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  1. Captain Kevin


    It shouldn't do this. I'm usually gone for five weeks at a time for work, and every time I come back and fly, I can always jump in and fly without having to activate it every time I get back.
  2. Captain Kevin


  3. Captain Kevin

    777X new boeing plane

    Quite simple if you're somebody who takes screenshots. Anyone who's seen my 777-200ER knows that I'm flying around with the PW4084, so it would be a little unusual if the very same plane was suddenly flying around with GE90s and raked wingtips.
  4. Captain Kevin

    Cockpit sounds disappear

    Do you have one sound card or two. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but when I was having my computer built, I had asked if I needed a second sound card, and I was told you would only really need it if you were trying to do basically what you're trying to do, have ATC on your headset and the rest on your speakers.
  5. Captain Kevin

    B-747 Crash on Loading

    What happens if you remove the scenery.
  6. Captain Kevin

    Wobbling Engines in Turbulence

    How else do you think people take screenshots.
  7. Captain Kevin

    FSXSE conver to P3D v4

    Sure, but the problem is the pricing policy isn't a matter of opinion, it's more of a fact with regards to the licensing agreements they have with both Boeing and Lockheed-Martin with regards to the aircraft usage. If Boeing is charging more for the licensing in P3D V4, that's something that's going to get passed down to us as the customer. I don't know what licensing agreement Carenado, RealAir, and Aerosoft have with respect to the aircraft manufacturers of the aircraft they're simulating, and I don't know that ORBX even does aircraft development (I could be wrong, I admit that I haven't even bothered checking), but chances are they're going by whatever agreement they have with the aircraft manufacturer in question. By the way, QualityWings did, for a brief period of time, allow you to purchase the P3D V4 version of the 787 at a discount if you already had the FSX version. That offer expired, so they don't anymore. Now, if you already have the FSX version and you want the P3D V4 version, you have to pay the full price. By who. Dan didn't, he just asked a simple question. I didn't, I just asked a simple question. Valesius did the best he could to explain why it was the way it was, so he certainly wasn't "beating you up for your views."
  8. Captain Kevin

    FSXSE conver to P3D v4

    Which aircraft developer (note I said aircraft specifically, I know most, if not all, scenery developers do this).
  9. Captain Kevin

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    And I want a PMDG 777-200ER. What's your point. These things take time. You can't just come in demanding things and expect it to happen on a whim. That's not how this works. Sure, I'd like to see a 777-200ER, but I'm not going to come in demanding one, as it's entirely up to them whether they do one or not. In the meantime, I'll stick to flying the 747-400.
  10. Captain Kevin

    Wobbling Engines in Turbulence

    That might have been what I mentioned in my earlier response regarding the severe engine vibrations even on the ground with the engines shut down. It looked like the engines were going to snap off the wings at any given moment.
  11. Captain Kevin

    WOW! How things have changed!

    Nice. I have pretty much the same thing, except I have 16 gigabytes rather than 32 gigabytes since they told me 32 gigabytes wasn't necessary. In addition, since I requested that the optical drive and media drive be built in, I have the Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 rather than the NZXT S340.
  12. Captain Kevin

    WOW! How things have changed!

    Yeah, in that case, you won't need it. I personally have never built my own computer, and considering that I drive a truck for a living and I"m almost never home, I just don't have time to sit there and try to build and subsequently troubleshoot stuff. My time at home is very limited, so I'd rather spend it flying. That's certainly another way to do it.
  13. Captain Kevin

    WOW! How things have changed!

    They build the computer and test it out with your simulator of choice. If there's any faults with any components, they'll replace it before you even get the computer. The other thing is you only get to select from a handful of components, but they've already been tested beforehand for performance, so at the very least, you'll know it works. When it comes to building a computer yourself, people (and I'm not saying you would do this, but people have tried this) could select some cheap components and somehow expect it to run the simulator with the graphics set to high, which is unrealistic. I suppose if you're capable of building the computer yourself and you have all the time to do it yourself, you might not need Jetline Systems. I personally don't have the time to sit there and troubleshoot everything. They do provide tech support should you need it, though I guess if you know what you're doing, you probably won't need it.
  14. Captain Kevin

    WOW! How things have changed!

    Definitely have a talk with the guys at Jetline Systems. I bought a computer from them back in March to run P3D V4, and it runs great. From Orlando, it's roughly a two-hour drive to get to them (I know, I've done it myself).
  15. Captain Kevin

    747-8 Expansion Question

    I was running FS9 for the longest time and only switched to FSX when the PMDG Boeing 747-400 V3 came out. Thus, when I moved to P3D V4 last March, the only things I had to re-purchase was the Boeing 747-400 and a few sceneries. Most of the sceneries I had could be used in both FSX and P3D V4, like FSDreamteam scenery, so I didn't have to worry about buying those all over again.