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Found 25 results

  1. Dear friends. I would appreciate your assistance regarding the in game planning/navigating tool. I am beginner in MSFS, so please understand my strange question. For expert colleagues it may sound ridiculous, but when I make my flight plan I get a straight route, and always have trouble with properly prepare myself in advance for landing (I would expect the landing route take in to account the curve you have made to descend slowly and prepare for touch down), basically with descending approach as the route does not show details regarding the final approach. How can I plan this route ahead? My question is which flight planner for MSFS 2020 that I can use in VR mode would take into account and “draw” the landing route, with possibly necessary data (recommended speed, altitude …). Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi guys, So I want to try to fly using VOR so I used SkyVector to create a flight plan but I realized I have a question or two. My flight plan is: KHQM -> HQM -> V27 -> AST -> KAST How would you guys go about flying this route? Say you have to takeoff from runway 06: do you fly directly over the HQM VOR or would you turn and intercept the V27 airway? Also, on the takeoff minimums page at KHQM for departing procedure it says: TAKEOFF MINIMUMS: Rwy 6, 600-2 or std. with a min. climb of 260' per NM to 600. DEPARTURE PROCEDURE: Rwy 6, climbing right turn heading 110°: Can someone explain to me what "600-2 or std" means? And if you were flying out in real life at what point would you turn right heading 110? Sorry for all of the questions and thanks for any help! I'd post pictures but alas I don't know. I saved a screenshot of my SkyVector but I can't figure out how to post it in the forum. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I've started flying helicopters in X-plane around Lincolnshire, UK and am trying to use RAF Cranwell, Waddington and Coningsby tacan's to navigate my way around. Whenever I enter a frequency into nav 1, and make it an active frequency I pick it up as DME, just not VOR. I personally thought tacan is basically a military version of a VOR, but it seems to me it's more like a DME. My question is am I write or wrong in my theory? Or is X-plane 10 portraying tacans in the wrong way (which I doubt) And also how do the military use tacan to navigate, and how can I start doing this? Thank you very much Conner.
  4. Hi all! This has been talked about before but none of them have really had am answer! Recently picked up the MD80 as for I am adding MD80 routes for my virtual airline and I bought the Flight 1/Cool Sky Super 80 Pro when I configure the waypoints into my FMC and activate them like I do in the PMDG NGX however when I hit the NAV button it goes to heading hold. And when I push it again it goes to NAV CAP and instantly goes back to HDG HOLD please help! When I hit the FMS overide it does nothing! I dont like configuring the whole FMC i just tune in the VS and speed hold which I do in the NGX and it works fine! Please help I need to fly this this week! What dsoes the FMS overide thing do? -Collin Shea Thank You http://www.expressregional.com (Still working on fleet page...)
  5. Five hours of pain because I suffered a senior moment when I blew out all my USB port assignments using USBDeview.exe. First: Garmin Pilot (For Android or iPad) is a solid tool that will bring your immersion to even greater heights. It's free for 30 days, but if you want to try "SAFE TAXI" (Highly recommended) you will need to buy a year of that service even if you choose not to subscribe to the underlying Garmin Pilot. You can connect FSX to your tablet and use this app, but several little kinks: IN FSX: Start FSUIPC (paid version 4.5 or higher by Pete Dowson), and find the GPSOut settings. YOU MUST enable GPSOut to make the Garmin Pilot Work, and YOU MUST choose the correct com port which is assigned when you pair your tablet to your FSX PC via BLUETOOTH. If you do not do this, you will never ever be able to make Garmin Pilot work, period. In FSUIPC click AutoSave/GPSout tab. Right side of window, put tickmark in box says "Check to enable this GPSout (which means GPS Output In the next section click the drop down window and select the com port your tablet is using via Bluetooth to connect to your PC. (Mine was Com16) put tickmarks in the following boxes: RMC, VTG, GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, PgmZ and click OK Then, on your Android tablet: LOCATION SERVICES put tickbox in Use GPS Satellites and important! In DEVELOPER OPTIONS, debugging, put tick box in "Allow mock locations" Install Garmin Pilot. Under settings you would see "External Bluetooth GPS" and you should see your FSX PC listed. Be sure you have 'discover my pc' enabled on your FSX PC. On your Android SETTINGS area, turn on BLUETOOTH. You should see your FSX machine listed. Double tap it. A dialog box will open on your FSX machine asking if you want to enable communications and verifying the pairing code on both your FSX box and your Android. Say OK or YES on both devices. Wait for the drivers to install. Press the connect button and you should then be connected to your FSX machine. Remember FSX must be RUNNING before Garmin Pilot will work.
  6. Hey everyone, meanwhile, I've been flying my NGX in all different types of conditions, but the NAV light never seems to light up correctly. I have double checked that it was synced up correctly (AKA button pushed) but every single time I go and check the NAV light you cannot even tell it's on, even in a night time setting. The white light on the trailing edge of the wing on the winglet (if applicable) does work properly, as do the rest of the lights.
