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  1. I'm not planning on getting the FSLabs planes. Not really into flying the Airbus, and I mainly fly the Boeing jets. I don't have the PMDG 777 as I'd prefer to fly the -200ER, so I will definitely consider purchasing it if and when one is done (yes, I know the -200LR base pack is required). Also don't have the PMDG 737 as they don't have the split scimitar winglets available. The QualityWings 787 isn't available for P3D yet, so getting that one is out of the question at the present time. So I don't think I really have much to worry about since I would pretty much have to get a new license anyway if I'm going to fly these planes.
  2. If you set your simulator time outside the range of the AIRAC data, it'll do that. For instance, the current AIRAC became effective on December 7th, but if you set your simulator date to December 6th, you're outside the range of the AIRAC effective date, so it'll tell you it's out of date.
  3. Most of the sceneries I have appear to only require one license that works for both FSX and P3D, so those won't be an issue. As for aircraft add-ons, the only one I have is the PMDG Boeing 747-400, so that won't be an issue, either. Either way, I don't have the money to buy a new computer right now in addition to other things I need to save my money for, so there isn't really much I can really do anyhow.
  4. I should point out that I'm running FSX Steam on a laptop that is very quickly running out of hard drive space (and by that, I mean I only have 35 gigabytes left on it), so I pretty much have no hope of being able to upgrade any components on it. My only alternative would be to get a desktop that's capable of running it with the possibility to upgrade components should the need arise. As for aircraft add-ons, the only one I have is the PMDG Boeing 747-400, so that isn't really an issue for me. That's unusual. You're certainly not the first person I've seen who wasn't able to get FS9 running on Windows 10, but some of us have managed to get it running on Windows 10, myself included, so that one baffles me.
  5. This is why I'm still on FSX. Once I am satisfied that those issues have been addressed, I will consider getting a new computer to make the switch.
  6. If I'm doing a live stream or shooting a video of my flights, my phone goes on silent. Then nobody's going to get a hold of me when I'm flying.
  7. Usually almost always this. Do keep in mind that different airlines have different configurations for their 747s, so what works for one plane might not work for another. It's not often that one airline will have multiple engine types for one type (yes, I know there are exceptions).
  8. I suppose a screenshot would help because I've never seen anything like this before. In any event, are you running the latest update?
  9. The -400 or the -8. I thought it was the -8.
  10. Did you update your AIRAC by any chance? If so, it is possible that the procedures have changed since the last update.
  11. Like this.
  12. I don't know if find would be the right word to use, I was looking for the catering trucks when they did that.
  13. Oh, sorry, I must have misunderstood what you were asking. I believe it will initially give you the maximum speed you can fly at that particular flap setting, as you noticed that every time he retracted the flaps, the commanded speed went up. That's because the plane's not going to try to fly faster than what it's limited to based on the present configuration. Once the flaps are retracted enough, then I think it's V2 + 100. The same would happen on landing, if you were trying to slow down, the plane isn't going to set a speed lower than the minimum speed for that flap setting.
  14. I could be wrong, but I think it might be V2 + 100.
  15. You need to go into the FMC settings to locate the key commands, assign key commands to the desired function, then go into FSUIPC and assign the same key command to those buttons. So if for autopilot disconnect, you set it to Z, then when you set the button command in FSUIPC, you'll want to set it to Z.