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  1. Is the FO supposed to turn on their F/D as part of their preflight flow? If I let the preflight events run normally, the FO never turns on their F/D, and I have to do it manually after doing the Before Start Checklist.
  2. Yep. It's simple to reproduce. Just start C&D, set FO Performs Preflight Flow to Yes (Ext Pwr), and then run the preflight events. The first thing that will happen is the FO will connect the start cart and not the ground power.
  3. Not 100% sure about this, but I think when the FO is configured to connect the GPU as part of the preliminary flight procedure, it connects the air start unit instead. I don't touch anything, just let the preflight events run, and I am left with an aircraft with no GPU but with the air start unit connected, otherwise correctly configured.
  4. One of the preflight items in the MD80 is to run a PA and emergency lights test. To do this you have to right-click the chime button and select "PA/EMRG LTS TEST" from the option list. The MaddogX's default logic will handle the FA speaking to you to confirm everything's working. However, the FS2Crew will come over and say "Yes captain, what can I do for you?" sometime afterwards, which is superfluous. Right-clicks should probably not result in FS2Crew FA calls.
  5. OK, I did some more testing and it probably is that the FO is mishearing me. So the bug report changes to a feature request: can the FO say "Um, are you sure?" like in the 737 when you ask the impossible?
  6. Any update on this? It's the only thing keeping me from flying the MD /W 😛
  7. Haha no, I saw the correct frequency in the green bar. Also, I'm not positive he's entering headings correctly either. Probably best to check everything on the MCP.
  8. Whenever I tell the FO (e.g.) "Set one one zero point five on nav 1", he always sets the radio frequency to some crazy impossible frequency like 189.75. Running b753, the MadDog version that just got released.
  9. Did you mean to say SOP2? Because I am using SOP2. The FO does turn on the hydraulics after I complete the below-the-line check.
  10. Normally after the Before Start checklist, at T minus 5 minutes, the FO will ask "Would you like to turn on the APU?". If you do not do the Before Start checklist prior to then, he doesn't ever ask. If you do do the Before Start checklist later, you can say "Yes please" without him asking, and he will turn on the APU, but you have to read his mind to know that's what he wants. In addition, if you delay too long before saying "Yes please", he will pull the ground power prior to the APU being on the busses, resulting in the dreaded battery power situation. My suggestions are: 1) Have the FO ask "Would you like to turn on the APU?" immediately after finishing the Before Start checklist, if the checklist was done late. 2) Do not disconnect ground power until the FO puts the APU is on the busses.
  11. SOP 2 has "Rudder and Aileron Trim - FREE AND ZERO" as part of the Before Start checklist. But the FO doesn't pressurize the hydraulics until after the checklist is complete, so I'm not sure how to actually check that the aileron trim is free. Am I missing something?
  12. OK, I did it again, without saying "Start Sequence". When I told her to start #1, she started both #1 and #4 (#4 was already running). Then the mode sequenced to Before Taxi Procedure even though I still had to start #2 and #3.
  13. In the video she responds with “Starting three” when I say “Start engine three” … I believe she says “Starting four and three” if you say the other thing.
  14. We have all these things we can say to the FO to get her to reconfigure the fuel tanks as the 747 burns down: "Fuel Low Stabilizer Left", "Fuel Tank to Engine", etc. But the -ER model has Aux fuel tanks as well, with corresponding EICAS messages FUEL AUX L and FUEL AUX R. There should be a "Fuel Low Aux Left/Right" voice command that prompts the FO to turn off the pumps. Also, related, I think there should also be a "Fuel Low Stabilizer [Both]" (same for Aux) that prompts the FO to turn off both pumps. It's awkward to say "Fuel Low Stabilizer Left … (wait for her flow) … Fuel Low Stabilizer Right".
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