  7. Hi, I tried to find out which date the navigational database of Prepar3d is. I only found some answers in a Plan-G forum where people said it might have the same database as FSX. Anyone here knows which status the database has? It's annoying assigning runways from more recent AIRAC cycles because they changed from 16 to 17 in the meantime. Thanks and regards Marc
  8. Hi all, Can someone give me an example of how you do VOR navigation on the J41? Typical example: I'm outbound on a VOR1 on a radial and I need to monitor VOR2 for crossing another radial and then turn to follow that radial. I'm interested in how you use the EHSI, EFIS Display Controller and/or the RMI. (In fact, the RMI is a complete mystery to me at this point.) I can see that the left and right dials on the EFIS Display Controller 'turn on' the circle and the diamond but I have no idea what it means. I can also see that I can flip back and forth between NAV1 and NAV2 display using V/L. But I have yet to figure out how it all interacts with the autopilot. The AOM is very thin on this. Any help is, as always, much appreciated. Gregg
  9. Hey guys, I am having some issues learning how to get the VNAV to work with the FMC and the flight director/autopilot. Everything is working perfectly except it is not auto controlling the vertical altitude even though I can see all of the flight levels in the FMC. The only way I can get the plane to climb or defend to the right altitude is to manually set it on the altitude control of the autopilot. I have attached a screenshot so you can see all of my settings. You can see that VNAV, LNAV, and A/T are all enabled on the autopilot and you can see that the speeds/altitudes are set for each leg.. I can't figure out what I am missing...Can someone help me sort out my confusion?
  10. Yesterday I was doing approaches and practicing go-around maneuvers at ESSA, I repeatedly set up my approach on rwy 01L and repeatedly (maybe 3 times) also re-entered the ILS approach on the CDU "app" page. Then the CDU gave a "program pin error" and I could no more enter any approaches on the fmc/cdu. The simulator did not crash and I landed normally but I could no longer enter any stars and approaches on the computer. If I tried it gave me a blank screen with only "FMC ACT" on it. Has this happened to you guys? I purchased my PMDG 737NGX in 2012 so I should have automatically all the updates sp:s etc? Thanks!
  11. Hi guys, Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place, but couldn't really find the perfect place to put this question! I'm sure this question applies to every modern aircraft with a typical Navigation display on the MFD. But can anyone tell me: In the top right hand corner of the navigation MFD there's a time which looks like 000.0z which is the time to the waypoint tuned into the NAV radio. Can anyone tell me what unit of time this is?! Many thanks, Dan
  12. I have a question: How should I navigate if both of the IRS (L and R) fail? Because when I switch them off inflight my ND goes blank and all that I have left is the old-school magnetic compass. I understand that autoland doesnt work because of the loss of IRS data mut it should not affect the GPS? Shouldn't the GPS of the aircraft be sufficient to provide waypoints, distances etc to the ND? Of course the atc can give me vectors etc but I dont believe its realistic that all the aids for navigation are lost if both IRS fail? Only procedure I can find in the QRH is the one that tells me to put the IRS to att to get attitude information and I get that but what shoud I do to know where I am and where I am going?? Could someone with more knowledge about IRS/GPS systems of the 737-/800/900 explain this to me? Thanks in advance!
  13. Here is a terrific interactive tutorial on VOR, explaining how it works, and how to use it... http://selair.selkirk.ca/Training/instrument-rating/IFR-simulations/How-VOR-works.html
  14. Noticed this is freeware in the AVSIM library. Bought it 5 years ago on SimMarket (where I posted a review) and have had a few conversations with the developer. This is a great program to run on a networked computer with WIDE FS. Google Earth can be presented at any altitude you want and the Google Earth view angle can be changed. It's a lot of fund to watch your aircraft symbol fly over actual terrain, especially mountains. Sometimes I don't run it because I start looking at it more than the terrain in the flight sim. Works with FSX, Steam and all versions of P3. Thanks much to the developer Lennart Vedin.
  15. I'm just about to begin my first ever airliner flight on Vatsim, and one of my friends warned me that ATC may, at some point, give me a direct to order when on a SID; how would I tell the aircraft to miss a waypoint and head direct to? Any YT videos would be mightily appreciated! :wink: Thanks! Jake
  16. First off, even though I'm writing about my experience of the Carenado C208 Grand Caravan EX, I'm posting this here because I suspect it applies to all (payware?) aircraft using this form of the glass cockpit, not just Carenado's offering. (Feel free to move it if you think it only applies to the Carenado aircraft, or if it better belongs in some other forum.) I have my first payware GA aircraft with an implementation of the G1000, in this case combined with the GMC710 autopilot. In flying from one location to another, I'm able to put myself on a pre-created flightplan using NAV on the autopilot using GPS mode. I'm also able to use the PROC key to set up and activate an approach to the destination airport (in this case, a GPS approach, since the runway I'm using doesn't have ILS). The aircraft is flying that approach laterally just fine. Do I need to also invoke APR mode on the autopilot? If so, what is supposed to happen? I ask this because, in my experience, I get "LOC" annunciated in white on the PFD, but it never turns green (not surprising, since -- as I already pointed out -- there is no ILS on this runway). But the aircraft will generally, a couple of miles out on what I seem to have established as a glideslope based on the PAPI lights, suddenly start climbing steeply (no, ALT HOLD mode isn't on; it got switched off when APR was invoked, and, besides, I dialed the altitude down to field level as a precaution), occasionally stalling due to airspeed drop in the process, and I have no choice but to switch off the autopilot and wrestle the aircraft down to the ground in what has suddenly become a short-field landing more appropriate to bush flying. Does this mean that, when I'm doing a GPS (i.e. non-ILS) approach with the G1000/GMC710, I shouldn't invoke APR mode, and that the latter should only be done with ILS approaches? If that's the case, what is the proper procedure for carrying out a GPS approach with the G1000 combo? If, on the other hand, I should invoke APR mode on the GMC710, what is supposed to happen? Unfortunately, the Carenado documentation is basically just a "guide to all the buttons and menus" that doesn't given the big picture, and everything else I've searched on the web seems to leave out that information.
