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  1. I tested the flight controller with the Boeing 747-400, but when I was teaching my professor how to fly, we were using the Cessna 172. When his grandson had arrived and I was over there, they had decided to use the Boeing 737-800 because they found that the Cessna 172 was way too sensitive, and it didn't take much to lose control. That was mostly why I was trying to chase his grandson down with my Boeing 747-400 in the first place.
  2. Yes, that's the best way to do it to ensure that someone from PMDG actually sees it. They do have a support forum here on AVSIM, but that's primarily user to user support, and there's no guarantee that someone from PMDG will see and/or respond to posts on the forums. In any event, anything that may require critical information such as an order number would have to go through the support ticket anyhow since you certainly don't want to be posting your order number on the forums for everyone to see.
  3. You'd be better off submitting a support ticket for this. The link is below. I assume you've never submitted one before, so you'll need to create an account there, as it isn't the same account as the one you purchased the plane with.
  4. They're in the Operations Center. If you select the aircraft that you want to look at, then click version number, the option to view the change log is there. Technically, all bugs should really be fixed, so....
  5. Screenshot would definitely help.
  6. I'm still here. I haven't really been around much the past week or so because with the release of the QualityWings 787, I spent more time on their support forums trying to help people out if they had issues that I was able to help solve quickly. I probably spent more time doing that than I did actually flying the thing. With very limited time in my day, it's hard to be in both places at once.
  7. Hope you had a good birthday, sir.
  8. Not quite the same situation, but one of my professors at school knew I flew in the simulator. The semester after I was done with his class, I was checking my school e-mail and was surprised to be getting an e-mail from him. He told me his grandson was coming to visit, and given that he was also into the simulator, my professor wanted to learn how to fly, so he could fly with his grandson when he arrived. He ended up having to buy a new joystick in the process, which I ended up testing out for him with my Boeing 747-400 because, why WOULDN'T I fly in a Boeing 747-400. Later on, when I was trying to teach him how to fly, we had two controllers hooked up to my computer. At one point, the plane was flying straight and level, and I thought he was doing a good job with it....that is, until he then asked me "Where are you going." Huh? My response? "I thought you were flying the plane." His response? "I thought you were." Apparently, nobody was flying the plane. Oops. I think it was a week or two later when I was back at his house, trying to teach his grandson how to fly. That attempt went less than stellar, as he wasn't listening to a word I was saying and was basically violating every FAR that was out there to the point where it was very hard for me to catch up to him in my Boeing 747-400. He just wanted to jump in and fly as fast as he could.
  9. Page 89 of the intro manual will tell you where to find the setting in the FMC, but this is provided that you actually have a customized yoke checklist in the first place. That would fall under its own texture.
  10. Again, the -300ER came out roughly a year after the -200LR, so given that the 747-400 was released just last February and it hasn't been a year yet, I'm not surprised. Furthermore, not long after the 747-400 got released, PMDG worked on updating all their stuff for P3D V4 once that got released, so that also took a bit of time. Not really sure why there was an expectation that the QualityWings Boeing 787 would come later.
  11. I imagine it would be similar for the 747, although this is the first I've heard of being offset from the runway. I'm not sure if this needed to be done for the 747.
  12. Different hardware can have different settings, so only one way to find out. Try it. If it works, great. If it doesn't, try something else. I have the CH pedals, and what I did with FSUPIC when setting the null zones was I hit the pedals until I felt back pressure on them, then set that as the minimum, then set the maximum as the pedal all the way to the floor. So the null zone in my case would be from the point when I'm not even touching it at all to the point where I start to feel back pressure on the pedal when I hit it.
  13. First off, PMDG requires you to sign your posts with your first and last name. Second off, this really needs to go to the legacy products folder as this is the older Boeing 747-400, not the newly released Boeing 747-400 V3. Looking at your screenshot, I'm struggling to understand what it is you're trying to do here. You passed your previous waypoint at flight level 198, you're now level at 17,000, and you have 3,625 nautical miles left to San Francisco. Your engines are also at full power. Need to know what your gross weight is and center of gravity.
  14. Looking at the Boeing performance charts, if you manage to keep your zero fuel weight at 430,000 or less, no. Otherwise, you'll need to, and it would have to be either Los Angeles or San Francisco. If you're at maximum take-off weight, you're asking for trouble if you try to do it in San Diego given the runway length.
  15. You're right about that. Literally no idea where to even start with this one with the information provided. Not even going to try. This one's worse than some of the ones I've seen at the QualityWings forums when I tried to help people with the 787.