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  1. Captain Kevin

    No warning audio

    Yes, I'm a truck driver. No, I'm not running P3D on my laptop, I'm running FSX. I run P3D on a desktop at home. I need a new laptop before I can even consider P3D on it.
  2. Captain Kevin

    No warning audio

    I know at least in the truck, with my laptop connected to my TV, when I load the plane in the simulator, all I hear is the engines. I go into the FMC and it shows the TV as my sound source. I end up having to change it to the laptop, then back to the TV in order to get the rest of the sounds. Though I find it unusual in your case that this happens mid-flight.
  3. Captain Kevin

    No Descent Via VNAV

    Which profile are you using. You won't find it in the drop-down box. You have to click it, clear the entry, and manually type it in.
  4. Captain Kevin

    No Descent Via VNAV

    On the flight planning screen, when you select an aircraft, you'll see Cruise/Cost Index. You can do it there. The profiles I have seem to allow 0 to 500.
  5. Captain Kevin

    Desktop Speakers

    Don't know about the UK, but I'm using the Bose Companion 2 Series III.
  6. Captain Kevin

    -400F 635k MZFW no longer available?

    Not possible with the freighter.
  7. Captain Kevin

    -400F 635k MZFW no longer available?

    Higher take-off weight for the -400ERF, but also a lower zero fuel weight of 611,000 pounds.
  8. Captain Kevin

    R.I.P. 15 dead as 707 crashes into dwelling

    Aside from the fact that there were 16 crew members on a freighter flight, I'm wondering how 16 bodies were recovered. Unless they counted the flight engineer, which would be a little unusual if he survived.
  9. Captain Kevin

    No Descent Via VNAV

    I also use PFPX. You can enter the cost index when you're planning your flight, and it'll take that into consideration.
  10. Captain Kevin

    No Descent Via VNAV

    You shouldn't run out of fuel if you do your fuel planning properly. I've always used a CI of 172 and I was fine.
  11. Captain Kevin

    No Descent Via VNAV

    I don't think he actually knows Bob, I think he was just using it as an example. Probably make more sense reading it this way.
  12. Captain Kevin

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    Yes, I saw that, and it might be worth it to re-open said support ticket since it's possible they might have forgotten about it by now. The 747-8 was released in September, and it's now January, so I guess it wouldn't hurt at this point.
  13. Captain Kevin

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    I still think something's getting lost in the translation here. He's asking to be able to use the MD-11 that he purchased for use in FSX. Not really sure where P3D came into the mix. In any event, probably better to submit a support ticket on this if you want to make sure they actually see it.
  14. Captain Kevin

    Can auto step climb work for lower steps?

    I've only ever experienced it once. Flying from Orlando to Cleveland, we were initially at flight level 350 when I felt the plane descend much earlier than I expected to. I looked at FlightAware and discovered that we had descended to flight level 340 and stayed there for the rest of the flight until we started our descent into Cleveland.