747 does not need an APU running in flight, but I was simply wondering if there were any other in-flight ETOPS procedures I might have missed.
  2. RISCfuture

    747-8 ETOPS procedures

    I'm very much thinking of the 747-8. https://www.aviationtoday.com/2015/03/19/boeing-747-8-intercontinental-approved-for-etops/ EDIT: All four-engine aircraft built after 2015 require ETOPS approval for oceanic operations.
  3. RISCfuture

    747-8 ETOPS procedures

    Hello! As I'm sure we all know, the 747-8 was (one of?) the first aircraft to be certified for ETOPS-330 operations. (OK, EROPS, whatever.) I'm wondering if anyone knows typical crew procedures for ETOPS specific to the 747-8. I'm aware of all the general stuff like marking your entry and exit points, tracking ETPs and suitable airports, etc., that you would typically do same as in any other ETOPS aircraft. But, for example, some 737 ETOPS certifications require the APU to be on during the ETOPS segment. (Or maybe I'm wrong about that.) Anyone aware of similar ETOPS procedures for 747-8s?
  4. Bumping a stale topic, but I see here that people have successfully gotten X-Plane 11 (64-bit) to work with PFC through USBHIDPlugin.xpl. I'm having no such luck. I downloaded the plug-in from flypfc.net but it doesn't load and the X-Plane log says "Error -193: Not a valid Win32 application" which implies that it's a 32/64-bit incompatibility. (In addition, XPUIPC crashes the sim when I try to access the settings window.) Is there some critical step I'm missing? Or any other troubleshooting advice? No other plug-ins installed.
  5. RISCfuture

    Prepar3D: PMDG + FSUIPC = 1-second micro stutters

    OK, another helpful update. What I actually did was create a new PFC C2 macro file where I actually copied every single possible mapping from the CSV file and assigned them all to C1126 (no event). That fixed the stutters! So, given that, here's what we know: One of the PFChid default mappings must be "unmapped" in order to stop the stutters. It's not the landing gear or any of the other defaults I had already unmapped back when I had the stutters.
  6. RISCfuture

    Prepar3D: PMDG + FSUIPC = 1-second micro stutters

    Made some helpful progress debugging this. The stutters go away if I disable PFChid but leave FSUIPC enabled. So it's clearly related to my PFC C2. Looking at the PFChid.log file, the only thing that happens once a second is a LandingGear macro event being fired. My PFC.ini file has this macro mapped to C1126 (no event)... is it possible that this is what's causing the brief pauses? There are also brief pauses if I unmap it and let the default mapping (landing gear lever) take priority, but of course this also results in the landing gear lever moving in and out of the locked position once a second…
  7. RISCfuture

    Prepar3D: PMDG + FSUIPC = 1-second micro stutters

    To answer these questions -- yes I use Windows Defender but I have path and exe exclusions for Prepar3D. Anything else I should try there? Remember that the stuttering is ONLY with FSUIPC AND a PMDG aircraft. I've tried with a fresh FSUIPC.ini; if there's any options that are on by default that I could turn off, I'll try that. I used to have "Lua log lvars" bound to a key but I've disabled it when I tried refreshing FSUIPC.
  8. Hello, I'm not sure which add-on is to blame here, but if I use both a PMDG aircraft (737 or 777) and FSUIPC, I get small pauses once a second. Use any other aircraft and the frame rate is smooth. Disable FSUIPC and the frame rate is smooth. Notes: Re-generating Prepar3D.cfg has no effect; still happens with default settings Re-generating FSUIPC.ini has no effect; still happens with default settings Clearing shaders has no effect Autosave is disabled; and in any case, the stutter is regular at once a second Wondering what else I can try to help address this problem.
  9. Figured it out. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/82671-pmdg-fsuipc-pfchid-troubles/
  10. OK, some progress. If I remove the PFChid.dll file (the DLL created by Pete Dowsen of FSUIPC that allows the PFC C2 to work with FSX/P3D), everything is normal -- but of course, my PFC C2 doesn't work. There must be some configuration difference relating to the C2 between my old and new computer that's causing this...
  11. Both airplanes are activated. I thought I had installed SimConnect but I don't see it in my Programs & Features list. When I double-click the installer (any of the installers), I very briefly see a progress dialog but then it quickly disappears, and nothing else. My Event Viewer has the following event: Ah I see it now. I have the following SimConnect versions installed: ESP SimConnect Client v1.0.20.0 MFS SimConnect Client v10.0.60905.0, v10.0.61242.0, and v10.0.61259.0.
  12. The PFC C2 is an integrated yoke and switches: https://flypfc.com/shop/flight-consoles/c2-professional-flight-console/ It worked fine with my last computer and FSUIPC and PMDG The 20-second countdown does occur when initializing, but if I initialize to the PMDG DEFAULT state, the engines immediately quit after the countdown completes. The suggestion about the scenario editor is helpful, thanks, but doesn't really address my problem.
  13. Sorry yes, 6461. P3D default aircraft work fine. The landing gear is present in the exterior view, but for some reason the seats are visible outside the cockpit model in the scenario editor window.
  14. Follow-up: Tried the PMDG 777 too, simple start with no FS2Crew or GSX. Like the 737, the thrust levers have no effect, but UNLIKE the 737, the position indicators on the DU do respond to lever movements. But thrust does not increase above idle. Also, the engine bleeds fail to turn on.
  15. OK, brand new computer, and a fresh install of Prepar3D v3 v3.4.18.19475 FSUIPC v4.959 PMDG 737 NGX v1.10.6462 FS2Crew NGX v3 Ground Services X v1.9.9.10 Active Sky 2016 SP1 This setup worked fine in my last computer, but now I'm getting all sorts of strange avionics and control problems. In particular: The flight data recorder fails shortly after power is applied. Following a normal APU start, both engines fail to respond to thrust lever commands. The levers move in the pit, but the engines remain at 20.8% N1. Turning on the APU causes engine #1 only to become responsive and fixes the flight data recorder. Turning off the APU has no effect on the APU EGT gauge. I've seen other posts on this forum and I've tried Resetting FSUIPC.ini Resetting the PMDG default flights Creating a new vanilla Prepar3D default flights Disabling TrackIR (someone said it worked for them??) A manual engine start without using FS2Crew or GSX to no avail. If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it. In case it matters, the relevant hardware setup: ​PFC C2 with a custom macro file to disable most of the C2 when flying a PMDG aircraftand some other random deviations with the PMDG aircraft that I've noticed: Selecting the PMDG DEFAULT saved state fails to start the engines and leaves the aircraft with a few other faults. GSX insists that the left forward passenger door is shut even when it's opened by FS2Crew. I have to shut it and reopen it to get GSX to continue. One time I got a "DOORS" light even though the FMC confirmed all doors were shut. I want to reiterate that none of these problems happened on my last install. All of a sudden everything is wonky after a fresh start.