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  1. Captain Kevin

    Stall system in PMDG

    Never a good idea to assume things when it comes to coding things. It might be simple, but at the same time, it might also not be.
  2. Captain Kevin

    Computer Specifications and Resulting Performance

    Good advice for sure, but also situation dependent. In my case, this doesn't necessarily work. I have a 24-inch TV in my truck because the TV mount in the truck won't allow for anything larger than that. Of course, this point is moot when the truck goes into the shop and I'm outside of the truck, as I can't really take the TV with me inside our terminal. If I decide to run the flight simulator at that point, it's going to be on the laptop monitor.
  3. Captain Kevin

    Stall system in PMDG

    I wouldn't get your hopes up. Future update doesn't necessarily mean this upcoming one. Ultimately, it depends on how complex it is to implement such a feature.
  4. Captain Kevin

    PMDG Landing Replay

    The PMDG planes have a lot of custom coding that the default replay function won't recognize. No idea how the 787 was built.
  5. Captain Kevin

    Computer Specifications and Resulting Performance

    Although I would agree with this, there could be a myriad of other reasons why one would get a laptop instead. I'm looking to get a laptop at some point that would be able to run P3D V4 because I drive a truck for a living, so a desktop isn't an option, I just don't have the space in this truck to have one. The current laptop I have now is having its own set of issues. For what it's worth, I do have a desktop at home to run P3D V4. Somebody who's on the go all the time isn't going to really be able to have much use of a desktop. College student that takes the computer to class most likely won't have a use for a desktop, either.
  6. Captain Kevin


    Does it happen anywhere else? Did you try the same gate with a different plane. This one's a little unusual because I remember something similar happening with the QualityWings 787 when some people used the aircraft configuration I had for it for GSX, but other people, myself included, didn't. So that makes it somewhat hard to pinpoint.
  7. Captain Kevin

    PMDG Rainmaker

    I'm sorry, was I the one who started this? You asked the question on the forum, I answered it. How is this: Any different from this: The next time you want ONLY PMDG staff to answer a question, you're better off submitting a support ticket.
  8. Captain Kevin

    PMDG Rainmaker

    If there was anything worthy of updating, they would have said something.
  9. Captain Kevin

    PMDG and RNAV

    I wasn't aware that PMDG built the 747 that crashed.
  10. Captain Kevin

    Light simconnect values

    Yeah, that I noticed myself, not only my plane on somebody else's screen, but also said person's plane on my screen.
  11. Captain Kevin

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    I really don't know how the plane can be responsible for invisible walls.
  12. Captain Kevin

    Problems converting 747-400 to 400D

    My question is HOW did you manage to get a Pratt & Whitney model to work. I did see your reply, but it makes no sense whatsoever. I'm looking at the PMDG 747-400D folder, and I only see General Electric engines, that's why I'm asking.
  13. Captain Kevin

    Takeoff thrust smaller than climb thrust

    I can't find the video anymore, but I did see a video years ago where a lightly loaded Delta 757 was taking off out of LGA. At the thrust reduction point, you could hear the thrust actually increase. So yes, it can happen.
  14. Captain Kevin

    Problems converting 747-400 to 400D

    Where are you even looking. I looked at the aircraft folder and only see General Electric engines. You are aware that only two airlines operated the type, right?
  15. Captain Kevin

    Problems converting 747-400 to 400D

    For starters, are you aware that the Boeing 747-400D ONLY has General Electric engines?