  17. After years of downloading and printing enroute and approach plates decided to develop my own approach procedure. Using a special mapping program, I came up with a routing procedure that's ever bit as accurate and easier to plan and fly than conventional procedures - it works for FMS and Reality GNS even for unpublished airports and airfields. Try the attached demo and let me know what you think. Not to overload the attachment here is only the FMS part, but if you should be interested in the GPS version I'll put it on another post. Don D.
  18. Is it possible to make read Garmin trainer software (G1000 or GNS 430) navigation data from XP11 ? I don't want to buy stuff like RealityXP to make it fit into a cockpit, because I already have G1000 sim (from link above) installed on my laptop. thanks.
  19. EasyFMC, the successful universal FMC, is now available for Prepar3D v2. This add-on lets you plan your flight in a simple and easy way, using the simulator internal database (no need of a specific navigation database). It is fully compliant with the integrated GPS for route display and supports all the VOR, NDB, airports, intersections for route creation. Tested with Prepar3D v2.4 and 2.5. For more information: http://emarciano.free.fr/EZFMC
  20. Hello, I downloaded tht Tu-154-B2 for FSX and I need to say it's one of the most detailled freeware aircraft I've ever flown! I tried myself with the NVU navigation, everything worked well. When coming to the course correction, I got it to work with RSBNs. But how to update the position via a VORDME, as RSBNs are only located in Russia? I entered everything also a channel, but when I start the calibration, the Z coordinate starts to increase very fast, and it won't come to an end. What do I need to do, if I want to do it right? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi! There are NO 4-corners stars on the flightpath on ND display (P3D v 4.5 HF2, WIN 10 x64 PRO 2004). But as I see on Youtube videos these symbols presenyts in the FSX, Even in documentations with Carenado planes these symbols presents. The same situation also with Hawker, Cessna XLS (ProLine 21)! All fonts are installed. Please, Help! No symbols! Symbols!
  22. Hi all, I recently got the QualityWings 757 and am happy with it, but I need some help with the FMC/Navigation. I know my way around the FMC fine and can easily program it for a flight, including SIDs and STARs (as its an easy FMC to operate), but I dont have the slightest clue how to get the plane to fly the route I punched in. Basically, what I'm saying is that I dont know how to operate the autopilot on the "Autoflight mode Control Panel" as they call it. It has all these buttons like Autothrottle Arm, VNav, LNav, e.t.c. I got as far as Arming the throttle, increasing thrust and pressing the EPR button so my throttles would hold the takeoff thrust. I had VNav and the A/P on, and it seemed to be climbing by itself, but I soon realised I didn't know how to fly this thing yet, so I left it to do some reading/forum posting. Is there anyone who could help me learn how the A/P works on the 757, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, :)
  23. Hi, I'm fairly new to the Carenado B200 King Air and I'm quickly getting use to it's systems in the cockpit. However there are a few navigation issues I'm having and would love some advice or help. Whenever I type in a VOR code, and are in limits of range my aircraft never seems to follow it, nor ADF. I'm not to sure what 'PRE, ACT or XFR' are on the course knob, but I'm convinced it's something to do with my problem. I'm doing everything else correct (I think) with the active bearing points, and I understand how the course control symbol works. I'm also pressing the 'NAV' button with my autopilot, but nothing seems to happen and my aircraft will just fly straight not turning towards the VOR/ADF. If anyone could help me with this matter it would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Conner
  24. After years of downloading and printing enroute and approach plates decided to develop my own approach procedure. Using a special mapping program, I came up with a routing procedure that's ever bit as accurate and easier to plan and fly than conventional procedures - it works for FMS and Reality GNS even for unpublished airports and airfields. Try the attached demo and let me know what you think. Not to overload the attachment here is only the FMS part, but if you should be interested in the GPS version I'll put it on another post. Don D.
  25. :smile: Hi All, When creating a flight plan (excluding sids and stars), should one always attempt to get onto the nearest airways, or doesn't that matter? Thanks in advance for your advice! Best, Lucky :smile: //////////////
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