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  1. Interesting thing is that I had one instance where it was constantly freezing for a good period of time, then it would run for five seconds before freezing again. As I don't use FSUIPC, I'm ruling out the auto-save. I ended up exiting the simulator and restarting it, and never had the issue since then. Not really sure what caused it, but that was the only time I ever had that happen.
  2. I'm aware of that. I never said anything about landing as soon as possible. I just quoted the QRH. In fact, with a hydraulics pump out rendering some systems inoperative, landing as soon as possible would be a bad idea, given the weight of the plane for that particular flight and the limited control of the plane. At that point, I would dump fuel even below maximum landing weight.
  3. I can understand the airlines benefiting from it, but how do the pilots benefit from it.
  4. For giggles, you can reduce the video rate to the slowest speed possible.
  5. Yikes. That's not good at all. Hope you get WEL soon.
  6. The QRH does say plan to land at the nearest suitable airport, and it also lists the systems that go out when you have certain hydraulics systems inoperative. The question then is how much control do you have of the plane. Bear in mind that with certain systems out, stopping the plane on the runway might be an issue, so you may be better off dumping fuel at that point.
  7. When you ran the installer, I think it gave you an option to pick which version you wanted to install it for. You didn't inadvertently select it to install in both FSX boxed AND Steam, did you?
  8. It's quite simple. If he posts, an update is ready. If he doesn't, it's not. Not really sure how that doesn't answer your question since they don't give out release dates, and they haven't told us what's being updated and/or if they ran into any problems.
  9. It's either one or the other. I don't know which it is.
  10. Or what Dan said above your post.
  11. Check your settings to make sure you don't have it set to load a fixed configuration. If that isn't it, I guess you can set it to load the configuration of the specific aircraft again.
  12. If you're on fire, you better get on the ground ASAP. Even with a fire extinguished, you might not necessarily want to be taking chances. Of course, I don't have any real-world experience to back this up, so....
  13. I'm guessing it's supposed to be like that since I'm seeing it on mine as WEL.
  14. Yes, Hiroshi does take these details into account when he does the models for these planes.
  15. You're going to have to give a lot more information than that. Given the many formats that liveries can come in, it's impossible to tell you what it is you need to do, given that we don't even know what plane this is for.