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  1. Copy. Thank you, sir.
  2. Except now when you edit a post, it always shows that the post has been edited, whereas before, it used to give you the option of whether you wanted it to show or not. Is there a way to fix that?
  3. I thought somebody said it would have been around the time the 747-8 got released, but I could be wrong.
  4. I certainly wasn't trying to prove anything at all. If anything, the whole point was that flying the real thing is far different from doing it in the simulator. Negative, I wasn't aware of that, as that wouldn't have been the first thing to come to mind when I flew the plane. First thing that comes to mind, of course, is to fly the plane. So what are you trying to say, I shouldn't fly at all?
  5. Fortunately, my friend is a qualified and current CFI, having just completed a flight with another student before we went up. Of course, the key word being think. I certainly wouldn't know for sure.
  6. I've been trying to stay out of threads like this because the reality is that until you experience it yourself, you won't know for sure if you can do it or not. Sure, I may have flown the PMDG Boeing 747-400 for the last few years and I might be able to work the systems, but would I be able to land an actual Boeing 747-400 if the situation were to arise? I'd like to think so, but when you consider the human factor, the reality is that I wouldn't know for sure....until today. Earlier today, my friend and I went flying. Prior to departure, we had checked the weather. Weather seemed fine, and he told me the winds shouldn't be too bad. Do our pre-flight inspection, I get in the Captain's seat, taxi out, and take off. I have to say, the take-off was rather terrifying because not only did I not know what to expect, it was the opposite of what I was expecting. The winds were actually the complete opposite of what he said they would be, and I was concerned about stalling the plane and ending up in the ground. The winds were fine once we got over the Long Island Sound, but once we got back over land again, we hit more turbulence. After we grabbed lunch, we got back out, did the pre-flight inspection, and I got back in the Captain's seat for departure. The take-off wasn't as terrifying the second time around, but then again, I think by that point, I had an idea of what to expect. We hit some turbulence, which I was expecting to last until we got back over the Long Island Sound. Once we got near Long Island, I was expecting the turbulence, so it wasn't nearly as terrifying. So back to the original question. Would I be able to land an actual Boeing 747-400 if the situation were to arise. I think I'd have to fly it around to get a feel for it first before I even attempt to land it. Even then, I still wouldn't know for sure. Of course, if I was the only one who was able to fly it, I guess I wouldn't have much of a choice, but to try.
  7. I need to do a better job at staying on the taxiway centerline. Having taxiied for the first time today, I can safely say I taxi like a drunken monkey. The funny thing is, on take-off, I can stay on the runway centerline just fine.
  8. It should have already been installed when the aircraft got installed.
  9. This question was asked almost nine years ago. The person who asked the question appears to no longer be on this forum.
  10. Believe that is correct. Not any different than the Boeing 777-300ER.
  11. I assume this is a procedure that would be covered in flight crew training rather than appear in a manual. When you think about it, at that point of the landing phase, everything is happening so fast that you wouldn't be able to go off of a checklist to perform those actions in a timely manner. Also, I would think when you cut power and flare would ultimately be situation dependent. On a good day, you might cut it at 30 feet, but if the winds were to be quite powerful, you might cut the power closer to the ground. I don't know, I'm just making stuff up here.
  12. You are correct in that when you purchase the Boeing 747-400, you can get the Boeing 747-8 as an expansion. However, the Boeing 747-8 has not been released yet, as they're still working on it, so you can't get it at this time. Also, do note that PMDG requires full names, first and last, on their forums.
  13. Not to mention the people who fast finger their posts and have words that are completely missing.
  14. Eh, think they might leave it as it is because it's funny to watch people try and fail to edit their posts.
  15. Just computer code, eh? I suppose to you, computer code is simple stuff and easy to fix. You've also completely ignored the rest of what I said, so I'm not really sure how it could be "exactly the same issue." Similar with respect to the issue, yes, I could say that. Exactly the same, not quite. As I said, none of the General Electric engines use EPR, so that's one thing out of the equation in the 777. With the 747, two out of three engine options use EPR, so if it affects EPR, which I believe it more than likely does, that's going to complicate issues a bit. Point being, what seems to be a simple fix may not, in fact, be a simple fix.