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  1. General?

    You're not going to be able to buy it used, and I'm not sure where else you can get it other than Lockheed Martin's site. There's three different versions for three different prices, which is outlined on their site.
  2. I do my best to help out whenever I can. Not like I do much else on here anyhow.
  3. General?

    I think part of that perception really comes down to people either not reading reviews and/or being so desperate to get a particular plane that they aren't paying any attention to anything else. Take the Abacus 787, for instance. Some people bought it because they were so desperate for a 787, yet just looking at the box that it came in, it was pretty clear, to me, anyway, that it looked nothing like a 787. The other thing is what have people come to expect versus what the developer actually said. One thing to be clear, though. Every software is going to have bugs. It's just impossible to release something completely bug-free. That said, there appear to be some issues that appear only on some peoples' systems and not others, which makes it even more difficult to track. In fact, as strange as it sounds, there have been instances where bugs that appeared in software was appearing when using software from a DIFFERENT developer. Those become even more difficult to trace as you then have to find common ground somehow. I remember seeing on the PMDG forums an issue that appeared with the Boeing 747-400 only happened when a scenery by a different developer was being used. Fortunately, that developer was willing to work with them to come to a solution to said issue, but stuff like that can be difficult to resolve when you have developers getting defensive and not willing to do anything to solve an issue that they believe wasn't caused by them.
  4. Right. I'm fully aware that this is going to take time to do, but I suppose people were wondering if it was being considered in the first place.
  5. If he just created the account, there's a 24-hour waiting period before he can do that unless Jim manually activates his account. Looks like he just joined an hour ago.
  6. I would think you need to load the flight plan into P3D's flight planner, as it wouldn't recognize anything entered in the FMC.
  7. PMDG?

    Copy. Just wanted to make sure I knew what to tell people in case they ask next time.
  8. PMDG?

    Jim, out of curiosity, are you the only one who validates the accounts?
  9. Jim isn't exactly wrong, but the PMDG support forums are mainly user to user support. PMDG staff may respond if they see posts, but there's no guarantee that they will see and/or respond to posts. If it's a technical issue that only they have the answers to, you'll want to submit a support ticket. Go to the following link, create an account, and submit your support ticket.
  10. First off, what do you mean by too slow, and how fast are you expecting it to react.
  11. The Boeing 747-400 has the ground service equipment available, so if you go into the FMC, you can use it. One of the items there are the chocks, which is them blocks they place right up against the tires to prevent the plane from rolling when it's parked.
  12. Chocks still there?
  13. What do you mean they stop working.
  14. Since this is your first post, one of the administrators has to manually approve your account first before you can start a thread in other forums. This is to cut down on spam.
  15. If I had to guess, I'd say probably not. I know the original post was started in 2013, but I'm noticing this on Windows 10 with FSX. I don't think the computer is shutting down because when I turn it back on, every program that was running prior to the computer going off is still up, which is what hibernate mode will typically do.